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Front Sight Testimonial

Mr. and Mrs. Gilles
British Tourists

Video Transctiption:

Mr. and Mrs. Gilles
British Tourists

Mr. Gilles: We're on Honeymoon, we got married less than a couple of weeks ago. And we decided to come out here and try the facilities at Front Sight and have some fun.

Mrs. Gilles: We've chosen to come to M-16 class because you can't get anything like that in the U.K. and we've always wanted to have a go. And Front Sight just seemed...we read the reports, we've been on the website and it just seemed an awesome place, so we went for it.

Mr. Gilles: Not having fired any type of weapon before, the M-16's a really good piece of kit. The instructors have shown us very carefully and they have been really good with my new wife, shown her how to handle things. I was a bit concerned with her being a lady, that she might not be able to handle it. But they have done a really good job.

Mrs. Gilles: We would really recommend this to other couples. It's been a fabulous experience. It's something you can do together and it's just been so much fun. We've had a brilliant time.

Mr. Gilles: We may even come back for our anniversary.

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