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John H. Fountain, Executive
Front Sight has an outstanding, complete program from the basics of gun safety, advanced shooting skills and practical applications. I cannot speak highly enough of the instructors and entire Front Sight staff.
David Vanden Bosch, Senior Consultant
The instructors care!!! Anyone who is even thinking about purchasing a weapon to protect their loved ones should attend this course first. I learned more about me in two days than I have form 21 years of top corporate training in Fortune 500 companies.
James Greenleaf, Executive
Front Sight is a well organized operation that efficiently trains beginners to experts in many forms of self-defense. In today's world, knowledge can equal survival. So, why not learn as much as you can?
Bryan Swanson, Contractor
If you want to learn from the best and most professional people in the shooting business, you need Front Sight in your life. THIS IS AWESOME.
Nickolas Rasmussen, Customer Service Rep.
There isn't any other place I know of where you can learn and improve so much in such a short period of time. This place is amazing!
Simon Willis, Business Manager
If you are looking for the best firearm training anywhere, Front Sight is the place to receive it! ‘Professional from start to finish.
Mark Gallant, Corp VP - Marketing Exec.
Don’t hesitate if you desire firearms training " Front Sight will deliver beyond your expectations.
Steve Raho, Federal Agency Director
Front Sight has the most focused and professional firearms training available. They have superb facilities and experienced staff.
Adam Parmeter, President of Sales and Marketing
Take this class!! If you think you know about guns, think again!! These guys are good and professional.
Steve Bellah, Hedge Fund Director
Front Sight instructors have excellent people skills. They were outstanding with their ability to communicate with us regardless of our experience or skill level. My technical proficiency has improved significantly.
Steve Gould, Resort Manager
In no other course have I received such high quality instruction. The mission is clear, "If you are in a situation this evening and you have to defend your life, are you ready?" With the comfort of skill at arms—yes I am.
S.A. Burk, Gun Store Mgr.
To understand the level of training you receive at Front Sight is like this: Training to shoot at Front Sight with their Instructors is akin to training to drive at Daytona Speedway with Al Unser, Jr.
Dirk Bak, Executive
The instruction is very well explained. They can train anyone at any level. After the 4-day handgun course, I felt very confident in using a gun, especially concealed.
John Carpenter, Sales Management/Author
What Front Sight provides the shooter is almost beyond explanation. If you are even remotely serious about having a firearm and your responsibility as a citizen, you must attend Front Sight.
Bruce Bonfield, V.P. of Construction
Everyone can learn life saving skills from instructors expert in their field - without the boot camp mentality.
Rick Godinez, Sr. Loan Officer
Front Sight opened my eyes to the rights that we need to preserve. I learned more in the two days I spent here than I ever could have on my own in a lifetime. I am more confident with my skills and I am confident that I can protect myself and my family should that time ever arise.
Leonard Chang, Trader
I will not have you watching my back until I know you have Front Sight training!
Carl Allmann, TV Writer/Director
Gain skill at arms at the finest facility in the world with the greatest group of pros on earth!
Dr. Shanon D. Brooks, VP/COO, George Wyth College
This course was so instructive and enlightening. I will recommend it to my friends.
Andrew Shapero, Consultant
I attended the 4-day Defensive Handgun. I have taken training courses over the years - NONE compare to the professionalism and methodology of Front Sight. My skills have vastly improved and I am a believer in Front Sight's program and staff.
Steven Clare, Venture Capitalist
Front Sight separates fact from fiction. Hollywood isn't real life, Front Sight is.
Richard J. Carns, Sales-Marketing
These instructors have been so well trained. I've been shooting for 40+ years and I had no idea I didn't know what I didn't know. These professionals took me to a new level.
Brandon Downs, C.E.O.
If you're going to own or carry a gun this is the place to become confident and competent in its use and application.
David Skitarellic, Banking
This has been the best training experience of my life. The amount of skill imparted to the students and the achievements are astounding.
Justin Juknelis, Business Owner
This is a must for anyone concerned with the safety of themselves and their family.
Tom Child, Executive
Dear Front Sight Resort,

We finally got the CCP law changed in MN to a shall issue

May 28th I applied for a permit and found out that Front
Sight was not yet an approved provided by the Minnesota
Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

Over the last few months, I have taken the 4 Day Defensive
Handgun and the Two Day Advanced Tactical Handgun courses at
Front Sight. These courses were not yet recognized for my
permit requirements.

But of course, at a 5 hour, "skim over the subject and run
them through course," at our local gun range, I was approved.

Interestingly enough when I turned in my 5 hour course
certificate, the Deputy Sheriff said to me "It was to bad you
wasted over $2,000.00 going to Nevada for courses that did
not count." My reply was "The courses were more than worth
while. I am not only qualified to carry a weapon - I am
COMPETENT to carry a weapon. From what I have been told by
police officers who have heard about the level of my
training, I am more competent to carry a weapon than most
peace officers."

As it turned out I scored 99.6% (249 out of 250 points) on my
shooting proficiency test which is the highest score out of
600 applicants to date at this shooting range.

All thanks to my Front Sight training!

Tom Child

Ken Fish, Executive
Dear Front Sight Resort,

I'm writing to tell you, "It's all your fault."

This weekend, Anastasia (my 7 year old daughter) and I went
boar hunting in Mendocino County, along with my cousin and
his son.

On the first night of the hunt, we got on a good group of
hogs, and I stalked to within about 40 yards of them.

I selected one that I wanted, a reddish one with a clearly
defined razorback, and when I fired it dropped to the shot.
No surprise there, because it was a pretty short shot and I
had a decent rest and I was shooting a .338.

After I finished my after action drills (such as I could,
since the pig dropped in tall grass) and put the safety back
on my rifle, I turned and yelled to my cousin who was about
40 yards behind me, "It's a razorback!" As I did, he yelled
back, "He's up and he's running!"

I then spun completely around, unsafetied, acquired the
target, verified that it was a red razorback of exactly the
same size as the hog I had just fired at and then pressed the
trigger. I rolled it over on a dead run with a left to right
shot at about 70 yards just before it made the brush line. I
then did a tactical reload while running up on my hog. I had
hit it right through the lungs!

When I got near my hog, I was glad Front Sight had stressed
tactical reloads and that my training was playing out. The
rest of the group of hogs was just inside the brush, oinking
and snorting, making false charges, and obviously none too
happy. As it turned out, I didn't get charged, but I was
awfully happy that I had topped off my rifle's ammo stack
(and that I was carrying a sidearm that I KNEW how to use in
close quarters from the handgun classes I had taken at Front

As I approached the hog, however, I was confused. I knew the
first shot had been true, and I had seen the animal drop like
a rock despite its having turned slightly just as the shot
went off. I began doubting myself. Maybe I hadn't hit it
squarely, and that's why it got up and ran? At the same time,
I was elated because prior to attending Front Sight's Hunter
Rifle Course I had never been able to make running shots, and
this one was perfect!

However, when I finally looked at my hog closely, it only had
ONE bullet hole in it. Now I really had some doubts! Did I
completely miss with the first shot? Did I merely graze the
big hog and knock it down momentarily?

About this time, my cousin walked up and we tried to figure
out how I could have possibly missed with the first shot. So,
doing what hunters should always do, we tracked that first
shot shot. Sure enough, there was the first pig lying there
dead! I had two hogs down (and fortunately, I had two tags in
my pocket). This was an honest mistake because the two
animals were virtually identical in color, build, and weight
(within 5 pounds), and the grass was so tall that I couldn't
see the first pig on the ground when the second one ran.

What was AMAZING was that I had been able to make that second
shot starting out with my back to the hog when my cousin
shouted out that it was running. His question to me was,
"Where on earth did you learn to shoot like THAT?!" Of
course, you know what I told him. Now he wants to come to
Front Sight, so I gave him a certificate which he plans to
use to take the 4 day rifle course.

I attribute this ability to shoot rapidly, smoothly, and
accurately entirely to the rifle training I have received
this year.

So, no laws were broken, no safety rules were breached, the
freezer is now full of meat!

All I can say is, "It's all your fault!"

I thought you'd enjoy this story of Front Sight's training
being put to use in the field.

All the best,
Ken Fish

Gary Aglietti, Executive

Dear Front Sight Resort,

I am contacting you to reiterate my thanks for a superb
program. On the June 13-14 weekend my 12 year old son and my
14 year old daughter (they turn 13 and 15 July 6th and 1st)
attended the four day defensive handgun course.

It was my 11th handgun course and the 1st for the children.

Before the weekend I had several concerns. My two big ones
were: Would the children stay focused for the four days? How
would they do in heat of June? I also wondered how the staff
and the other students would treat them as they joined into a
predominantly adult activity?

All of these concerns were ill founded. Both the students and
the staff treated them very well. They may have been given
the benefit of the doubt at first, but I believe the kids
earned that continued respect.

The staff 's constant encouragement and assistance was a huge
contributing factor in children's success.

During the drive home Monday night, the kids watched a movie
in the back seat. The movie was The Recruit. A CIA action
adventure movie. During the finale there was a gun fight and
a search. The following are the comments that my daughter
yelled at the screen:

"He's not slicing the pie...Look at that."
"He's leaving cover for NO cover."
"Come to the ready!"
"Get your finger off of the trigger!"
"Emergency reload you fool!"

Both kids recognized the tactical errors the actors were
making in the movie.

Very cool!

I hope to get them both into more handgun training soon.
First they want to return for Empty Handed Defense. My wife
hasn't wanted to attend any courses until you developed the
Rope, Rappel, and Climb course. I'm hoping to get us ALL back
in September.

The vision that Front Sight had to expand the programs, will
greatly help my family and any other family that attends to
become safer and enjoy life more.

Thank you,
Gary Aglietti

Jim Johnson, CPA/Attorney
First class people and a first class course. My family changed our California vacation plans to enable me to spend the day at Front Sight. I was not disappointed. Lots of practical tips I've not received elsewhere.
H. Shonnard, President, Pacific Yacht Towers
There are few times in life where a person's expectations are met; no less surpassed. Front Sight's course and personnel have done that! Thank you for a great experience!
Jim Conway, Conway Engineering
The defensive handgun course is an eye-opener that was jammed packed with real world information. Front Sight is not a boot camp with drill instructors, but rather a friendly and highly competent learning environment. I cannot imagine a better way to learn how and when to use firearms for your personal defense. I have had a concealed weapon permit for almost 15 years. I learned more in this two day program than in the previous 15 years.
Ken Fish, Fortune 500 Executive
You have to see it and hear Dr. Piazza's vision to appreciate it fully. However, the submachine gun course is free, really absolutely free. It is fun. It is safe. It is educational even if you already know a lot about firearms. It is unique. Where else will you ever get a chance to shoot a submachine gun? GO!
Wayne Repich, CEO/Co-Founder, Vanguard Acceptance Corporation
Front Sight is excellent! Incredible! There is an old saying, 'Those who can't do, teach.' That old saying does not apply at Front Sight at all. Every instructor at Front Sight is an expert marksman and tactician. And, they are fantastic educators.
Todd Baker, Executive
Front Sight is the best firearms training I have ever received. The instructors know how to train students. All were knowledgeable, skilled, friendly, and taught me how to be proficient with a firearm.
Kurt Horvat, VP
Front Sight was the most worthwhile firearms training I have ever participated in. Even better than the night shooting handgun course I once attended that was taught by Pennsylvania State Trooper Instructors.
Juliana Bernabe, CFO
As a woman student I was concerned whether I could really do the class. I'm glad I attended because I learned so much more in two days than I had in the last year of shooting. I now have confidence to draw my gun, shoot, and even clear any malfunctions in 2-3 seconds. I can do it every single time.

Other Testimonials

Asanee Engel, MD
We have already convinced friends to signup for Front Sight. We are planning to bring family members to sign up for the classes. We have told many of our friends and even strangers about quality of Front Sight classes. You are the best thing happen to our country and our preservation of the second amendment. I wish you all the good fortune and success.
Mari Tolhurst
You really need to experience this course first hand to appreciate the high caliber instruction and extensive shooting drills it contains. The range masters and assistants are exceptionally talented and highly qualified for their roles. They were respectful, informative and very knowledgeable. The night shoot was very interesting and I enjoyed the competition shooting. I can't wait to come back.
Nathanael Chang, Engineer
I just came home from the Four Day Defensive Handgun training, and in short, I am blown away by everything. The instruction was top notch, the facilities were great, the staff was professional and personable, the lectures opened my eye, the drills, simulations, steel shoot, hostage targets... all really helped.

This course is rational and reality based, and touches on moral, ethical, legal, tactical and emotional issues. It is not a bunch of gun nuts just learning to shoot better, but the course emphasizes how to avoid gun fights through situational awareness and understanding that you only use the gun when you ... (click for more)
Kent Wood, Retired
I hadn't touched a firearm in 35 years, but with the professional instruction I received at Front Sight, it all came back to me. The curriculum is first class and the instructors are the best on the planet. I can hardly wait to come back for another class.
Dr. Edward M Vermette, US Air Force (Retired)
The Front Sight Four Day Defensive Handgun course has absolutely changed my attitude towards the use of my handgun, in general. I thought I knew about handguns, but that was not to be, until I came here to Front Sight. I give Front Sight a 10 straight across the board, anywhere from presentations to instructors and staff.
Graham Hambleton, Assistant Chief Engineer
I have just arrived back at work after getting the opportunity to experience Front Sight's 2-Day Defensive Handgun Training. All I can say is, "Wow!" I came in to the experience a little apprehensive and slightly audacious. I was hoping it would be more than a bunch of hicks shooting rusted-out cars in the Nevada desert. I was so-very-wrong in even letting that thought cross my mind.

