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Front Sight Student of the Week

Roger Pence
College Professor

Video Transcript:

My name is Roger Pence. I'm from Virginia Beach, Virginia. I'm a college professor at Tidewater Community College in the state of Virginia.

I originally sought out Front Sight because of the fact that Virginia is an open carry state so to go get your concealed carry really all you have to do is have a clean record and you are able to carry a weapon. It seemed to me not very wise to sit through a four hour course, have a clean record and now I can walk around carrying a concealed weapon. I realized very quickly that I needed professional training because of the responsibility one bears by carrying a weapon.

That's the reason why I then started looking for where could I get the best training in the country. And for some reason, and I'm not sure how I came across Front Sight other than on the internet. I quickly saw the list of the courses that were offered and the availability of them so I researched that in a greater amount. And fifteen months ago I came here and took the four day defensive handgun course.

Coming here fifteen months ago to take the four day defensive handgun course, I had no idea what to expect. I was going somewhere outside of Las Vegas into the desert to seek some training and when I arrived my first impression was I couldn't believe the number of people that were here. Secondly, the amount of professionalism from the instructors that I had and I guess really, in all honesty, taking a four day course, the intensity of it. It was not boot campish, the instructors were extremely professional.

I came away from there in four days knowing that I had been well trained and I had something under my belt now to give me competency as well as confidence in being an individual that could then be a concealed carry person in a responsible way.

When I encounter individuals that have gone through the concealed carry and, like I said, that's it, I encourage them to go get professional training. And, of course, I've become a fan of Front Sight so I encourage them to go there. What I usually encounter is one of two things. They've never heard of Front Sight and that's really unfortunate so I've become then an ambassador to tell them about this facility. Or, the other thing I hear is because I'm on the East coast, wow that's a long ways to go and that's unfortunate but I understand that Front Sight is adding new facilities and I think that will enhance that.

I consider myself a student of history and a student of current events so when I encounter people that the discussion comes around to carrying a weapon you run into a wide gamut of those that weapons are horrible or they are interested which opens the door for me to be able to give them information on Front Sight and the availability of the training. I guess the question is why would I carry a weapon. Well, as a student of current events and as a student of history and being knowledgeable in many ways of the direction our country is going, one has to be very concerned about the value of the Second Amendment that we have in this country, and the freedom to bear arms.

And you just have to look at other countries that have lost that freedom. Once it's gone it's gone. So I really like Front Sight's philosophy that I learned when I was here last. We have fought Second Amendment in a defensive way for forty years and have lost ground. Front Sight is taking over half a million people and training them to look at the Second Amendment from a pro active offensive way so that people become comfortable, trained and knowledgeable. And we protect that valuable freedom that we have in this country called the Second Amendment. Once we lose it we can become very controlled by the government and it's a serious event to lose that freedom.

If I had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Piazza, I guess the first thing I would compliment him on is his aggressive email program. There is not a day goes by where I don't get information from him and I compliment him on that. Second, is the professionalism of the training that he offers at this site. But I guess really, thirdly, is please build something on the East Coast. I travel across the country to come here. It would be nice to have something on the East Coast. I heard this morning that there is a facility in Texas so I might have to try that, that's a half way point, that's good. But please Dr. Piazza, build something on the East Coast. You have a huge population there. It would be just marvelous and it would stay real busy, I promise you.

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