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Firearm Training Courses - Handgun ( Glock, etc.), Shotgun, Rifle, (Sub) Machine Gun - from

Handgun-Trained Healer


Video Transctiption:

Hi, my name's Peggy Ramito. I'm here at Front Sight with American Radio and to be honest with you, I didn't want to come and I wasn't going to come and I'm glad I did because I can actually now touch a gun, be in the same room with a gun without being scared to death. And I can actually shoot and hit something where I'm supposed to, so I would recommend it for anybody.

For me, you know what was really important, was the fact that, based on my profession and who I am, which is all about healing, that was my big paradigm in my mind; how can I go shoot a gun if I'm supposed to be a healer. And I realized that it's all about balance. And so for me, coming out here, some of the amazing people at Front Sight, have these varying backgrounds. From an oriental doctor to a ballroom instructor and the list goes on. But anyway, it made me comfortable and confident and I was able then to manage in my own mind that it was a good thing. And they put me at ease and as you can see, I'm holding a gun now. So, I think it's a great thing. Thank you for having me and thank you for being here.

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