Literally, from the gate, the staff at the facility impressed me with their professionalism, knowledge, and talent. While being stern in their guidance, they could put me at ease on the ... (click for more)
Dick Eastley, Software Product Engineer
Front Sight will get you better each day; you'll become safe, competent, and ready to defend yourself and family. I find it great for 15 to 25-year-olds, to teach them situational awareness, which is very maturing. I have started a program to get my nephews and nieces through the 4-Day Defensive Handgun class. Every young woman will be better off attending the course prior to heading off to college. 'Even if they don't plan to have a firearm."
Gary Eastley
Anybody who handles a gun without attending a safety course first is an accident waiting to happen. I recommend that you sign up for a course at Front Sight. The instructors, curriculum, staff, lectures and facilities are outstanding. Whether you own a gun or not, the Front Sight experience will ensure that you are prepared to handle a gun safely and that you are prepared for the decision making associated with using a gun.
Martin S. Batryn, Self-employed
It is your right as an American to have a firearm, but everyone should come to this class to have a full understanding of this. I was blown away, far exceeding expectations.
Donald M. Batryn Jr., Fleet Manager
Go to Front Sight to learn that you don't know what you don't know, to learn the merits of dry-practice, and the lectures will provoke your thoughts the rest of your life.
Roy K. Jones III, Major USMC (Ret.)/Public School Teacher
Front Sight will teach control. It will help you protect your family and it will teach you to draw your line in the sand.
Dorothy Jones, Teacher
Front Sight will make you think twice about ever thinking of using a gun on a person. I've been shooting for 40 years and always thought I was good because I could shoot a great grouping -- my hobby took on a new dimension of reality check.
Christian Cook, Transportation Broker/Student
I would say anyone who has any interest in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness would be truly mistaken with the belief that these don't [survive] without fighting for them. Front Sight provides the necessary training to more than exceed what is required for this.
Michael A Flores, Field Engineer
It's not just a shooting school. They teach you about the responsibility you have as an American.
Rob Halkes, Construction Manager (Landscaping)
Front Sight is truly a top class, very professional organization. Everyone should attend at least once.
Jill Hakes, Homemaker
This was my first experience with guns. I felt the lectures and range time are an individual resource to me. I fell I can be a partner with my husband in protecting our home and family. I appreciated the individual attention - it allowed me to work more intently on form and technique. I also appreciated the time taken to explain about the anatomy of a gun - I know absolutely nothing about guns before this class. I also felt my confidence bud. I may be consciously incompetent but I feel safer when I handle ... (click for more)
Kerry Bradshaw, Housewife/Mother
You need to be able to defend yourself and your family. You can't rely on anyone else to do it. Front Sight gives you the skills and the confidence to be able to do that with great professionalism.
David Henry, USAF and Pro Bodybuilder
Front Sight is, hands down, the best training in the world with great, patient instructors.
Kyle A. Plumley, Electrical Engineer
If you plan to own, carry or depend upon a handgun for defense, this course is a must.
Tim Mintz, Quality Assurance Tech
I believe anyone that cares about their 2nd Amendment rights needs to take one of these classes. I learned more in these last two days than I have ever learned!
Stephen Clark, Construction Cost Estimators
Front Sight has a clear, engaging vision and is taking well-planned steps toward achieving it. Restoring the 2nd Amendment by improving the image of gun ownership, as well as teaching the comfort of skill at arms are engaging and effective goals.
Greg McClain, Retired
If you own a gun, you should take training to become competent with it. You owe it to yourself and those around you. If you carry, you can't get better instruction for your money than Front Sight.
Toni Hakes, Grandmother/Financial Coordinator
Today I am freezing and soaked to the bone [due to] miserable weather, but I know I'll be back for more!! It's worth it - be it 107 degrees or raining cats and dogs.
Steve Macbeth, Manager
'Very good foundation to build on - great fundamentals.
Russ Longfellow, Construction Supervisor
This Front Sight course is great for someone with no handgun skill. You'll leave with a great education and better understanding of guns.
Kim Cole, Family Programs Coordinator, Air and Army National Guard
Having never used a handgun before - I was "blown away" at the amount of information and training I received. The instructors definitely go above and beyond to train you properly.
Matt Harper, Bank Examiner
Front Sight is more than just a place to learn to shoot, although it excels at that. Front Sight is a place to learn when to shoot, what to shoot, and the consequences that come because you shot.
Dena Sponkeim, Homemaker
If you want to know about gun safety and improve or learn how to properly utilize a weapon, come to this course. I literally know nothing about guns prior to this, but now I am eager to continue my journey.
John Schueler, Retired
If you own a gun or want to, you owe it to yourself and everyone else you come in contact with to be safe and, if necessary, accurate.
Kim Maeyama, Archeologist
Front Sight has in two days given me a greater command and confidence in myself, my ability and my level of competency in the operation of my handgun. Front Sight is a great, professional, and highly valuable source of instruction by knowledgeable instructors.
Jennifer Turner, Bookstore Assistant
This was better training than I expected to receive. I am way more relaxed around a gun. I don't think I would have ever wanted to be around a gun before I attended Front Sight, but now I can't wait to learn more!
Francie Insson, Dog Trainer
At Front Sight you will learn and understand how to use your weapon with respect with understanding of all responsibilities.
Patrick Davis, Sales Manager
If you own a handgun, you should take this course for your own safety and your family's safety. What you don't know will open you eyes!
Dennis Keith, TSA
The best, most professional training possible!
Michael Tegtmeyer, IT Consultant
Front Sight has the most intense, complete, valuable classes you can attend.
Julian Peterson, Dentist
Dollar for Dollar Front Sight is one of the best educational experiences I have had.
Claire Chiatello, HR Admin
You should be prepared! This class, both on the range and in the classroom, will make you think! It will also empower you and remind you that there is so much more to learn.
Mark L Taylor, Retired Military Officer
Front Sight is the best training I ever had!
Frank Patterson, Security/Maintenance
The training and information presented here is top-notch and something that everyone should have. It could save your life or the life of someone you love.
Cindy Jaks, Marketing and Advertising
The Front Sight staff was very helpful and encouraged me to keep at it, which helped me improve.
Tracy N Thompson, Fireman
The instructors kept it safe, real and interesting.
Tom Young, Irrigation Sales
The course and ranges are very well done. The staff was great - humorous and professional.
Stephen Rogers, IT System Admin.
Front Sight is outstanding! 'Very structured, very thorough and very safe.
Bryan Weiner, Investor
I would say that it was one of the best weekends of my life.
Daniel Gall, Business Owner
Front Sight was way more than I thought it would be. It was worth every minute. 'Great course!
Daniel Markert, Infantry Officer Army National Guard
At Front Sight you learn the fundamentals of safe and effective handling of firearms from high quality, costumer oriented professionals dedicated to your improvement in the effective and lawful use of forearms.
Layne, Student
'Awesome Simulator, fun activities, stellar lectures!
Carrie Biely, Casino Cage Supervisor
Front Sight changed my perception of handguns and made me want to become a gun owner. It was very informative and was all about safety first! I think everyone should attend a course at Front Sight.
Heidi Stringham, Homemaker
Knowledge is power. I have such a greater understanding not only about my gun but safety and a lot more. This is such a great course! I am a fan!
Rex Haddak, Business Owner
If you support the constitution of this country, then you must get trained at Front Sight and join the First Family in fighting against these trying to eliminate the Second Amendment.
Paul Beneux, Business Owner
'The best training anywhere. I shoot completely in 3-gun shoots and thought I was good, but what I learned this weekend was extremely helpful and made me a better shooter. I loved the whole weekend! Thanks!!!
Monica Lee, Special Agent/Regional Trainer
Go to Front Sight to learn how to properly handle and shoot a firearm, learn when not to shoot, learn why we should be active in community and do everything possible to preserve our Second Amendment.
Blake Brimhall, Home Depot Associate
Front Sight is very well taught, with lots of good ideas and techniques. You felt comfortable asking questions and knew you were receiving the best answer.
Rosemary Goodman, Homemaker
If you own a firearm or would like to learn more about using a firearm, Front Sight is the only place to go. I came back more confident and sure of being able to defend myself and my family. I look forward to returning to improve my skills and techniques.
Mona Smithe, Retired Law Enforcement Officer
It is informative and will better prepare one to handle the unexpected.
Judi Carlile, Elementary School Teacher
This was the best experience to become comfortable, familiar, and proficient with a handgun. 'Really hard but very important.
Shawn Debenham, Traffic Safety Specialist
If you own a firearm, you should know how to properly use it in an accurate and timely manner. Your life and family depend on it.
Kim Focntman, Nurse
Anyone who is uncomfortable with a gun should attend. You will have a new understanding of them.
Jamie Schneider, Hairstylist/Homemaker
Front Sight gave me the confidence I needed to carry a loaded handgun and the confidence to be able to use it if need be.
Cary Goltermann, Engineer
You will have a very good understanding of how to use a weapon, why you need to know how to use a weapon and how to avoid a situation where using a weapon is necessary. In addition, it will take weeks to stop smiling.
Paige Price, Housewife
I was very afraid of my gun and nervous when someone had one out. Now, with the training from Front Sight, I'm no longer afraid. I feel so much more confident in myself with or around others with a firearm. I feel, now, I can protect myself and my loved ones. Front Sight made this very fun and unstressful.
Michael Price, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
If you want to feel comfortable with the ability to know that you can protect yourself, a loved one, friend, or an innocent bystander - then you need to attend a course at Front Sight. You will have a blast learning how to safely handle your firearm and the knowledge and skill to protect yourself and loved ones. Every law abiding citizen should come to Front Sight.
Marlo Lundell, Mother/Message Therapist
Go to Front Sight because every person should know how to defend themselves, their family and our constitution.
Gene Price, Retired
I've attended several other courses and Front Sight is, by far, superior. Attend the course if you truly want to be proficient with firearms.
Samantha, College Student
Front Sight was very helpful in learning functions and proper use of my pistol and a real eye opener to the right to own a gun.
John Sites, Consultant
If you want to learn form the best, come to Front Sight! Your current skill level will improve exponentially.
Scot Mclelland, Construction Manager
Our world is changing for the worse every day. Safety is no longer a given and we cannot rely on others any longer. It is time for us to take responsibility for our own safety.
Brenda Marking, Office Manager
If anyone has not experienced Front Sight they definitely should. I have learned more from this 4-day class than I would ever have imagined.
Sara Osborn, Mother of Four
I loved it and I am making plans on returning again soon. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Jessica Hakes, Dental Assistant
Front Sight offers more than awesome gun training, but the material presented at the lectures opens your eyes to the real world and what you need to do the be safe.
Don Somerville, Engineering and Quality Manager
The instruction is the best I have ever seen. The instructors are above all others. If you want to learn the best way to handle and shoot a firearm defectively for self-defense, then this is the class for you.
Joelle Reeve, College Student
It was an awesome experience. It really helps one feel more comfortable and confident in handling and operating a gun properly. I'd recommend it to people of all ages.
Dennis H. Morales, Retired
I've been shooting for over 50 years and I learned a lot of new skill! You're never too old to learn!
Clinton Morales, Attorney
Front Sight is absolutely necessary for all individuals who want to own/use handguns.
Larry Santarossa, Network Administrator
My two day course was much more than I expected. The staff and environment they created was extremely positive, fun and rewarding.
Pamela Hernandez, Marriage & Family Therapist
It is the best, most responsible way of learning to handle a firearm. I never liked guns and this course changed the way I see self-defense and competence under duress.
Paul Smith, Test Pilot
If you own a weapon or think about owning one you must attend this course.
Eugene Dunn, Church IT Director
We all need to stand up for our rights and Front Sight is a "grass roots movement" that is changing the perception of gun ownership in America.
Mike Chick, Machinist
If you want to stay alive in a gunfight, you need to have the best training you can get - this is the best I have ever received.
Lupi Miller, RN/Nursing Instructor
This course taught me so much and truly helped me have a healthy outlook on the use of and training with handguns. I was able to gain the skills that could help me protect my loved ones and helped me get over the fear handguns.
Shannon, Student
If you plan on carrying any kind of gun, which I highly suggest, Front Sight training is a must have. Not only does it teach you the proper ways to carry and handle you weapon, it teaches you street smarts and how to make the decision to shoot or not.
Philip C. Crowley, Night Supervisor, Atlantic Ambulance Corp.
The second you walk in, you are greeted in a friendly, professional way. All instructors are not looking to make you a sniper, but be safe and proficient in gun use and control. It's almost like the Front Sight staff are long time friends. It's that relaxed, yet safe.
Walt Lewis, Chocolate Maker
Front Sight provides thorough training in simple terms in a gentle, caring manner.
Ryan Student
Most of all, it is fun and you can't not have fun doing it. Why wouldn't you want to be better at handling firearms?
Lincoln Brandenburg, Ministry
Don't spend more money on "stuff" - invest in training so that you can use what you have effectively!
Matthew Harbin, General Manager
If any individual is going to take on the responsibility of owning a gun, they should also make the commitment to be trained in the use of that gun. Front Sight is the best place they can go to receive that training.
Jeffrey Garrison, Civil Engineer
The course will give you confidence in you ability to really defend yourself and your family if needed. It is also just a great accomplishment to participate and a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.
Debbie Hall, Corrections
The instructors know what they are doing and are very professional. They are very patient and teach you how to do the proper techniques.
Star Purcell, Real Estate Broker/Owner
Front Sight is the best world class training for learning how to use a gun to protect yourself and your family.
Deana Newton, Secretary
This course gave me more confidence in my ability to protect myself. I am no longer afraid of what I would do should I experience a malfunction.
Abby, Student
It is important for anyone who picks up a firearm to understand how to use it. If they don't, they will do more harm than food. Front Sight makes sure that people are educated properly to help inform and change people's opinions on gun ownership.
S.J. Fleck, Attorney
I have had 21 years Navy, 4 years college, 4 years law school, and this is the best raining I've ever had!
Chuck Klein, Equipment Service
Front Sight has good training, covered a lot of material, has great instructors and professional, non-military atmosphere.
Jack F Bowen, Diversified Design Consultants
This is the absolute best course in the world! You need to go!
Charles D. Mulock, Jr., Electric System Operator/Hydro Control Center Operations
The entire staff is first rate and strives to continue excellent standards in firearms handling I never know existed. The passion to teach, the ability to convey information and deliver that information in a manner that is so respectable is commended in the highest.
Russell Clark, Project Manager
Front Sight can train you from a novice to a much better shooter in just 2 days! This was gar better than any other courses I've had.
Matthew H Koops, Engineer
Front Sight has very informative and real-world usable information/skills. Front Sight has vastly improved my comfort and skill at arms. They have the most genuinely concerned instructors I have ever met.
Albert Lewis, Jr., Engineer
What you come away with, as far as knowledge of handling a firearm, is worth the price of admission.
Tim Stone, Insurance Broker
Every critical area from gun safety, avoidance, legal ramifications, moral and ethical issues, speed, accuracy and much more were covered. This course will certainly save lives, not take them.
David Martin, Consultant
After attending Front Sight, I am extremely impressed at the quality and depth of the training, and the fact that they teach the moral, ethical, and legal aspects of the use of deadly force. I feel that this training would be valuable to any handgun owner.
Christopher Riggs, Software Producer/Developer
This course provides all you need as a basic defensive shooter. The improvement to my shooting was fantastic. I'm much more confident in my pistol craft.
Bruce Maly, Catastrophe Claims Adjuster
'Very professional. 'Very nice people. No pressure. You will learn much.
Kevin Christensen, Judge
There is no better way to get to know your handgun. Most people who own a gun put it in a drawer and never really learn how to use it.
Nathan Kennedy, Student, Former Active Duty Marine
It was the best firearm instruction I have ever received, even after being and infantry marine and an infantry skill instructor at the end of my four years. Everyone was very professional, but safety was always put first. I will continue to come back as often as I can.
Rachael, Student
You should go to Front Sight! It was amazing! I learned so much, had a lot of fun and the teachers were great!
Aaron, Student
They teach you gun control, handling and shooting with an effective step-by-step process that is basic, yet fast paced and easily learned.
Kenton Collup, Research Associate
It is the absolutely correct training to learn and master firearms, for both the practical and theoretical/philosophical aspects.
Benny John Barnes, Disabled Veteran
This is a great course. Everyone should have this kind of training. You will enjoy it very much and learn a lot.
Joe Schallmoser, Title Insurance Sales
If you really want to learn about the realities of owning, shooting and carrying firearms, you must attend Front Sight to develop true comfort at arms.
Joseph R. Taraba, Carpenter
At Front Sight you learn to handle, control and shoot a firearm. Front Sight teaches you how to safely control that firearm under duress and stressful situations.
Scott Loveless, USAF
You need to attend this class. The information given is world class and relevant. Just to be around other good people it is worth it. I carried concealed for a long time without confidence and now have much more confidence. I can not imagine carrying without the Front Sight course.
Jonathan C. Scholtz, Manager, Information Technology
'Incredibly fun. The skills and information that you learn here are priceless!!!
Stuart G. Palestrant, Jewelry Store Operator
