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Front Sight Testimonial

Dr. Richard and Nancy Huen
Retired Chiropractor and Homemaker
Platinum First Family Members

Video Transctiption:

Dr. Richard and Nancy Huen

Richard: My wife and I have spent lifetime working hard together for our family and putting some money away for ourselves and our family and our grandchildren. And the greatest gift we could give them was to ensure their freedom. And that's why Front Sight is so important to me.

Nancy: I am so happy to be a Member of Front Sight along with the rest of our family and proud to be a mother with the four sons that we have and the future grandchildren. That they are protected and they do know how to protect themselves after being members at Front Sight.

Richard: It's a legacy that I wanted to leave to my family. God Bless America and God Bless Front Sight.

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