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Front Sight Testimonial

Dana and Russ Albro
Police Officers
Bronze First Family Members

Video Transctiption:

Dana: "I've been in law enforcement thirteen years. Departments do provide us with a lot of training. My husband and I are both firearm instructors at our current agency and were firearm instructors at our previous agency. Law enforcement tries to provide a lot of training and they do.

"However, at Front Sight they certainly provide a higher level and augment the training we have. I've learned a lot, my husband has learned a lot. And it certainly has influenced the training program we have at our department."

Russ: "I can't agree with my wife more. We have had the opportunity to train at several different locations throughout the state of California as well as other states on the western side of the United States. Buying our membership here at Front Sight was the best decision we have ever made. I truly enjoy my time here and I get to spend some quality time with my wife."

Dana: "If you want to be safe, buy a membership here or at least attend a class and realize how much training you are really lacking."

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