The instruction, instructors, and information in the lectures were the best I could imagine. I am leaving here one hundred percent better than when I came. I plan to be back.
Ronald Blakey, Retired
If you feel a need for safety at home or on the street, you need to have a gun and you need to take the time to learn how to use it. Take a course at Front Sight soon.
Sharon E. Goltry, Writer/Editor
You need to go to Front Sight for your own safety and peace of mind when handling firearms. The repetition of instruction gives you confidence that you aim will be true and your actions correct.
Lisa R. Wes, Aviation Maint. Admin., Ft. Rucker, AL
If you have a fear of the unknown - guns or laws, you need to go to this class. They will instruct and assist you from step one to done. 'Hands down the best training available.
Tom Wos, Army Civilian Contractor
If you're married and your wife isn't a shooter, get her and yourself to Front Sight. You'll be glad you did. If your wife is anything like mine, she will thank you and kiss you afterward. 'Top notch training.
Karah Leitz, Farmer
I didn't know what I didn't know. Now I have a better understanding of not only how to shoot, but also gun safety and legal problems related to self-defense. Now, I have the skills and confidence to use a handgun to defend myself if, God forbid, It ever becomes necessary.
Nicholas Origer, Firearms Instructor
'State of the art, friendly, exhilaration, professional.
Laura Schneider, Business Owner
This course takes you "hoping" you could handle and intruder to knowing that if you had to shoot, you absolutely can while giving you the responsibility in viewpoints that will allow you to be safe.
Wade Roberts, Retired
It's the most fun learning such a serious skill I've ever had. I've attended the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, MD and I consider Front Sight an equal level of training.
Janice C. Kidder, Homemaker
The information and training provided are excellent for self-defense and to protect others who need our protection.
Pam Hillis, Registered Dental Hygienist
It was a wonderful experience. I learned more then I thought was possible.
Chelese Strutners, Actress
As a woman who was afraid of guns, I walked away 2 days later feeling confident that I could safely operate a firearm if the need arose. It was excellent training and demystifies how guns operate and how they should be safely handled.
Amanda Paquette, Environmental Health Engineer
It was amazing - the time flew by, but I witnesses my own improvement overt 2 days and left feeling confident about firing a weapon if I needed to...Now, I can't wait to come back again for another class.
D. Robbins
I am glad to be a legacy member - it has helped me understand and appreciate the importance of representing our 2nd Amendment's value to our individual freedoms and the technical skills to protect those freedoms.
Frederick Weber, Land Surveyor
Go to Front Sight to learn more about gun ownership and the type of people that actually own guns - more important - to understand the 2nd Amendment and what the loss would mean.
Jake Simons, Customer Service Manager
This is the best training I have ever received. 'perfectly planned and executed, it is training every gun owner should have. I feel more confident with my shooting and will be back.
David Home, Construction Superintendent
This course gives you the tools to confidently handle a firearm for protection of your family and yourself.
Christian, Student
People need to attend a class at Front Sight to dispel their myths and concerns about guns and gun ownership. Front Sight trains people how to use a gun defensively and only as a last resort.
Brennan Coccimiglio, College Student/Security Officer
I highly recommend this course for anyone who is a shooter or anyone who wants to learn more. This course improved my knowledge, skills, and control with my gun. I feel more confident should self-defense situations arise. I'm so glad I came to Front Sight.
Kelly Bates, Pet Store Owner
I learn something new every time I come. The instruction is top notch. I can't wait to come back.
Harrison G., Student
Front Sight teaches you what you need to know, fixes what you mess up, and nails the things you need to know into your head.
Keith E Scott, U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Officer
Front Sight provides expert firearms training through logical, skill-building activities in a proper tempo. Highly knowledgeable and skilled instructors patiently trained all students so that each made a vast improvement in their skills. 'Invaluable training!
George B. Daggett, Director of Information Technology
'World class training - properly handling a firearm can be as important as handling a motor vehicle. It can save your life just like CPR.
Ricardo F. Simmons, Field Engineer
The entire experience at Front Sight truly gave me a new level of confidence and skill, not to mention the high caliber of people they employ.
Danielle Reel, Data Entry Clerk
The curriculum is great and helps people get more confident handling and shooting under pressure. The instructors are great - very encouraging and patient.
Chris Chamness, Deputy Sheriff
You have no idea what you don't know until you take one of these courses. It opens up your eyes and makes you want to improve by identifying your weaknesses in a positive manner. I'm hooked and will be back.
Hunter Corbier, Security Officer
If you own a gun, there is no reason to not know the proper way to handle and fire any firearm. Front Sight gives you the skills to not only win, but win.
Beth Lester, Homeschooling Mom/Interior Decorator
Everyone is responsible for protecting themselves - the police can't be everywhere. Also, if we lose our 2nd Amendment rights, how will we ever protect our 1st Amendment rights?
Roy (Rosario) DiVittorio, General Contractor
'Excellent training and teaching. I feel anyone who owns a gun (or doesn't) should take this coarse to understand when, why, and if a gun should be presented and fired. This course gave me confidence and made me feel positive about how to handle a gun.
David Corey, Senior Manager, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
I have received very specialized training in the military and have taken advanced training in other highly ranked programs. This is the best with regard to utility, skill and competency development based on lessons of the past, both military and law enforcement.
Mivjana, High School Student
Before taking a class at Front Sight, I was unsure and scared about using a gun. Now I feel confident and believe I could go out and purchase a handgun and successfully use it when I need to.
Milena P. Kentera, High School Teacher
Front Sight took me from unsure and unprepared - to confident, informed and ready to defend my family! If a 45 year old mother of 4 girls can do this, so can you!
Robert McDaniel, Fire Captain/Paramedic (Ret.)
For circumstances when you don't have a handgun or need to create the opportunity to access your handgun, empty hand defense is of critical importance.
Jim Rickert, Retired
You will learn how to safely and effectively handle and shoot a weapon. The instructors are very knowledgeable and patient. You will learn with a whole variety of students who are great.
Danny Bridges, Retired Electrical Engineer
If you want to do more than just own a handgun, Front Sight is the answer to safety, skill, protection, and responsibility that goes along with ownership.
William Heffernan, Business Development
A fantastic learning experience. Much was achieved over a four day period. Better than any instruction I had as a member of the Victorian Police Force, Australia.
Louis MacDowell, Engineer
Front Sight has excellent training, excellent facilities, knowledgeable staff that were courteous and professional.
Chris Gray, Engineer
Front Sight Provides great training in the fundamentals. They provide a great learning experience without the "boot camp" attitude.
Alex, High School Student
It was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had!
Jan Hare, Forensic RN
The range masters were excellent! Safety was their greatest focus. I learned a lot - 'been shooting for years, but I learned better skills...
Brian Rickey, Civil Engineer
It is an awesome training facility. Every staff member that we met was positive, not intimidating at all, and made the overall experience something I will never forget! I'll be back!
Anna Eynaud, Mom/Physical Therapist
My previous fear of guns is gone; replaced with confidence, knowledge and peace of mind. Thank you!
Seth Hamilton, Accountant
Front Sight offers well designed, clearly presented instruction and food common sense advice that every responsible adult should gear - since every responsible adult should be willing and able to defend themselves and their loved ones.
Paul Mohr, Engineer
Front Sight is the best place to learn how to safely handle guns. It offers broad ethical and moral assessment of the use of deadly force.
Tonya Davis, Community Consultant
I've always felt comfortable around guns and felt that I would have no problem using it if the issue presented itself. I now know how much I didn't know (which was tons) and I feel more comfortable now...
Robbie Clyburn, Airline Pilot
By far the best firearms training in the free world! 'Outstanding million dollar instructors, million dollar founder and million dollar development.
Cheryl Armstrong, Store Manager
Attending a class at Front Sight will provide you the opportunity to be comfortable using a firearm in any situation you're presented with.
Perry Durr, Machine Shop Owner
I will highly recommend Front Sight. People back home think I am a handgun expert. When I go home, I will tell them how much I learned and what a great experience this has been.
Brian McConnell, Business Owner
It is important for gun owners to become trained and comfortable in skill-at-arms. Front Sight is the place to get that level of comfort.
Regina McConnell, Attorney
It is important to learn how to handle and use your firearm correctly and this is the place to go. Great job in teaching techniques and the legal ramifications and justifications [of deadly force].
John Lomax, Chemist
I thought I knew a lot and didn't know if I would learn much, but I learned a lot and it was a great time.
Joshua Johnson, Business Owner
It was eye opening and exciting. I learned more in 2 days than I have in 24 years.
Stephanie Johnson, Business Owner/Homemaker
If you like guns or even if you don't, Front Sight is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with them. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and patient.
Joshua Priester, 2nd Grade Teacher
Front Sight is no joke! If you want to become an awesome shooter, do things that you never imagined you could do, and have the time of your life...come with me to Front Sight!
Casey Priester, Information Security Consultant
Front Sight teaches you everything you need to know to not only be proficient with a handgun in real-world situations, but also how to avoid ever having to use it...It's an amazing program.
Norm Overfield, Engineering Duty Officer, USN
Front Sight could save your life and/or the life of a loved one! Plus, it's more fun that Disney!
Angie Warren, Professional Counselor
The staff was respectful, so knowledgeable and skilled. They were patient and made what could have been an overwhelming experience seem do-able, even for someone like me.
Ricki Pepin, Author/Lecturer/Homemaker
It was frustrating because I know nothing, but the instructors kept encouraging me through it. I saw tremendous personal improvement, knowledge and confidence where ignorance and fear reigned before.
Kevin Gilge, Dentist
I have been a gun owner for 40 years and have learned more about safety and practical gun use techniques in the last 4 days then in all 40 years combined.
Cory Talbott, Superintendent/Construction
The information on moral and ethical decisions as well as the criminal and civil liability is a must for anyone that owns or is making a decision to own a gun.
Kimberly Turpin, Homemaker
Front Sight is the perfect place to learn all about firearms. They cover it all. The instructors were very patient, approachable and never made me feel inadequate. I'm leaving this experience feeling like I could and would be able to protect myself and family.
Monique Vaught, Manager
I would say that is was a great learning experience. I enjoyed myself the whole time, plus the instructors were very nice.
Jonathon Thorpe, Construction Worker
No matter how long you have been shooting, or how good you are. Everyone can have bad habits, and this program can and will help correct them.
Cindy Hoover, Retired
Even though our 2nd Amendment Rights are being threatened, we can change public perception, but we must be competent in order to do that.
Isaac Nichols, Higher Education
Before coming I'd never really considered much of what was taught. I was a "U.I." (Unconsciously Incompetent) Everyone should take the course if for nothing more than to learn what it is that they don't know.
Carolyn Eschenbury, RN
This training course was full of knowledge and experience I would never have thought I could ever get. Thank so much to all and may God richly bless this entire organization.
Bruce Shepherd, Retired
If you want to learn the proper way to save yourself and your loved ones, take this program as soon as you can.
Ross Bonny, Airline Pilot (Retired)
Front Sight has excellent facilities, range masters and instructors and a friendly atmosphere. They really work with you to make you as good as possible.
Marta Taylor, Homemaker
'Excellent training in a non-threatening environment.
Mike Hoffman, Defensive Tactics Instructor
Nowhere else will you get better tactics and habits than Front Sight. If you are in anyway uncomfortable with guns, this will eliminate that and improve you proficiency by leaps and bounds.
Stuart S. Wright, Retired
You can learn more in 4 days here that most other schools can give you in 4 months.
Todd Bershad, Veterinarian
The course is well organized. The instructors are very thorough - everything is explained and all questions are answered. Mistakes are pointed out to instruct, not to scold or embarrass.
Jim Delozier, FFL/MFG
You don't but insurance after an accident - it's better to have the skill and not need it than need it and not have it.
Kim Burgess, RN
I did not know much about handguns before attending Front Sight. People would ask me why I wanted to do a 4 day course like this. My answer - "I only know enough about a gun to dangerous." I wanted to learn how to properly handle a gun and be able to use one to defend my family if the need should ever arise. I pray that I wall never have to use this training in a defensive manner - but I know that I could and would.
Branda Scott, Registered Nurse
Front Sight was extremely well organized. I was impressed with their efficiency in handling large numbers of students. They paid great attention to individual needs. All of the staff was very perceptive and showed to new learners great patience, kindness and encouragement.
Brian K Beyer, USN Retired
'Absolutely wonderful staff at Front Sight. They are knowledgeable professional and courteous at all times.
Rachel Deroche, SAHM
Everyone, including women and children, should learn how to defend and take care of themselves, whether it be with a handgun or self-defense course. Great instruction!
Ivan Deroche, USAFR Pilot
If you are going to carry concealed, you must attend Front Sight. You do not have the tools required to carry safely until you attend the 4-Day Defensive Handgun Course.
Grey Stewart, General Contractor
That was the best training I have ever had and I can now shoot better that I ever could. Thanks, Front Sight.
Curtis Ihlefeld, Engineer
If you think you know how to defend yourself with a handgun, you really don't. I grossly overestimated my own abilities. Front Sight was a wake-up call! It's well worth the money.
Victor Chu, Scuba Instr./Corp. Finance
The staff showed exceptional professionalism. They were confidence inspiring and provided safety that surpasses anything I've experienced. Staff adapted to many different students' needs and skill levels.
Robert Foti, PSD Instructor
'Exceptional course content. The abilities of instructional staff are superb. All info and drills presented in a logical and easily understood sequence. Staff sense of humor is very good.
Don Vaughn, Mortgage Banker
The course was much more intense and complete that I expected. The course covered more items, in more depth that I expected.
Ken Swisher, General Contractor
Front Sight takes the novice gun owner and develops them into a confident protector of their home and family.
Greg Vane, Fishing Guide
Go to Front Sight. You won't regret it. You'll be amazed at what you l warn and how you progress. You'll want to come back!
Steven R. Morrow, SR Buyer
It was great. 'A lot of information and training packed into a short time period but worth it. the techniques are great.
Shane Jenson, USMC
This class is great and recommended for shooters of ALL skill levels. It teaches skills for people of all ages...Knowledge is power. This course offers firearm knowledge to keep you safe and informed.
Katie, Student
Front Sight is full of fully trained instructors who really know what they are doing.
Jim Adair, Jeweler
With the current situation as it is, Front Sight education is no an option - it is a necessity!
Michael Brennan, Attorney
There is no way to describe it. Just do it and see for yourself.
Samantha Naud, Student
As a woman, I would say to all fellow women - it is absolutely essential that they take this course. My life has seriously changed over 2 days from being paranoid to confident. It's a wonderful feeling.
Michael Klock, USMC
You will get the best training possible by extremely professional and knowledgeable staff. Front Sight is miles above the vast majority of instruction available elsewhere.
Gary Epley, Driver/Messenger (Armored Truck)
This is by far the best training I have ever had and I've been carrying a firearm for 19 years.
Jennifer White, Substitute Teacher
Before I came here, I wasn't sure we should have guns in the house or around at all. I was afraid of them, and I didn't know how to use them. I am so glad we came because now I have the information to understand them and be safe. It was great.
Tom Manlham, Business Owner
I learned more in TWO DAYS that I could in two lifetimes.
Randy Collins, Gun Shop Owner
It was a life-changing experience for my wife, in a very positive way.
Gabriel Smith, Construction
Anyone who chooses to defend their life or family with a weapon MUST attend a Front Sight course.
John O. Williams, Student
It would take a lifetime to acquire the knowledge every Front Sight instructor adds to this short 4-day course.
Calvin Nickoley, Recent College Graduate
Front Sight has very professional and courteous instructors that really have a desire to help you and improve your skills! There were very informative and thought provoking lectures! ‘Truly an incredible organization.
Nicholas Sealy, Engineer
Front Sight has the best instructors, best facilities and actually care about making people better.
Steven Smith, Anesthesia Nurse
This was the most professional course I have ever taken from any discipline. This was the safest I have ever felt with a handgun.
Michael Bessette, Emergency Physician
This course forms a wonderful base of knowledge on which I can build excellent and safe defensive skills.
James R Eckburg, Pilot, USAF (Ret.)
I saw men, women, and teenagers of all experience levels treated professionally with respect and having FUN! All of the instructors were truly interested in the students’ skills, progress, and safety. You cannot believe on Friday what you’ll be capable of by Monday. Worth the training at twice the price!
Shawn Joy, Paramedic
Front Sight does in four days what usually might take weeks and even months of training. ‘Excellent course.
Pat Rutherford, Pilot
You’ll love Front Sight training. It’s the best way to get to the highest level of proficiency.
John Meyer, LAPD (Ret)
Front Sight is an eye opener and valuable to anyone who owns or uses firearms in a professional or service manner.
Trevor Gomes, Student
If you want the most extensive firearms training possible, attend Front Sight. You will love it.
Thomas Bamasik, U.S. Army Officer
If you want to be the best shooter, train with the best. Front Sight is first rate all the way.
Jerry Eaves, Retired Airline Pilot
Front Sight is an extremely well run school with outstanding instructors and excellent facilities. Everyone is made to feel welcome.
John Fraser, Pediatrician
You should attend Front Sight because they offer personalized, one-on-one instruction in comfort of skill at arms.
Cory Rivero, Security Training Officer
Front Sight is simply the best training available. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
