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Front Sight Student of the Week

Kristen Salas
Flight Attendant

Video Transcript:

I'm Kristen Salas, I'm from Temecula, California and I'm a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines.

I had an interest in firearms and learning everything about them and I studied and I researched all the schools and Front Sight I thought was the best choice and that's why I joined. When I was studying and researching all these schools I noticed that Front Sight had really good testimonials. Especially for me being a woman, I wanted to be comfortable with the school, I wanted to be treated with respect. And I thought that Front Sight, from everything that I read, all the testimonials, I thought that they were really good with women especially.

I've gained a lot of confidence as I've taken.. this is my second course at Front Sight. I'm very comfortable with handling my gun, clearing malfunctions, shooting very well at the target, and learning the skills. And my whole idea behind this is I want to be able to protect my family if the situation should ever arise. And I feel that, even after two courses, I am well on my way to being able to be confident and handle a situation.

When I encounter friends and family that may not know anything about guns I encourage them to come to Front Sight and take a course. Most people have a fear of guns because they don't understand them and they think the gun is what is bad but it's really people that make guns bad, it's not the gun itself. So once you come here you gain the experience and the confidence in handling a gun and you know what to do with it. So I've encouraged a lot of my friends, a lot of my family. They've gotten memberships and they thank me all the time that they now have this knowledge.

Dr. Piazza, I want to thank you so much, first of all, for letting me have this knowledge and the confidence that I have. I'm going to be here for years to come taking more and more courses and advancing my education. I believe that you have changed the United States as far as people think differently now of guns. I encounter more and more people that really want to have that knowledge. I talk about Front Sight daily when I'm at work. I would love to see, maybe, a flight attendant class, something for maybe on the airplane where we could be taught skills in handling terrorists and things like that. The facility is phenomenal and all of us at Southwest, I encounter pilots that are FFDO that come here and train too, so thank you so much.

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