Which of These 2 Home Invasions Would Be You?

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director,
Four Weapons
Combat Master

Dear Front Sight Subscriber,

The definition of Sentinel is, "A soldier stationed as a guard to challenge all comers and prevent a surprise attack."

The definition of Sitting Duck is, "A helpless or easy target or victim."

A few days ago I shared a video with you of a very graphic home invasion. It is not for the weak or squeamish. However, it did show that if you are not prepared to be a Sentinel for your family, you all become Sitting Ducks. Today I have a video to show you demonstrating what happens to home invaders when a Sentinel is in the home.

Here are both videos for you to watch and compare the outcomes of being a Sitting Duck or Sentinel.

Watch the videos to learn how fast a home invasion can go either VERY bad or VERY good for the homeowner and then see my comments below as well as my answer to making sure you have everything you need to be the Sentinel for your family!

Here is the Sitting Duck video again...

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Here is the Sentinel video…

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So what you should take away from watching these two videos?

  1. Having a gun, even having a Concealed Weapon Permit (as the Sitting Duck homeowner did) MEANS NOTHING if you don’t have your gun WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES! A CCW is worthless if your gun is in the safe or your car, or your nightstand, when is should be in your holster, on your side. This homeowner could have ended the home invasion immediately had he been armed. Carry your gun with you at all times.
  2. If you do not have a gun, then you must be willing to immediately act ferociously and decisively with whatever weapon you can find, using your body if you must, to take the fight to your opponents and take them out. This video should have been a fight to the death, (hopefully the death of the home invaders) instead of an execution.
  3. Weakly complying with the demands of home invaders only emboldens them to abuse you even more. What always starts as an attempted home invasion robbery, when no resistance is given, quickly becomes a home invader’s playground, with all the time they need to assault, rape, torture, and murder.
  4. Security cameras do not protect you. They only record the violence and may help in apprehending the criminals AFTER they have committed their crimes. Locks on doors, vigilance, and a willingness to fight are the only things that prevent home invasions. Note the incredible difference in outcome when the homeowner was carrying his gun and responded immediately with violence against the invaders.

So my question to you is this: With all that is going on today in the United States-- politically, economically and socially-- are you a Sentinel for your family and community or a Sitting Duck?

What makes the difference between having the ability to be a Sentinel versus being a Sitting Duck? One thing and one thing only... Being Armed and Trained!

I WANT YOU to be a Sentinel and I am going to make it EASY for you to become one!

I am giving ANYONE who truly wants to be a Sentinel (Constant Watchman, Guardian, Protector) of their family and community, a FINAL, Last Chance to secure everything you need to be armed and trained to levels that exceed law enforcement and military standards--and I am doing it in a manner that ANYONE can afford!

However, you don't have much time. Go NOW to www.frontsight.com/lastchance.asp to become a Sentinel for the rest of your life and grab the free guns before everyone else grabs what is left.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
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