Dale Swafford, Firefighter
Everyone who owns a handgun, or wants to own one, must attend Front Sight. They are the best.
Megan Rhodes, Teacher
There's no way to describe the way the courses at Front Sight completely change your life - for the better. It's absolutely the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.
William A. Cornell II, Deputy District Attorney
For the tremendous experience in the professional dandling of a gun and the responsibility of its use, I recommend Front Sight without any reservation.
Chauncey Lesley, Police Officer
If you want to learn how to properly shoot "any" weapon, and completely change the way firearms are viewed, attend a class at Front Sight. You will leave with a new outlook and a "comfort of skill at arms" - guaranteed.
Megan Rhodes, 1st Grade Teacher
In Front Sight's night training - you learn how difficult and complicated it is to shoot at night, which is when you have the greatest chance of needing your shooting skills. Learning the skills from these courses helps you to feel so much more confident in your abilities regardless of the time of day. It gives you so much more of an advantage over those who don't train at night - which is probably 99.9% of the gun owning population.
Linda Bolla, Vice-President of Administrations
Front Sight provides extremely professional training and is a safe, unforgettable experience.
Haley Lowy, Metallurgical Engineer
This Front Sight course gave me the confidence and sense of competence that allowed me to feel safe and confident in picking up and handling a gun. I learned an incredible amount in an extremely short period of time. I learned not only how to shoot better but also how to improve my skills on my own. Front Sight went above and beyond to teach me about the psychology needed to own, carry, and use a gun, and also how to work with the after effects, should such need occur.
Jeff Knox, Director, Firearms Coalition/Lobbyist/Political Activist
I've been shooting my whole life and carrying regularly for over 24 years - I learned a lot and learned much about how much I still need to learn. I'll be back.
Danny Tope, Electrician
Front Sight is a must for first-time and experienced shooters alike!! Excellent training - very motivating.
Ron Peterson, Design Engineer
Front Sight has some of the best self-defense training offered in this country, offered and presented by highly competent, highly motivated instructors.
Kelly Kirby, Special Effects Coordinator
Front Sight is a must. It is a fantastic experience. You will come away from your Front Sight training with more confidence, experience and knowledge that you ever thought possible - even in only 2 days. I can't wait to take the 4-day.
Rene Galvan, Student
The Front Sight experience was very relaxed and comfortable. The staff was very polite, professional, friendly, and positive. There was no "drill sergeant" mentality. The skills that I learned were very intuitive and extremely useful.
James Wlaker, Electronic Security Specialist
After serving a career in the military, spending hours on the range after retirement - I thought I was proficient with my sidearm. I learned so much in the 4 days I was here. I will be back to learn more.
Scott Peterson, Pastor
The information one learns from Front Sight is great. Both the info and practical application on the range was clear and easy to follow and flowed together very well.
Scott M., Retired Army
During 4 years at West Point and 26 years as an infantry officer, this firearms instruction is the most professional, innovative, and cutting edge instruction I have ever had the pleasure of receiving.
Todd Whitlief, Construction Operations Manager
I always thought I knew what I was doing with a handgun, but once I came to Front Sight I learned I did not know what I did not know.
Ivana Samanc Atiles, Labor Relations
The instructors at Front Sight are high quality. They broke down the information well. They made it fun and empowering.
Thoresa Morris, Chemist
Police are minutes away when seconds count. The confidence of being my own first defense is good.
Scott Peterson, Rocket Scientist
Front Sight covers all aspects of gun ownership and strives to help people improve no matter what their skill level is.
Michael C. Denbo, Nuclear Electrician
Front Sight is the best way to prepare to "correctly" defend yourself and loved ones.
Anthony Atiles, Security/Fitness
Front Sight clearly explains the importance of owning a gun, life and family in vivid clarity. They also thoroughly explain safety, operation, tactics and ethics.
Jessica Jones, Legal Assistant
I've never had so much fun. More women should take classes here.
David V. Bednarcik, CWO4 Marine Gunner, USMC
Front Sight has outstanding, competent training that will enhance your abilities to properly handle a firearm.
Laurie Monty, Attorney
These skills are critical for everyone to learn. Even after 2 days, I feel more confident with defense.
John D. Reynolds, Bail Agent
Go to Front Sight to learn how to properly use a firearm and how to protect yourself and the people you love. Learn how to be 100% confident with your firearm.
Barry Kleiman, Hotel/Casino Security Officer
Without proper training and mindset, that weapon is just a paper weight.
Ernest A. Becker V, Developer
This course was incredible and has changed my life. It is better than I can put into words.
Angela Fonnesbeck, Attorney
I had my CCW prior to attending the class at Front Sight, but felt too uncomfortable with my handgun to carry it. I now feel comfortable carrying and feel more confident in my ability to protect myself. I will definitely be back!
John G. Holbrook, Retired Inspector
For the money and time spent, there is no better training in the world.
Cody E. Smith
If you own a gun or plan to own a gun, don't you think you should know how to use it? I have a tremendous knowledge of firearms and a lot of experience shooting them, but I did not truly know how to use them until I came to Front Sight. If you want to learn how to truly use a firearm, not just shoot it at a target range, you need to go to Front Sight.
Greg Raabe, Security Company Owner
If you want a firearm for home protection or personal protection, this course is a must. All aspects, A to Z, were covered in basic terms and with challenging, attainable goals.
Kris Jacob, Media/Technology
Of all the courses I have taken in 20 years of shooting, I believe Front Sight offers shooters at all levels a great experience.
Robert Drews, Airline Pilot
Any advertising you see on the Front Sight website is wrong! My Front Sight experience far exceeded anything I expected from visiting the website!! I can't wait to come back!
Paul Leaman, Truck Driver
At Front Sight you will learn how to use a firearm in any high stress situation. What I learned at Front Sight will help me build competency in dealing with situations that I was fearful of encountering before, like night shooting, in-house tactical movement, etc.
Steve Hutson, Electrical Contractor
This kind of training is imperative for anyone who owns a self-defense weapon. It actually scared me to think that I've been carrying for several years without the training and knowledge I have now.
Eric Millspaugh, Application Developer
Front Sight gave very good information on when to use deadly force (and when not to) and very solid instructions on how to if you are forced to.
Vincent Zumpano, Corrections Officer
Front Sight is good for everyone, just to expose anyone to safe handgun practices or usage. It is a must for law enforcement.
John G. Holbrook, Corrections Officer, Ret.
When your life and the lives of your loved ones are at stake, the training you receive at Front Sight Firearms Institute is unsurpassed.
Dr. Howard S. Fox, M.D.
As long as you've decided to protect yourself and your loved ones, you may as well learn how to do it right. Learn from the best at Front Sight.
Ken Archambault, Project Engineer
Front Sight is enlightening in ALL aspects of weapons, from handling to legal aspects. You walk away with a far more educated view of gun ownership and its responsibilities.
Jeff Van Orman, Software Engineer
This is the best place for firearms training. Safety is #1, so there are no worries about other shooters. The instructors are so knowledgeable, patient and helpful that you can't help but improve.
James Hankins, Consulting Systems Architect
Front Sight has the best instruction I've ever received - OF ANY KIND. (Not limited to firearms training.)
Theodore Garcia, Police Officer
If you want the tools to survive a life and death situation and the mindset to survive, Front Sight can give you both.
Jane Johnston, Pharmacist
If you think you need or want to have a gun, especially for personal protection, attend a Front Sight course - where you will learn how to shoot, how not to shoot, when to shoot, when not to shoot and how to handle a gun properly. It is well worth the investment.
Shane Didur, Firearms Instructor
Front Sight does an outstanding job of teaching the basics of defensive handgun shooting. I have attended many shooting schools and I have never seen the fundamentals explained so clearly.
Bill McCallough, Real Estate
If you want to totally accelerate your skill and understanding of handguns at a professional training facility - ATTEND FRONT SIGHT!
Scott W. Peterson, Rocket Scientist
The Front Sight Practical Rifle Course gives you more knowledge about how to properly and safely use your rifle in an effective manner in four days than one can learn in years of just plain shooting.
Steve Porter, Corporate Pilot
I have been shooting for a lot of years but every time I come back to Front Sight, I come away with new skills and confidence.
Steve Gorman, Real Estate Broker
These courses will change your life in a profound and very positive way. You will enjoy every minute of it.
Charles Tomlin, Police Officer
The quote is correct, "You don't know what you don't know." Front Sight shows you invaluable training in such a short period. Your mentality, skills, and awareness will change for the rest of your life.
Richard J. Marrs, Fleet Maintenance Manager
If you own a firearm for self defense, you need to know how to use it and how to train. This is the place to learn how. There are great practices and basics to take home with you, provided by great staff in a professional environment. I joined. (This is my first time.)
Robert Fate, Security/Gunsmith
This is the second 4-Day Handgun course that I have attended and it was as exciting as the first. I was able to pick up more information without being overwhelmed.
Laura Turner, Customer Service Rep.
This class is not just about shooting a gun. I learned how to take care of a gun that won't shoot. I learned how to deal with a gun safely, and the consequences that I may have to deal with, should I decide to shoot someone. I learned what I need to do and the tools I would need to protect my loved ones. I also learned that not all gun owners are rednecks in camouflage outfits! I met judges, lawyers, wives, teachers, etc.
Micky Thutiyakul, Engineer
If you have never tried shooting before, Front Sight is an excellent training facility that is not intimidating to first time shooters.
Gordon Wong, Engineer
Front Sight offers excellent instruction through a great curriculum. This is a positive learning environment.
Roger J. Kre, Software Trainer
This is the best training facility in the world!
Duane Martin, CADD Engineer
If you want to take your gun marksmanship to the next level, in all areas, you would benefit from attending Front Sight.
Brian Gierisch, General Contractor
This was very professional with caring, thoughtful instructors.
Fabian R. Charles, Truck Driver
... You know nothing, until you go to Front Sight!!!
Doug Lyle, Consumer Safety Inspector
... The professional training at Front Sight gives you the training you need to be a responsible gun owner, and it's a lot of fun!
Matthew Marchand, Student
If you have never shot a gun before or are biased against guns, take this course and then come back and talk to me. I guarantee you won't think the same.
Charles Wright, Systems Engineer, Aerospace/Defense
If you own a gun, you owe it to yourself to be as safe and skillful as possible with it. The courses at Front Sight will open your eyes to the level of skill that is possible.
Ed Rutherford, Airline Pilot
The curriculum at Front Sight gives you a solid, safe, and motivated foundation to improve your self defense skills.
Tish Wright, Teacher
I went from throwing-up the first morning—from just having the gun on—to being able to shoot and feel comfortable while doing it.
Candis Vuletich, Student
The instructors are great. They teach from the basics and really helped my confidence. Now I feel ready to shoot steel matches with my boyfriend.
Scott W. Peterson, Rocket Scientist
Front Sight helped me learn more about both the mental and physical aspects of shooting my weapon. It also helped me understand more of the difficulties and ramifications if I ever have to fire my weapon in self defense.
Andrew Rahn, Oral Surgeon
In four days, you can go from being a complete novice, with a desire to learn and work hard, to a decent rifleman with the basis to become excellent.
Nicholas Gervasoni, Self-Employed
The training was incredible and is presented in such a way that is fun. You learn more because the whole day you're having fun while learning what could be life saving techniques.
Sandra Keena, Sales
I recommend Front Sight to everyone. When I came to Front Sight, I wasn't sure what to expect, but was surprised with all the information and how much they stressed safety.
Steve Tuthill, RRT
Front Sight provides good instruction for any skill level. It will bring a beginner "up to par" and yet provide a challenge to the experienced shooter.
Brian Baumgardner, Construction
Before I came here, I thought I knew how to shoot and just needed some refinement in my technique. Now, I realize just how much I did not know.
Robin Kitchen, Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Everyone needs to take this course! Starting at a beginner's level - I was amazed at how much you can learn in 4 days! One of the best things I've ever done alongside my husband - Great skills to have!
Bob Metcalfe, Venture Capitalist
Front Sight brings you to where the rubber meets the road and prepares you to more fully meet your responsibilities.
Kris Wiren, Engineer
Any gun owner with children needs Front Sight training to provide the best defense of those children both in the home and on the road. I highly recommend it.
L. Chaney, Nursing Student
The instruction is, by far, the best I have ever received. My improvement is 100% since my previous time here. "Dry practice" works! You can't learn it all in one short class - you need the membership. No where else will you receive such in depth instruction on real life scenarios or the real life consequences of carrying or firing a weapon.
William Jensen, Flooring Installer
This has been absolutely eye opening. I have had guns in my family all my life and I have, now, been totally educated. I have improved my shooting skills by leaps and bounds in the last few days. I am now confident that if I applied what I have learned at Front Sight, I can protect my loved ones and myself. Thanks!
Chris, Business Owner
It is the best investment I could have made for my family's safety.
Joe Prawdzik, Clinical Training Manager/Mental Health
Go to Front Sight. You get every penny back in knowledge and skill. The staff is great.
John Metzguer, Insurance Sales
The training method accommodates every level of experience and physical capabilities. Everyone substantially improves.
Joshua Raney, Student
After being here for my second time, I feel the necessity for every person to have this training. It could be the difference between life and death. They have the best instructors and techniques.
Omar Abuabara, Sales
If you plan to exercise the right to own a firearm, then you must get properly trained to use it. Front Sight is the best!
Bob Faulk, Computer Programmer
This is far better training than I've ever had, even after 6 years in the Navy (Guard force, reaction force, shore patrol, PRP Program). This was much better!!!
Faith Guta, Student
You'll never receive this type of training and information anywhere else. No matter what your skill level may be when you arrive, you will leave better equipped to protect yourself and your loved ones.
Don Wesson, Managing Direct. European Biotech Co.
Every American, both gun owners and gun haters, should experience Front Sight. People need to know what is taught here and why.
Kory Woodbury, Cardiothoracic Surgeon
I was raised with firearms and have shot handguns and long guns a fair bit, especially the last few years. Safety has always been important to me because of my experience caring for trauma patients. My experience in this course has made me a safer gun handler and a significantly more competent pistol shooter. All in all, I consider it a very good start.
Mark Fortie, Computer Consultant
Front Sight provides a quality, focused course of training that will improve anyone's comfort, skill level and marksmanship with handguns along with a fun and enjoyable weekend.
Carol Honnald, Teacher
A Front Sight class will change your life in many ways. Safety and awareness in the world around us needs to be foremost in our minds.
Judith Byorick, Patent Lawyer
Front Sight has a beautiful setting, great climate, humane instruction and top-quality instruction. Instructors bend over backwards and go out of their way to help with things.
J.D Jenkins, Retired
Whether you ultimately decide to carry concealed or not, after this class, at least it will be an informed decision. If you decide to accept a portion of the responsibility for you and your family, you will be able to do a superior job of it.
Robert Prescott, Security Co. Owner
It's the best all around training I have ever had. You have to see it!
Steve Johnson, U.S. Gov., Civilian
Training is a must! Front Sight is the best!
Ron Phoebus, Pilot/USN (Ret)
This is the best training I've ever witnessed. It was an intensive, rapid paced, sometimes heart pounding experience. Don't miss it.
Gary Johnson, Teacher
This is the best place you can go to that will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to keep yourself and loved ones safe.
Brian Benin, IT Director
Front Sight is good for experienced shooters and novices alike. FUN!! You will improve, regardless of your current level of skill.
Craig Diehl, M.D.
I'm an "old-timer" at Front Sight and brought my son, who has never handled a handgun before. To watch his learning and improvement was wonderful. Keep up the great job, Front Sight.
Justin Weems, Paramedic/Firefighter
Front Sight is top of the line firearms training and it doesn't get any better.
Vivien Anders, International Flight Attendant
Everyone should attend this course because of today's world.
Ron Tetrick, Surgical Assistant
You will get the best instruction from the best people.
Michael D. Allum, Entrepreneur
This training is essential for a person to be able to protect himself in today's world.
Buddy R. Morton, Security/Firearms Instructor
If you ever want to really learn to shoot, this is the place to come. Let Front Sight teach you the right way.
Gene Naftulyen, Info-security Specialist
This is the best training in the US! I'll put my money where my mouth is.
Naomi Johnson, Administrative Assistant
The staff and students are wonderful. Instructors take the time to explain procedures and make sure you understand before pushing you to the next step. This place is truly incredible.
Jason Duncan, Plastic Surgeon/Gunsmith
After my second course at Front Sight, I know I'm now shooting on a level far-exceeding about 90 percent of law enforcement officers I know. The curriculum is excellent and the instructors are outstanding.
Edward Morales, Fire Captain/Paramedic
I was a poor gun handler/owner before I attended this class. I came in with realistic expectations to improve my shooting and safety skills, and ended up exceeding all of my expectations.
Earl Laughter, College Student/Construction
If it is at all possible, DO IT! I learned more in one day than I thought possible, let alone in four days. The institute is more high class than anything I could have imagined. The instructors are first class and will have you shooting correctly, quickly, and most importantly - accurately. It is amazing and I will be back.
Mitch Gilbert, Retail Supervisor
I had been visiting the FS web site for several years. After further local and Internet inquiries, I attended a two day defensive hand gun course, where I received the most professional, patient and understanding instruction ever. The instructors are top notch. Now my competence, confidence and awareness have increased by at least 100%. I am proud to say I am now A First Family Member.

Robert G., US Army
After 26 years of military service, this course has tremendously improved my tactical marksmanship skills. My worst performance now is dramatically better than my best performance before the course.
Julia Williams
The Front Sight course not only helped me build confidence in shooting and handling a weapon, but it also opened my eyes to many everyday situations where awareness is a must! Front Sight teaches the importance of vigilance.
Chis Harrot, Student
It is an outstanding facility. They use up to date methods and techniques, and every person there is exceptionally friendly.
Paul Michael, Attorney
It is comprehensive, professional firearms training in an enjoyable and challenging environment.
Henry Rickelman, Attorney
Anyone, no matter how experienced with firearms, who wants to learn the proper and cutting edge procedures and techniques of defensive handgun use, should take this course. Invaluable skills, which could save your life, are taught by consummate professionals.
Dustin Naud, Student
It's so good to be prepared to defend yourself and to feel that "comfort of skill at arms" if a threat should arise. Front Sight is where to learn this.
Stu Williams. Airline Pilot
Front Sight is the course for anyone interested in improving or learning firearm handling techniques and it is a must for those who are going to use a firearm for self-defense.
Darlen Stubbs, Homemaker
When you decide you never ever want to be a victim, Front Sight is the only place I would recommend. Front Sight has professional, high class, top-of-the-line instructors.
Paul Miller, University Student
It gives you the skills and confidence to use a handgun safely and properly in multiple situations.
James Rocker, Army, Infantry
Front Sight is the best instructional shooting facility that I have had the honor to attend.
Shannon "ty" Minniefield, U.S. Army
Front Sight gives you all the tools to own and use a handgun or any other gun. It makes you a proud, safe, and more knowledgeable gun owner. I learned more in 4 days here than I've learned in during my military service.
Shannon Estep, US Infantry
Front Sight has the best and most knowledgeable instructors in the firearm industry. The focus of Front Sight and its instructors is that they care and want people who own guns to know how to use them safely and effectively. They genuinely care.
David Sanchez, US Army
You need to know about handgun safety and how to use it properly for the safety of yourself and your family.
Matthew Arnold, US Army
This course has real world application, is very informative, the instructors are the best, and has more than adequate hands on practice.
Tim Stith, US Army
I've been in the Army for 11 years. If I had had this type of instruction before I would undoubtedly have qualified expert on the M-16. I can't believe that in 4 days of training I was able to deliver two rounds from the field ready to the thoracic cavity of a target in 1.2 seconds. I you told me I would be able to do that before I took this course, I would have told you that you were crazy.
Laurie Browne, Prop. Management
It is like nothing you have ever experienced. You will feel a new confidence in yourself and be more decisive in your life. Everyone should take a course at Front Sight.
Bob Tadjalli, General Contractor
The time and money spent on a course will not only prepare you for the future but also give you the exact steps to take.
Chris Browne
Take a course at Front Sight. It will change you and your life for the better. It is essential to your survival in today's world.
Jason Duncan, Gunsmith
OUTSTANDING !!! After the 4-day Defensive Handgun Course, I now feel 110% more confident with my gun handling skills, marksmanship and safety.
Gary Graham, Actor
Front Sight is an adventure. Learn the immense satisfaction of having skill at arms and have a hoot doing it.
Brian Engquist, L.A.P.D.
I think this course is great for everyone to attend because, no matter what skill level you are at, you can always improve. I think all law enforcement should attend because our survival depends on these skills.
Jeff Lyons, Machinist/Gunsmith
The school doesn't just teach shooting, safety and gun handling, but what responsibilities and consequences that come with the use of a firearm.
Michael Preskar, Oral Surgeon
Everyone who owns a handgun for self-defense should know the proper defensive handling of their weapon and how to use it to the best of their ability. Front Sight will definitely make you the best you can be.
Jeffrey Denuit, RN
Besides the basic firearms training, the moral and ethical issues that were presented were great and really make you think.
Dan Armogida
In my four years since the police academy, this is the first course that reconfirmed the importance of continued training in firearms. This course has been a real eye opener. Thank you, Front Sight.
Erich Lender
I came here never having fired a handgun before. Most importantly to me, I now know how to safely handle a gun. If the need arose, I could effectively use the weapon.
Sam Palermo, Med. Imaging Equip. Sales
Learn what you don't know about shooting and greatly improve the skills you now have.
Jim Marak, Real Estate
I have learned more about handgun and shotgun and sub-machine gun safety and proficiency during the 2 and 4 day instructional courses than can be described without actually taking the courses!!! The professional quality of the instructors and their focused/safety oriented demeanor can only be described as the best, bar none. You must take these courses and all the others offered to believe the personal skill improvement you'll garner. I am a complete believer in the Front Sight Organization... I even became a Silver First Family Member!
Marina Kandratskaia
The environment at Front Sight was very professional, which allowed me to focus on my training. Everyone should be able to defend themselves and Front Sight helped me to gain confidence with firearms.
Mark Hoffman, Psychologist/Actor
Anyone who considers owning a gun for self-defense needs to take this training. Putting holes in paper at the range is only 10 percent of the task. Front Sight teaches the other 90 percent.
Debbie Liu, Evaluation Coordinator
The skills I've learned at Front Sight have given me confidence in handling a gun.
Susan Marsden, Admin Assistant
Front Sight and its instructors made me very comfortable with my firearm. I was impressed with the knowledge of the instructors and was grateful for the individual attention I received. I will definitely recommend Front Sight to others and will return for additional courses.
Adreas Juon, Stationary Engineer
To increase skill and confidence and to be instructed by the best professionals - attend Front Sight.
John Behrens, Sales Manager
It makes you much more confident in handling a firearm. Personal safety and the safety of those around you is greatly increased.
Arthur Aten, Nevada Highway Patrol
I have worked in law enforcement for 10 years. I have never received the high level of professional training that I received here. It challenged my abilities and got me to a higher level of skill and professional ability. In my career I need to be able to make the shots count every time.
Gordan Oster, Physicians Assistant
When the chips are down, it is your training that will save you. Front Sight gives you the best of just that.
Eurtacia Bodle
I learned more in the past four days than I ever expected to know in a lifetime about handguns and was afraid to touch them when I showed up. Thank you for helping cure one of my fears.
Jared LeValley, Sales
I've been shooting for 15 years and I am an instructor. I still learned lots at Front Sight.
Murray Carter, Blade Smith
You should play an important part in protecting the Bill of Rights by attending Front Sight.
Jason Zuhlke, Law Enforcement
This facility is the ultimate training facility for any self defense operation. The staff is very impressive with their knowledge as well as their skills. Along with the training grounds, I have never seen a facility as sophisticated as this one.
Jocelin Crafton, Student
The experience alone is awesome but adding the professionalism and feeling of welcome makes the class unforgettable. Intense, intense, intense! Went from zero to hero in 4 days.
Eric Moore, Law Enforcement
You will learn a tremendous amount of technical information and be able to use it confidently and proficiently in the safe operation of firearms and in defense of family.
Drew Arends, USAR
Front Sight gives you a much better understanding of gun use and tactics. I have found several areas I need to improve on and they showed me how to improve them.
David Denney, Pilot
If you own a weapon that you plan on using for self-defense or just want to master, then you should go to Front Sight. You don't know what you don't know until you attend a course.
David Christner
This place gives you the confidence you need to be able to handle a life threatening situation.
J. Martin M.D.
My second course - just as good as the first! It was expert instruction, which is invaluable.
Donea Loomis
It's one of the best training facilities I've been to. The instructors were very friendly and helpful.
Dustin Nies, Network Administrator
If you own a gun, which you should, you have a responsibility to learn to use it safely and effectively. Front Sight is the best place to do this. Classes are informative and fun, and the instruction is top notch.
Steven Napier, Consultant
Any intelligent voter who attends a class at Front Sight will forever dismiss the rhetoric of the anti-gun crowd as sheer rubbish.
Charles Simpson, Consultant
Front Sight fosters a positive view of fun ownership and responsibility.
Samuel Stabbs
Attending Front Sight means guaranteed improvement. You will leave twice as good as you came.
Darlen Sovers
If you don't want to be a victim and want to be safe, Front Sight is a must!
Mark Warner, M.D.
Anyone who has or wants to own a firearm should become familiar with its function and proper use. Front Sight is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal.
Craig Norris
Front Sight exceeds expectations and is very much needed by anyone who owns a gun to use for protection.
Greg McClain
Front Sight trains you for real world scenarios, not target shooting. You don't know how much you don't know until you attend a course. Everyone who owns a gun should at least attend a 2-day course.
Garrett Noblett
It is an excellent training sight. I would rather go to Front Sight and learn it correctly than go elsewhere and build bad habits.
Paul Hughes, Sales/Construction
If you are serious and desire to be competent, go to Front Sight. They have safe, excellent training and a friendly staff.
Charles Ebeling, Security/Tech Writer
The training will make you a better shooter than you can imagine.
Alan Massey
Front Sight is a great place to take a loved one for a professional, safe introduction to firearms training.
Kevin Bale
After what we witnessed in New Orleans, It's critical to be prepared to defend your family after a disaster. Front Sight will prepare you.
If you have a handgun in your house for protection, you absolutely need this course!
Amy Damen, Executive
This training could be the single most important thing you do for yourself and your loved ones.
Bob Rieyer
If you or a family member owns a firearm, you owe it to yourself and your family to take a class at Front Sight.
Paul Campbell
They stay on theme with a passion - no deviation from true devotion to Front Sight and its Second Amendment message. This is the highest level of training I have ever taken, including pilot, scuba, and driving training.
Hunter Elkins, Ad Agency Owner
Owning a firearm is a guaranteed right, learning to use it properly is a moral obligation. Front Sight helps guarantee the Second Amendment and provides the best training anywhere to guarantee you are up to the responsibility of owning a firearm.
Joseph Conti, Carpenter
It was the most fun I have had in a long time. I learned a lot and feel very confident in my handgun handling because of what I learned here at Front Sight.
Jordan Owen, Fire Captain/Paramedic
I would highly encourage anyone with the motivation to protect yourself and your loved ones to enroll now in a course with Front Sight. I was very impressed with the staff and quality of training. I went away from my 4-day Defensive Handgun course feeling very confident and empowered with my new skills and knowledge. I am already eager to return to learn more. Don't hesitate to enroll now. It couldn't be soon enough. Thanks again Front Sight!
Fred Mastison, Martial Arts Instructor
There are few places on earth that are sincerely driven to excellence. Front Sight is one of those places. The confidence to effectively shoot to protect has been by my time here. Thank you for serving.
Darrell Wyatt, Realtor
It is an industry leader and, after attending a single course there, I wouldn't recommend any other school. It is top-rate training and some of the best instructors I have ever worked with.
M.G. Perez
The quality of instruction is exceptionally high with great emphasis on safety and responsibility. Every gun owner should take a course like the basic ones offered here.
If you are seriously interested in acquiring proper weapon control, shooting skills, and professional-level gun skills - this is the place to train.
J. M. O'keefe
Whatever your current skill level, Front Sight will build upon it, correct bad habits and create good ones to increase your comfort and proficiency with a variety of weapons.
T. A. Demosthenes, Pilot/Consultant
Front Sight is professional, well designed, purpose driven and dedicated to preserve an extremely important freedom and right.
Troy Peterson, Fire Captain/Paramedic
I have 12 years of training experience for safety sensitive technical skills in emergency services. The ability to instill proper technique, repetition and maintain safety while maintaining interest and fun is an art form. The Front Sight staff excelled in all of these.
J. A. Graham, Firefighter/Paramedic
Thanks for making my family experience a special one. Bringing two daughters who have never fired a weapon prior to this and having both of them wanting to come back is a huge family win for me. Thanks, guys.
Tamara Angell
I come to Front Sight to further my shooting ability and perfect my skills. I have never been disappointed.
Zachary Hoernsehemeyer
It is amazing training. It's clean, professional, well run, thorough and downright fun. It is staffed well with professional and extremely knowledgeable instructors.
Juan Patino, Engineer
I have a better understanding of firearms, what firearms do, and how to operate a firearm safely, reliably, and effectively.
Dan Whitney, Student
My abilities and knowledge have tripled.
Alan Adams, Commercial Mort. Broker
I would recommend this experience to everyone. I have been a victim in my lifetime and once is enough. I feel confident that I will not ever be a victim again.
John Bentley
The professionalism and caring attitude of the staff are what makes Front Sight such a great place.
Cope Reynolds, Sporting Goods
No better training can be found. The instructors are among the most professional, courteous, and proficient in any field.
Steve Knezovich, Technician
Learn what will happen if they choose to use deadly force and if that is their choice, choose wisely and execute what they have been taught.
Bob Graf, Mediacl Technologist
Best firearms training I've ever received! I've been handling and shooting guns for over 30 years and this is the best group of professionals I've ever trained with. You learn more in one day than most people will learn in a life time. They teach you what other courses don't! They are, by far, the best group of people I've ever worked with.
D. Breteau
Exceptionally organized, professional and above all distinguished in a class of their own. BRAVO! You simply do not know what you are missing.
Jordan Green, Telephone Tech.
The instructors are awesome, and all know tons. Even the lectures are sweet! The most fun you can ever have with a firearm!!
Valerie Maldonado
It will definitely make you comfortable in not only using a gun to defend yourself and your family, but also avoiding fatal confrontations and assessing when lethal force is necessary.
Craig Deihl, MD
Top notch instruction without intimidation. I would recommend it to anyone.
John Wehner
The precision of the training exponentially helped my pistol shooting. I'll be back soon for more training.
Larry Williams, Supervisor
I would want all of my loved ones to have the same improved chances of "coming home" (surviving a lethal encounter) as I now have. They should also have the same understanding of the consequences of using this training, which was brought well into focus at Front Sight.
Brandon Moore, Security
Great for the Beginner as well as the guy who thinks he has it all down pat.
Deborah Johnson, Self-Employed
As a rookie and a woman, it was great that the staff took so much time to not only train me but encourage me. By the end of the first day, I was calling all my friends telling them that they needed to be taking this course, whether or not they agreed with using guns.
James Fanning, Retired Engineer
Learn the skills to protect yourself and family, and help preserve the American way of life, as our founders meant it to be.
Having a defensive firearm without formal training is like planning a road trip without driving skills. Front Sight will provide the training to run a gun from 0-60 and beyond.
James E. Morse, DDS
It is intense, busy, and fast paced - no sleeping thru it. I would recommend the 2 day for someone with little experience with a handgun. The 4 day is better suited for those with more range time, but be prepared to unlearn some bad habits! There are a variety of handguns available (with all necessary equipment) for rental for the courses. Of course, you can take your own also.

I highly recommend Front Sight, as I would recommend everyone furthering their education with handguns. Would I take the course again? We are already planning on it, as well as for our ... (click for more)
Michael Brickman, Firefighter
You will never need to be in fear of any situation - ever again. You will have the skills and confidence to defend your family and yourself against any mortal threat.
Janie, Student
I go to Front Sight and so does my family. And it is THE BEST place to go if you want to learn how to defend yourself. That is my word.
Staci M Reed, Office Manager
I just took the 2-day handgun class. I have to say it was the best thing I ever did. I have never held a gun in my life, but my instructors and my range master went through everything step by step. I am now interested in taking more classes and continuing my education in handgun training. Everyone at Front Sight is veryprofessional and highly trained. They just make you feel so at ease thatthe nerves disappeared. I would recommend Front Sight to everyone andanyone who is interested in protecting themselves and their loved ones.It was the BEST.
Carlos Rojas, Navy Corpsman
The training I received at Front Sight exceeds all firearms training I received in the military while serving as a Navy Special Warfare Operator.

Michael D. Allum, Commander Public Safety/Security
Everyone is a potential victim of a criminal attack. Training can help deal with situations that may arise. Front Sight is the best place with the best training in the greatest variety of disciplines.
Bob Ingersoll
The two-day Defensive Handgun course I completed was better that any course I'd ever taken during my 18 years as a Police Officer.
The instructor to student ratio was outstanding. I hope to attend more
courses in the near future.

Keep up the good work!!!
Jeremy Espil, USAR
As a former Marine and now in Army Aviation, Front Sight is by far the best firearms instruction I have ever received. I feel 110% more confident in my abilities to carry a concealed pistol than ever before. Thanks Guys, I will see you again.
John Marrs, Deputy Sheriff
I attended the 4 day Tactical Shotgun Course and was very impressed. As a firearms instructor myself, I was very pleased with the curriculum, presentation and professionalism of the instructors. I have attended numerous courses over the years both as a student and instructor. The staff at Front Sight is second to none. I have referred my own students to Front Sight for further training. Anyone wishing to improve their skill at arms will be more than happy with the training they will receive.
Dr. Rick Martin
I had no idea I needed so much help.
Chris Huntley, Biologist
In the edged weapons course, I learned more solid, real-world defensive knife techniques than I learned while earning MY black belt.
Dr. Lynn L'Abbe
As a lady, I have so much more self-assurance and confidence handling a handgun...Learning the color-code was worth the trip.
Anthony M. Buhn, Paramedic
Front Sight's Rope Course rocks!
Mindy Hardy, Homemaker
Front Sight will help you defend your life, liberty and freedom. There is no comparison! Just do it!
Linda L. Hinze, High School Teacher
Engage the real world by being alert for yourself and family. Learn safe and constructive ways to stay alert and face fear rather than panic.
Jim Roberts, Emergency Planning Coordinator
If you were limited to only one course in life, take that course at Front Sight!
Lyle Benjamin, Farmer
Prepare to have your mind thoroughly blown and your weapons handling improved beyond imagination!
William Gentry, Deputy District Attorney
Front Sight's 4-Day Practical Rifle Course improved my rifle skills more than the past 18 years of reserve military service.
Jack A. Lyons, M.D., Cardiologist
Be responsible for yourself and your family. Prepare and train, and hope you'll never need to use it.
Brian S. Nelson, CA Air National Guard
I have been in the military 12 years and received better instruction in the last two days, than my entire time in the military.
Lisa Kornze, Administrative Aid
Thorough training, very safe environment and instruction, every doubt I had coming here is gone. I am a better person - for my entire world and life for this training.
John Shaw, Minister
Very carefully prepared course of safety and self-defense that covers moral, ethical, and legal ramifications of defensive handgun training.
Ed Hawkins, Network Computer Technician
As an Infantry soldier deployed in support of Air Force operations and security in the Persian Gulf, I did not receive this level of training on the weapon systems I was deployed with. This has been the most effective firearms training I've ever received.
Lora P. Canape, Sr. Computer Analyst
For an in-depth immersion into gun safety, gun handling, and defense, this is the best. As a complete novice, I didn't feel left behind. The instructors are very patient, knowledgeable, and caring.
Stephen J. Solyom, USPS Carrier, Retired
You only get one life, learn to protect it!
Gerald McManus, CIA Intel Officer, Retired
If you have a gun, you need the level of training you can get at Front Sight. It is the best in the industry.
Stephen Boyer, Airline Captain
The course far exceeded my expectations, and my skills improved dramatically.
Rachel, Student
I really liked the tunnels and the Color Code.
Laura, Student
The climbing wall was great!
Quinn, Student
What I liked most about Front Sight was the Empty Hand Defense class. It taught me how to protect myself against bullies.
Briann, Student
I could use the martial arts to defend myself against bad guys or bullies.
Kirk, Student
It was so fun when I went up the Alpine Tower!
Jeff Burke, Attorney
I never would have expected a course could improve my abilities so dramatically.
John Carpenter, Sales Management/Author
I attended my first course at Front Sight in June 1994. I'd heard about Front Sight and it sounded like something I'd enjoy. During that first course I quickly came to appreciate the
professionalism and expertise of the instructors and staff at Front Sight.

After the first day I was hooked and purchased a membership. The next
month I brought my wife to Front Sight and after one day she too became
a member. Since then we have taken several courses and introduced our
friends and family to Front Sight. We love spending time and learning
together. Not only has Front Sight improved ... (click for more)
Kim Klein
When I came to Front Sight I was blown away at the level of professionalism, consistency and enthusiasm each and every instructor had. I learned more at Front Sight by attending one Four Day Defensive Handgun Course than I learned over my entire life of shooting. My daughter attended the Four Day Youth Course and learned so much and had so much fun that she keeps asking to go back to Front Sight for more.
John C. Roach, Police Detective
With 25 years in the LAPD and numerous tactical and survival schools attended with FBI and various other task force agencies, I did not believe that I could learn any new skills from Front Sight. I was dead wrong! This training took me to the next level. I had not possessed this speed and readiness prior to this four-day course!!
Kurt, U.S. Military
I attended the 4-day Practical Rifle Course and left for Iraq the next day. This was the best training I have received in 6+ years in the military. Thank you for the outstanding training that could save my life! Condition Yellow - always!
Heidi Torkelsen, R.N.
I was strongly encouraged by a co-worker of mine to get involved with Front Sight as it could save my life one day. I live alone in a high crime area in Northern California and feel
that knowing how to protect myself is so much better than wishing I knew
how and it's too late. To share a quote a friend told me: "I'd rather
be judged by 12 than carried by 6". I had more fun at Front Sight than
I did on my last vacation to Hawaii! I can hardly wait to go back for
the next class!

Donald R. Benfield, Fire Captain/Investigator
I work for a small city in Southern California as a Captain in the Fire Department and as an Arson Investigator. Recently I, along
with 6 other Firemen had to requalify with our firearms (Glock 22) with
our Police Department. As you can imagine there was lots of verbal
spears being thrown at us firefighters from all of the cops there shooting with us. During the training a friendly competition developed and the firefighters shot the pants off of the cops. Two of us are 1st Family Members and a couple others had attended a 4 day defensive hand
gun course ... (click for more)
Ronald Ramos, Jr., Security
By far the best training anyone could get. The staff is professional and courteous. They will take the time to make sure you understand the proper use of your tool (firearm). They answer any question you may have.
Shannon Long, Fireman/Paramedic
This class will save your life.
Mike Workman, Teacher
Our instructors were the best in working with all ages and abilities. This is a great course for anyone in need of protection but unable or unwilling to use a firearm.
Rob Oates, IT Analyst
Fantastic! Exactly as promised and then some. My words can barely do justice to what Front Sight offers. You have to see the facility and attend a class to fully appreciate its value.
Adamm Liley, Filmmaker
Perfect - come to Front Sight for a safer America.
Kandi Blick, Ballroom Dance Instructor
If you want to effectively learn to protect yourself and your loved ones - go to Front Sight! There are not enough superlatives in the dictionary to say what a fantastic operation this is.
John L. Zumrick, Anesthesiology
Without a doubt the best organized, efficient, and safe courses I have ever attended producing exceptional educated students.
Brian Beal, Farmer
Front Sight delivered over and above what they advertised.
Greg Guillermo, Engineer
Front Sight delivers on everything they state in their advertising. All of the testimonials I've ever read about Front Sight are true!
Gary Taylor, Airline Pilot
Front Sight is the only place to train. Period!!!
Margo, Student
Wow! This training is by far the best I have ever had. It was easy to understand and fun! It was well worth my time and I will tell my friends about it.
Anastasia, Student
My teacher was funny and made the class fun. I learned that I can keep myself safe.
Donna Loomis, Cosmetologist
Front Sight training is the most positive learning experience I've had in my life.
Deborah Williams, Kindergarten Teacher
Front Sight is safe, thorough, and by the numbers. You'll walk away with skills to keep you alive.
Katherine Bohn, RN/Paramedic
The Front Sight instructors are great! They treat you with positive reinforcement constantly. I totally loved this course and it gave me great pride to be one of the students.
William Morrow, Software Engineer
Front Sight has been one of the few events in my life that I can definitely state, 'I am a different person because of this.' I have gone from being vaguely afraid of firearms to having a respect for them and also understanding what is required to use them responsibly with forethought of consequence. Front Sight will change your outlook on the gun control debate.
Eugene S. Corl, Demolition
Uniformity of instruction at Front Sight surpasses any other course I have ever taken. Front Sight offers the maximum amount of information that improves any skill level in the shortest amount of time.
Alex, Student
I think every kid deserves to be safe.
Gabriella, Student
I learned how to recognize bad people and what to do in case someone wants to hurt you. I can't wait to come back and learn more.
Haley, Student
You will love this place. There are the best instructors that have ever lived. I really like them. Thank you.
Dennis Wong, Dentist
Best practical training available for regular people.
Annette, Student
You will have a better chance of living!
Maria Powell, Mom
The class will help a person know how to prevent themselves from becoming a victim.
Dr. John J. Rusek, Propulsion Scientist
Front Sight gives one an exceptional view of the balance of the morals and ethics of deadly force with the practicality of shooting in a real environment. I would encourage all people who cherish freedom to take part in the opportunities at Front Sight.
David, Student
My instructors helped me through everything. I was scared and they helped me through it. I had a very good time and hope to see them soon.
Nancy Speer, Teacher
The Front Sight course was great fun. I learned the correct way to handle a gun, both for target shooting and when there is a need to use a gun in extreme circumstances. I now feel I could better handle a fight if necessary. Front Sight is a great confidence builder.
Katrina, Student
You feel safer...and it's so much fun.
Julie Aliconar, Commercial Title Officer
When Front Sight said they can guarantee improvement, I had to see it to believe it. The class made me realize how much I did not know about handling a firearm in a confrontational situation. I am so much better and much more confident now, after taking the class. Front Sight came through for me and they will come through for you.
Beth Fish, Homemaker
I learned skills that didn't require a tremendous amount of strength but learned how to leverage my body. Anyone can do this.
R. Lee Vaughn, Engineering Dept. Manager
Front Sight is very professionally presented. All students are treated with respect by all the instructors. There is ample time to ask questions. The staff is genuinely concerned with helping students. Your actions are observed and analyzed to aid in the learning process. Most importantly, the use of positive reinforcement as a teaching method is fantastic!
Dave Lesley, Self Employed
This course far exceeds any training I had in my law enforcement career of 20 years. This is a comprehensive, very safe, and responsible course of instruction for all types of handguns.
Scott Preston, Computer Network Engineer
Front Sight is the answer to the ignorance of firearms that is prevalent in our society. Front Sight is the greatest champion for the truth about guns, the Second Amendment, and self defense that we have today.
Wayne Higgins, Airline Pilot
If you are going to own a weapon, learn how to use it. You need to go to Front Sight.
Cathy Moran, Ski Instructor
I would encourage anyone to take this course, especially women, since we tend to be more vulnerable to criminals.
Lindsay Reese, Production Associate
You need to attend a course at Front Sight. Your life may depend on it. If you think you know how to shoot - you're in for a big surprise!
Andrew Lee, Law School Graduate Student
Front Sight's Defensive Handgun Course is by far the best firearms training course I have ever taken. The teaching staff is extremely impressive and the one-on-one time is incredible. The facility is first rate and the course has definitely convinced this skeptic.
Ron Walden, Machinist
After my course at Front Sight I feel 100 times more confident about handling my pistol should I need to use it in a life threatening situation.
Peter DeLeew, Retired
Training is a must in the reality of today's world. Few places offer the range of training that Front Sight does. Anyone who owns a gun and thinks they may need to use it should come here.
Terry Sullivan, Military Officer
I learned more about proper, safe, and precise handling of a handgun in four days than I have in twenty years in the military. Excellent course!
Nathan Finke, Tire Sales
The professionalism of all the instructors is world-class. I would recommend this institute to everyone who owns a firearm and everyone who does not.
Tom Clarke
If someone has any intention of owning a handgun, the Front Sight experience is infinitely important. You will learn not only gun handling, but also the implications of using that weapon.
Danglong Tran, Transportation Engineer
You need to learn how to use a gun, the proper way, the first time.
Hector Alcazar Jr., Law Enforcement
In the fall of 2002 I was awed by the speed and proficiency of my classmates who four days later were distinguished graduates (4 Day Defensive Handgun). I remember wondering how many years and classes it would take me to possibly ever be that fast and proficient. (answer) One year and three classes. In 2003 I took two 2 Day Defensive Handgun classes and in September I distinguished myself in the 4 Day. More than just an ego boost, you guys have given me tools and skills crucial to my workday. From one law enforcement professional to a school of professionals, ... (click for more)
Stephen E. Staley, Army Aviation
Great team building experience for the family and co-workers.
Ken Gillett, Real Estate Sales
My only experience with weapons training has been with Front Sight. I recently watched (at the request of the range manager) a local training course. I then realized how great Front Sight really is. The very low student to instructor ratio makes sure you get the training you paid for and no one gets left behind. I can't say enough about the quality and qualifications of the instructors. Front Sight is world-class and I'm proud to be a First Family Member.
Jamie Bell, Telecom Engineer
Now that I have the no-nonsense news about what it takes physically, mentally, and emotionally to be prepared to use a gun in self-defense (which includes avoiding the use of the gun in the first place), I will be going to Front Sight every year just to stay sharp. When I finished the 4-Day Defensive Handgun course, signing up for a First Family Membership was a no-brainer. It is an eye-opening and extremely rewarding program. I would strongly recommend it truly for anyone - any skill level, any side of the gun issue.
Jim Lefty USN (ret.), Software Engineer
I have been involved with firearms for over 35 years. I have been to numerous classes and training facilities, I even instruct new shooters. I figured that there wasn't anything more someone else could teach me that I already didn't know. A friend gave me a Blue Certificate almost two years ago to attend a course. I never went because I was skeptical of Front Sight. Earlier this year, my good friend passed away and as a tribute to him, some of his other friends and I went to Front Sight for the Four Day Practical Rifle Course. Suffice it to ... (click for more)
Howard Foss, Surveyor
I am currently attending the orange county sheriff's training academy at the level 3 position. During the range portion of the training the instructors were quite flabbergasted that I could clear a Type 3 malfunction in just under 4 seconds, from the ready. They were quite interested in my lightning speed to their command "on target". I just said, "Dry practice."
Bob Ingersoll, Private Investigator / Martial Arts Instructor
The two-day Defensive Handgun course I completed was better than any course I'd ever taken during my 18 years as a Police Officer. The instructor to student ratio was outstanding. I hope to attend more courses in the near future. Keep up the good work!!!
Joel A. Hendelman, Battalion Chief/Fairfax City Fire Dept.
Served as an Arson investigator for my Department for 5 years. I have attended a dozen gun safety courses and regional police academy. I have never, I repeat never, learned, performed and improved my knowledge and skills more efficiently while being at Front Sight. The instructors are top and the motivation and encouragement can not be matched anywhere. I am humbled by the exceptional work being accomplished at Front Sight. These guys are going to shift the popular vote regarding gun ownership within this country in the next decade!
Colleen Hillman, Mother
I think everyone should take Empty Hand Defense, Edged Weapons and Martial Arts at Front Sight. The instructors are patient, knowledgeable, funny and extremely professional. They took a group which included a grandmother, two moms, three children and an attorney and gently pushed them through what we thought was rigorous training that will be extremely useful. During the workday I am either on a college campus or working at a Federal installation which won't allow me to carry a handgun. With more training in this curriculum at Front Sight I know that I will always have four defensive weapons with me ... (click for more)
Nicky Eddy, Marketing Consultant and Mother
I finally took both of my boys (7 and 14 yrs old) to the Family Safe Forever Program; both were thrilled and enjoyed all the challenging adventures. They definitely will return for more !! See you soon at the range!
Michael Harrold, USMC/Intel
I went to Front Sight before joining the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps has an awesome shooting program, but I can't think of any better platform to build my shooting career on than Front Sight.
Shannon Downing, Registered Nurse
The men and women who work for Front Sight really love their jobs. They put time and effort into making your Front Sight experience memorable and useful.
Fawn Ferguson, Architectural Drafter
Everyone should learn how to use a gun, even if you don't have an interest in owning a gun or shooting. Guns are very prolific in society and people should know how they work and how to not be afraid of them.
Keith G. Burt, Deputy District Attorney
This is the best and most balanced handgun course I have participated in. It is something I recommend for almost everybody.
John Harrold, Police Inspector
The shotgun course at Front Sight just might be the finest choice to teach home defense skills. Who wouldn't invest four days to provide a real security base for their family?
Gary L. Minner, Painting Contractor
You have no idea what you're missing, or what you don't know, until you attend a class.
Alexander Johansen, Aviation Maintenance Tech
If you want to learn how to handle firearms to defend your life and the lives of your family members, this is the place to be.
Richard Roadell, System Process Engineer
An excellent means of learning - at all levels. I'm coming back over and over to build skills - and I get significantly better and more confident with every course.
Lyle Benjamin, Farmer
I brought my wife to Practical Rifle this week. She came in as a non-shooter and was taken from discouraged on the first day to very happy and successful on the fourth day. Her comment to me was "This was fun! Your AR-15 is now mine!" My hat is off to the Front Sight Rifle Instructors who made this possible. Thanks guys!!
Daniel C. Palmer, University Professor
This is a course that is an excellent value for the money, professionally done, and really helped me understand the capabilities of my rifle.
Brian Lloyd, Computer Network Architect
This is the most comprehensive and complete handgun training I have ever attended and I have attended several.
Nicky Eddy, Marketing Consultant and Mother
Ever since I was exposed to Front Sight's Practical Rifle course back in August 1997 by Dr. Piazza himself, I have been returning to gain more knowledge and skill. Not only to shoot better, but most importantly, to gain the understanding of self defense and personal safety. That is what all the courses at Front Sight are all about! There is no other place I would like to learn to shoot and understand to shoot safely than here with the most professional and highly qualified and most dedicated line of Instructors!
Peter M. Juknelis, Vice President of Maryland Law Enforcement Officers, Inc.
Dear Front Sight Resort,

Back in April, my entire family came to Front Sight for our
vacation. My parents, my two brothers, my sister-in-law, my
wife, my three children, and I had the greatest vacation we've
EVER had! My brother and his wife, who are First Family
members, gave us certificates as gifts.

I've had over seven years of law enforcement firearms training
through my job with the Maryland Division of Correction. I came
to Front Sight with the hopes of honing the shooting skills that
I already had. ... (click for more)
Steven Knopf, Welding Contractor
I believe it is impossible to complete a Front Sight training course and not leave a better weaponscraft person than when you arrived. Thanks for keeping your guarantee.
Rebekah, Student
Front Sight has the best classes and activities. That is because the instructors are so nice.
Ed Breiner, Nevada Peace Officer
From the beginner to the advanced, anyone can learn something here at Front Sight.
Alexandra, Student
Class taught me how to be safe. I would love to bring all my friends to the next class at Front Sight.
Margo, Student
The instructors are wonderful. Day 1 left me eager for Day 2. I will come back and take more classes for sure.
Brittany, Student
Tons of fun. I feel much safer.
Spencer, Student
I had a ton of fun on the ropes.
Michael, Student
The climbing was my favorite part.
Kaiser, Student
It's really, really fun!
Jordan, Student
You need to do it!
Daniel, Student
Front Sight helped me improve in my self defense skills, as well as ensure my confidence in my weapon. They train the body to work with the mind for a worst case scenario. I give it a 10.
John Stoneman, Computer Analyst
In order to learn to perform to a level that could save your life, Front Sight is the place to go. The instructors are great! They are competent, patient, and very proficient in their skills. I will send my daughter to Front Sight so I can be confident she will have more than a fighting chance to win.
George Cole, Federal Agent
I have trained with many top name private schools as well as several law enforcement training programs. Front Sight is the top of the top of the line.
Joshua Thaler, Software Engineering Manager
In two days I learned more about shooting than in the past five years. Front Sight's training course is the best money I've ever spent on shooting.
Deke Castleman, Travel Writer
Everything was first-class. Immense amount of training. Now I can practice safely; I know what to practice; and I will practice.
Douglas C. Scott, Buyer
Outstanding teacher to student ratio. Lecture was without question, equal or greater in value than the range time. The instructors demonstrated great skill which really made me try to reach for that level. Front Sight is the best school of its kind. You are taught that the last thing you ever want to do is shoot someone. You are also taught the best way to do so, when there is no other choice.
Jean Mauregard, Street Rod Builder
Even if you think you know all about the use of a defensive handgun - trust me, you don't! Take the defensive handgun course at Front Sight. You will realize how much you have not known. The skills you learn could save your life.
Craig M. Wilcox, Optician
If you want to learn to survive and win a lethal encounter, then Front Sight is the place to go! I cannot imagine a more professional environment or a more dedicated staff.
Alan Smith, Engineer
If you are already familiar with firearms, Front Sight provides world class training, no matter what your level of experience. If you are not at all familiar with firearms, and want to be, by all means go to Front Sight and learn it right the first time. If you are a loved one of mine and want to learn to defend and protect yourself with a gun, I don't want you to go anywhere else but Front Sight!
Dr. Floyd Minana, Chiropractor
Front Sight is among the best training I have had in any setting. Demanding and professional, yet done in a supportive atmosphere with good humor. I am very impressed with the quality of the instructors. Uniformly intelligent and articulate. Quite a group. Quite an organization. Bravo!
Carl Swan, Pilot
My instructors at Front Sight were possibly the most capable and caring team I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I hope to meet them all again.
William Brizzee, Dentist
After just my first handgun course, I no longer looked at the expensive, glitzy new guns as real defensive tools. What counts first and foremost is training. The actual tool a distant second.
Mike Petrashevich, Office Manager
It's true you just don't know how much you really don't know until you come to Front Sight.
Michael Stonehouse, Fleet Purchaser
I am definitely coming back again, and again, and again. I learned more in the two day handgun course than I have in 20 years of target shooting and practical shooting. You can't get better training at any price anywhere!
Les Jones, Inspector
After 30 years of shooting, I am now just beginning to shoot correctly thanks to Front Sight. I look forward to more classes in the future. The Front Sight instructors are the best!
David Kernan, Information Systems
Incredibly patient and sincere instructors. They really want to help and went the extra mile for all students. I have been shooting rifles for 25 years and I now know twice as much as I did when I walked into the class on the first morning.
Dennis Murphy, Banker
The level of professionalism and competence at Front Sight will surprise and delight you. It is truly an opportunity that must be experienced.
Mike Hrobuchak, Airline Pilot
As I have attended two other well known schools, I would have to say that Front Sight is the best firearms school I have attended.
Les Stickles, Police Lieutenant
It's great! Not just this course, but all courses offered are appealing to do as soon as possible to improve knowledge, skills and abilities with the best in the field.
Alan Smith, Engineer
Front Sight has the finest instructors and the finest curriculum of any firearms training I have ever taken.
Steve Campbell, Prison Training Supervisor, Rangemaster
I have attended numerous law enforcement firearms instructor courses. Front Sight exceeds all P.O.S.T. courses I have attended. I was truly impressed and humbled.
Ernest Peltz, Mechanic
I have learned so much and have so much more to learn. It is a shame the rest of the business world does not provide the same level of service I received at Front Sight this week.
Dennis Hankey, Investments
Front Sight provides comprehensive, encompassing training on important issues not normally given any consideration or addressed with any detail as this school does. Front Sight is the best school I have ever attended in firearms training.
Glenn Frank, Veterinarian
My third course and they keep getting better! I've handled sporting shotguns for 26 years, but learned more about shotguns and shotgun shooting in four days than all those years combined
Art Giddings, Stage Manager
Front Sight is the best place to get training. Front Sight is the school that sets the bar for all other training schools. Good luck to the other schools trying to get over it.
Edmund Gilmore, Retired Police Officer
By far, Front Sight is the best firearms training I have ever received. The staff is superb. Their patience is beyond measure. These men are real gentlemen and experts in their field. My hat is off to them.
Dennis Bower, Television Production
Front Sight is unequaled in its commitment to excellence. The professionals at Front Sight made us feel welcome, confident, and delivered a course that will make a difference in our lives. Thank you very much for creating a facility that helps us meet the challenges that life puts in our paths.
Al Corea, Fire Inspector
If you really want to learn how to handle a firearm, go to the best teacher you can find. Go to Front Sight if you want the best!
Phillip Vaughan, Warehouse Manager
This class improved my level of skill a thousand percent! I cannot thank everyone involved enough - especially Dr. Piazza. If you think you are proficient enough with your weapon of choice to protect yourself and your loved ones in a heated gun fight, you are wrong! Attend a class at Front Sight and you will become a believer as much as I am.
John Woo, MD
I had a strong appreciation for the instructors at Front Sight, but after taking this course and learning what they do, now I hold them in complete awe and admiration.
David Broberg, Farmer
The training cadre at Front Sight took a very competent target shooter and taught him the complexities of weapons handling that he never dreamed possible. There is much more to defensive shooting than just hitting a bullseye. The leadership, expertise, and patience exhibited by the instructional staff was exemplary.
John F. Moran, Captain, US Army
Suffice it to say that I have been to Gunsite, LFI, HK, and OPS and I always come back to Front Sight.
Edwin Lowrey, US Special Forces, Retired
If you have attended some of the 'old' schools you need to go to Front Sight. There are a lot of proficient shooters in the industry, but not all are professional instructors. Front Sight is the home of the professional instructors with the best facilities around.
Bill Garland, Firearms Instructor, Oregon Police Academy
Student comfort and safety are stressed in a positive, team environment. Great job! The training is as good or better than any I have encountered. Very impressed by the direct and friendly teaching style, and the lack of 'cute' or ego-driven sayings or techniques. Solid, sound information delivered by superior instructors!
Mallika Albert, Massage Therapist
I approached this training with an extreme anti-gun attitude that I've had my whole life (50 years). Front Sight's training definitely changed my attitude significantly. I acquired important skills to now share a new interest with my husband. Thank you Front Sight!
Tony Wise, Pawnbroker
I did not know how much I did not know about shooting a firearm until I attended Front Sight. I grew up with guns around my house and my father was a police officer and I attended firearm classes at my local range. After Front Sight's course, I realized how inferior and incompetent all of that previous training was. Thank you for helping me become a safe and responsible gun owner.
Bryon R. Benz, Captain, US Army
I thought I knew what I was doing. After attending the Four Day Handgun course I now know what I did not know and learned and improved a ton! Excellent instruction. The personnel and training techniques are top notch. I will go back for more training.
Lief Rutzebeck, Computer Analyst
The instructors at Front Sight were fabulous. Their patience throughout the two-day course was remarked on by several people I talked with. I personally learned more during this two-day course than during the last twenty years of shooting combined. It was a great experience.
Mike Manginill, Retired
Front Sight's instructors are not only knowledgeable, but seek to share their knowledge. I just took the Gunsite 250 course. After attending the free, one day submachine gun course I am more impressed with Front Sight staff's attentiveness to their students.
Mike Jones, Police Officer
Front Sight is hands down the best facility and instructional staff in the nation.
Richard Fong, Stock Broker
Front Sight instructors are without a doubt, top notch. They improved my technique incredibly.
Tim Lynch, Retired Marine Officer
Without question Front Sight covers more ground than any other comparable course--civilian, military or law enforcement. The level of proficiency that the average student attains far exceeds the standards expected of military professionals. The material covered and proficiency levels achieved at Front Sight surpass anything I experienced in over 20 years of military service.
Randy Furby, Deputy Sheriff
All of the staff at Front Sight are professional. They are very good at what they do. The course was the most professionally run course I have ever attended. Very impressive both in action and performance.
Charlene Aliangan, Flight Attendant
I had a wonderful experience at Front Sight. I never would have dreamed of shooting a submachine gun in my lifetime. If I can do this course, have fun, and no longer be afraid of guns, then so can you.
Dale Huston, Police Officer
What you learn at Front Sight today, could save your life tomorrow. I'm impressed.
Jerry Jones, Webmaster at Walt Disney World
I can't say enough about Front Sight instructors. They are friendly, patient, well trained, and make sure safety is #1. I already called two of my friends to rave about your course and facilities. We all plan to come back and take the four day handgun class and more.
John Vincent, Mechanical Engineer
Of all the schools and seminars I've attended, Front Sight is the most professional and hardest working. I have and will continue to recommend Front Sight to my friends.
Steve Campbell, Training Supervisor
I have seen many firearms instructors, but the crew at Front Sight really know their stuff. They can handle the newest student to the old hand that thinks he knows everything.
Clifford Nagle, Plumber
Front Sight is the most professional instruction in firearms that I have come across in my twenty years of shooting. Front Sight is the best and I am coming back.
Greg Hahn, Sheet Metal Worker
I've been involved in many courses. Most schools I have attended treat their classes as a job; not anywhere near the passion and dedication to excellence that I experienced at Front Sight.
Peter Nolan, USMC
Without a doubt Front Sight is the most professional and well put together organization I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The facility (even though still under construction) is impeccable. The instructors are knowledgeable, professional, and make the experience enjoyable.
Stephanie Bird, Homemaker
I believe Front Sight is making a lot of dreams come true. The experience was awesome. It gave a whole new meaning to the word 'gun.' You are giving those of us who were previously against guns or knew nothing about guns a much better understanding of what they are all about. As a woman, I feel so much better, knowing that I have training on how to operate a gun to protect myself and my loved ones.
Eddie Ray Lee, Professor
I have taken several one day, two day, and week long courses in my life. Front Sight's course is the best organized and presented. Front Sight should teach teachers how to teach!
Doug Woolley, Army Officer
The course of instruction at Front Sight is excellent. The staff is very professional. I learned a surprising amount of information about handling a submachine gun. A great experience!
Lyle Hayes, Aircraft Maintenance Technician
For five years my issued weapon was a M3A1 Grease Gun (.45ACP submachine gun). I learned more about shooting a submachine gun in one day at Front Sight than I did in five years of military experience. Front Sight is the best training I have ever had, period!
Robert Warren, Policemen
As I was told at the beginning of the Front Sight course, everyone will experience significant improvement over their current skills. This is certainly true.
Todd Vierheller, Software Engineer
The teacher to student ratio at Front Sight is phenomenal and allows instruction to be tailored to the individual's level. The instruction on the shooting aftermath was the most thorough I have ever experienced at any training course. In addition, other schools would have difficulty even coming close to delivering Front Sight training no matter how good their instructors simply due to Front Sight's incredible facilities.
Roger Phillips, Automotive Refinisher
When Front Sight says that their training far exceeds that of law enforcement, that is not just talk. I have shot next to many police officers and their skills are not what they should be. But with an open mind and some effort these same police officers are soon shooting at much higher levels, and have a much better chance of winning a gunfight.
Thomas A. Peppler, Attorney
As all of the veterans attending the course at Front Sight seem to agree, it is the best training available today. I fully support Dr. Piazza's strategy to restore gun ownership to its rightful place in American society.
Kevin Jensen, Race Car Fabricator
I received better training on automatic weapons at Front Sight's free one-day submachine gun course than I did in the US Army.
Sean Rosenberg, Attorney
You'll gain a wealth of knowledge at Front Sight. I do not know of any other civilian training of this kind. The facility is amazing.
Andrew Juknelis, Director of Operations, Curon Medical Inc.
I graduated from West Point and was commissioned as an Infantry officer in 1988. I graduated from the US Army Ranger School and am a combat veteran having served with the 7th Infantry during Operation Just Cause in Panama. As a civilian, I am an NRA instructor of Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, and Personal Protection. I shoot weekly in a local pistol league. In other words, I thought I knew my stuff when I showed up last week at Front Sight for their one day submachine gun and two day defensive handgun courses. In just three days of training at Front Sight ... (click for more)
Rick Del Prato, Correctional Sergeant
This crash course of skills, tactics, and control exceeds many law enforcement curriculum taught to advanced law enforcement.
David Osborn, Jr., Paramedic
Front Sight is a real eye opener if you are a CCW holder and plan to carry a concealed weapon to protect yourself. Front Sight is without hesitation the best training and a must if you want to do it right.
Mike Jones, Police Officer
I have been to numerous instructor courses including the CHP, FBI, and civilian. Front Sight's teaching style and philosophies are second to none. Your techniques will help me with any course I have to instruct. Front Sight instructors are by far the most professional and dedicated staff I have ever met.
Joseph Ponczck, Army Infantry Sergeant
If you want a consistent product, Front Sight will provide it for you. Front Sight is the industry standard.
Jim Sarkauskas, Registered Financial Advisor
I learned more about handgunning in four days at Front Sight than in the past 50 years!
Gregory Dust, Retired Police Sergeant LAPD
This is the best training course that I can remember attending. I learned a ton of information and improved my shooting skills. I recommend Front Sight training for law enforcement officers.
Michael Wrage, Real Estate Agent
Front Sight is the best class I have attended in years. I wish I could encounter the caliber of people I met at Front Sight in my other business and personal dealings.
John Moses, Publisher
If you own a weapon, there is no better place to learn how to use it than Front Sight!
Matt Stone, Police Sergeant
I have carried a shotgun for 14 years as a police officer. After this course at Front Sight, I will use it!
Richard Ferry, Business Manager
Front Sight presents to the entire nation what the right to self defense means in today's society. I applaud the school and its mission. I hope someday my two children (now ages 7 and 10) will have the opportunity to attend Front Sight's training.
Jeffrey Paley, Engineer
Absolutely the most dedicated and competent bunch of professionals I have ever had the pleasure of training with. Very patient and understanding, yet firm in the commitment to facilitate our learning. I know I am 100% more competent than I was just two days ago. You can put yourself in this course knowing little about firearms and defense and in just two days you will come out of this experience more skilled and confident than 90% of the people who own firearms, not only in the mechanics of defense, but the legal and ethical aspects as well. I highly recommend Front ... (click for more)
Kenneth M. "Mack" Elliott, Jr., Retired Naval Officer
As a lifetime shooter, I came to Front Sight expecting to learn. I had no idea how much I did not know. Front Sight's training experience is unmatched.
Dennis DeChance, Construction Estimator
Trying to explain what a Front Sight class is like is like trying to explain the color blue to someone who has been blind from birth. I can try to explain it, but you can't understand until you have experienced it first hand.
Chess Smythe, Emergency Room Tech
Extremely helpful and friendly staff. I was shooting better after the first day than I have in the eight years of practicing on my own at the range.
Beth Duensing, Homemaker
I signed up for a Front Sight course to appease my husband. I agreed to come, but not necessarily to shoot. I was afraid of actually shooting something automatic. The instructors were great. After the first shots were fired, I became much more relaxed and had a fantastic time. Now I will likely come back for another course. Thank you for this opportunity.
Russell Sibell, Laser Engineer
Front Sight is the best organization I have ever dealt with. I will recommend Front Sight to all my family and friends, especially my brother who is a Sheriff's Deputy.
Richard Kutschman, US Naval Officer
Very professional instructors. They are very approachable, incredibly knowledgeable, polite, and humorous. Without a doubt, the best instructors I have ever encountered.
Thomas Wilson, Statistician
I drove 1,100 miles, one-way, to attend this course. The professionalism and knowledge of the courteous staff made this trip well worth my time.
Rev. Michael Mitchell, Ph.D., Minister
This course is the finest training program I could imagine. How Dr. Piazza has assembled and trained such a well disciplined, highly qualified, professional group of instructors is a testament to his skill and leadership. Dr. Piazza is the epitome of a professional leader, business executive, and visionary. May he be most blessed in his endeavors.
Michael Calhoun, Peace Officer
The instructors performed professionally and courteously. Their positive praise and constructive corrections far surpassed any of my previous firearms training. I learned many new tactical techniques that my police academy instructors should adopt and teach.
John Toomey, Satellite Orbital Analyst
Hard to find the right words. If you are a gun owner, this free submachine gun course must be experienced to be believed! It's like no other shooting experience a civilian can imagine.
John M. Capps, Major, USMC
Come here and find out for yourself what a great organization Front Sight is.
Rhonda Lunder, Teacher
Front Sight instructors are awesome! They are encouraging, personable, consistent, professional and courteous. No matter where you start when you arrive, you will improve!
Becky Hyde, Housewife
I came to the handgun course a complete novice. I had fired a pistol before, but relied on my husband to do all the set up before shooting and securing it afterward. I learned not only how to do both of these things, but now feel confident in accurately firing and handling my pistol. This class was a challenge, but was extremely fun and exhilarating. This class pushed me beyond a comfort level I had long enjoyed, but consequently improved me way beyond my expectations. Thank you Front Sight.
Kamie Blake, Mom
Fear of guns is your lack of knowledge of them. There is no better defense against an enemy than a firearm, especially for women. You don't know what you don't know until you come to Front Sight.
Eric Ryden, Police Officer
Front Sight is the future in firearms training. From the novice civilian to the veteran soldier or law enforcement officer, all will gain invaluable knowledge by attending their courses.
Daniel Hall, Fraud Investigator
The free, one day submachine gun course is well worth the $500 dollars you won't have to spend. The Instruction alone is worth the drive; the shooting is a bonus.
Michelle Martin, Kindergarten Teacher
I had an extraordinary time at the submachine gun course. The instructors were talented, knowledgeable, courteous, and safety conscious. This course is a must, especially for women!
Rick Freeman, Corporate Banking Manager
The four day handgun course is excellent instruction with absolutely first-rate content. I was overwhelmingly impressed with the quality and depth of instructors. Front Sight is the best place to learn how to safely and responsibly handle a weapon.
Ryan Foulkner, Executive Protection Agent
Without a doubt, Front Sight exceeds all other schools I've had both while in the USMC and as a civilian in the protective agent roll. I have never seen a school with such professionalism and purpose. Your dedication to your duties in training each and every student is matched by no others.
Levin Liebeck, Law Student
It must be seen to be believed. And there is no catch, just a great time!
Mich Steinmetz, Mortgage Broker
After 15 years as an FFL licensee, I was amazed at what I did not know. I thought I was a safe gun owner and a fair shot. Front Sight showed me I had a lot to learn and in the last four days I have learned a lot! If you own a gun and want to be competent as well as safe, you need to attend Front Sight!
Dale Wysocki, Police Officer
I have been to many schools and Front Sight is the best and that is why I purchased a membership. Front Sight has qualified instructors that can do what they preach. Front Sight has consistency of instruction--all of the instructors follow the same format which alleviates any confusion. Front Sight has an attention to detail. Front Sight provides intensity and volume of training. I picked up more in a couple of days at Front Sight than years elsewhere. If you are interested in becoming a truly proficient and responsible gun handler and want to participate in shooting sports at a first ... (click for more)
Mark Mazzella, Stockbroker
The four day handgun course was an excellent class. I expected to get 1/3 the amount of material that the class actually covered. It is amazing how well you can do once you are taught proper techniques. Now, I do not have any doubts about the outcome of a gunfight I might be in. If you intend to own a firearm, it is an absolute must to attend a course at Front Sight. Your life and the lives of your family depend on it.
Maita Castellanes, Office Manager
Front Sight is an awesome place to learn and shoot a submachine gun. The instructors are professional, personable, and patient. I enjoyed it immensely. It is an experience everyone should try.
Jeff Caulk, Naval Flight Officer
Fantastic experience! Front Sight's free submachine gun course was better instruction than the 'fam fires' I've done in my 13 years in the Navy. I had loads of fun and received fantastic training. My skills improved 200% with this one day course. Just do it. There are no strings attached.
George Lohmann, Police Officer
Front Sight easily exceeded the firearms training I have previously received in my police career. I will definitely be returning in the future to the fountain of firearms training at Front Sight.
SSG, Dale R. Mohr
As a 14 year veteran of the US Army Special Forces, I have never been to a better school on the use of handguns. It was so great to learn from instructors who are not only good teachers, but who can also perform the tasks on demand. One of the things that impressed me most was how well rounded the class was. We were taught safe gun handling, marksmanship skills, legal and moral aspects of owning and using firearms and what needs to be done to preserve our firearm freedoms. We were taught what every firearm owner or user should know ... (click for more)
Terri Kuegel, Registered Nurse
The free submachine gun course was the best firearms class I have ever been to. I can't wait for my next course. I learned more in this one day course that I have in other 2 and 3 day courses.
Glenn Frank, Veterinarian Scientist
Front Sight took me from virtually never pulling a weapon from my holster to feeling quite comfortable in doing so now. If you ever thought about handling a pistol for sport or defensive purposes, you must take a course at Front Sight. It is extremely informative, a dramatic skill builder, and outrageously fun too! I'm not even in the same universe of skills now as compared to four days ago.
Roland Vergeer, Technical Director
Front Sight is top of the line training from professionals who know what it is to be a student. They not only teach you what to do, but also why it is done that way.
Bobbi Bowen, Computer Engineer
To get to the National Team for International Skeet Shooting, I had some of the best coaches in the world. These coaches included former Olympic Gold Medal winners and their coaches. Front Sight's staff are among the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
Jeff Ma, Medical Research Technician
I had read others' comments before arriving at Front Sight and I always thought they were exaggerating. Now I know why the comments are so positive!
Bruce J. McSurdy, MD
I flew over 2000 miles to attend this course. Had I known how good it would be, I would have walked, if necessary.
Stephen Eichelberger, Attorney
It was everything I'd heard about it--First Rate Instruction (better than I had in the Marine Corps), all promises kept, and something I'm proud to have been a part of. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will receive more than you could possibly expect.
Katie Rylant, Veterinarian Technician
Before this class I would not have considered traveling this far (8 hours) to take a gun course. Now, I am definitely interested in returning for another course.
Jason Petterson, Police Officer
They say some things sound too good to be true, but Front Sight is the exception. This class was the reason I came to Las Vegas from Minnesota and this class made the trip well worth the time and expense.
Tim Harvey, Police Officer
Some of the best, if not the best instruction that I have had in a long, long, time.
Jason Griffith, Commercial Real Estate Agent
The Four Day Practical Rifle course was outstanding! The best firearms training I have ever had. About the same time I attended Front Sight, my brother-in-law just finished Army Basic Training. Several weeks later, he and I had the opportunity to compare our training and have a shoot-off. My brother-in-law concluded that I received far better training and more advanced tactical training in four days at Front Sight than he did after 14 weeks of Army Basic Training with the M-16. I consistently outshot him with my AR15 at 200 and 300 yards! Thank you Front Sight! I will be back.
Robert Herrera
Front Sight broadened my views about submachine guns and more. I just finished five years in the Marine Corps and I learned something new, today, at Front Sight.
Dr. Suzanne Hedden, College Professor
The instructors are true professionals. They were helpful and 100% safety conscious. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about submachine guns. I wholeheartedly endorse this program.
Roger Quinlan, Martial Arts Instructor
A+. Outstanding. Better than I could describe. Very professional. No BS. No Gimmicks. Better than I could have imagined.
Andy Madison, Heavy Equipment Operator
My initial skepticism about the free submachine gun course (you don't get something for nothing, etc.) was alleviated the moment the course started. The course was fun and very informative. With all the impressive credentials of the instructors, I was happily surprised at how helpful and encouraging all of them were. I saw no signs of impatience, conceit or condescending attitudes.
Doug McDonald, Semiconductor Engineer
I would highly recommend the course just to hear Dr. Piazza's presentations alone!
Bernard Dunn, Electrical Mechanic
I have owned handguns since I was 18. I am now 57. I do not have words to describe how little I knew before coming to Front Sight and I did not know that I did not know. Now I know, and can do something about it.
John Earl, Engineer
I am amazed at how small details take on such importance; and Front Sight focuses on the details. I talked with police officers in my class and they were just as impressed as I was. Front Sight is changing the industry!
M. Cameron Jensen, Physician
The training was very personal. It seemed like one-on-one most of the time. The instructors made sure everyone was up to speed so no one was left behind. Dr. Piazza's lectures were extremely informative and dramatically presented invaluable information rarely found elsewhere which is essential to be truly prepared for a real-life, self defense encounter.
Darryl Powers, Arson Investigator
Public or private, this was by far the best handgun course I have ever attended. Great job by the entire staff.
Kevin Moore, Airline Employee
I found the course, instructors and overall effort to be of the highest caliber. It is refreshing to see a business effort based on such high principles.
Lee Thomas, Letter Carrier
Everything is experienced as advertised rare in today's marketplace. Dr. Piazza must be considered a visionary and a great patriot.
Frank Bergschneider, Production Manager
Received more training, in such a short amount of time than I would have believed. Great instructors and they made you feel like they really cared about your training even if it was free.
Christopher R. Goggin, Carpenter
Very enlightening and enjoyable! Just one day of instruction and I've learned so much! I can only imagine what a four day course consists of in any of the courses offered. I can't wait to come back!
Travis Clayton, Graduate Student
Very simply, the Front Sight, Free Submachine Gun course is top-notch. You will learn more in one free training day than any number of days at the range. These guys are rock-solid professionals!
Ron Glenn, Glenn Security Systems
If you want to keep The Second Amendment alive, go see the people and the attitude that will make it happen and then spread the word. At the same time have a blast learning to properly handle submachine gun for free!
Ron Welch, Cabinet Maker
This is the most comprehensive day of firearms training I have ever experienced in 35 years of competitive shooting. I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Front Sight. The organization is very professional and the instructors are the best I have seen in one group.
Carol English, Real Estate Agent
I figured we would sit through a huge real estate presentation, then up to the firing line for a quick demo on the gun and a few short bursts on full auto. Instead, we received a full, one day course, plus breakfast, plus lunch, plus all the ammo and the guns free! And no real estate presentation. The instructors are true professionals. These guys know their stuff. They demonstrate the highest competence and were all extremely articulate in conveying the information, plus I felt they were truly interested in my learning and improving my skills while having a good time.
Ellwyn L. Laxson, Retired Fighter Pilot
Everything was First Class!
Todd Matthews, Internet Commerce
You covered everything completely. Way above my expectations!!! It was the most comprehensive class, the best firearms training I ever had; far better than even my military training.
Debra Teal, Housewife
I came because my husband insisted. I expected not to enjoy myself because I did not feel competent enough to do this and was really apprehensive. But what I found is that the instructors were so patient and encouraging. I was like the little engine that said, 'I think I can, I think I can-I know I can!' You don't have to be an expert to attend this course. It is as enjoyable for a novice like myself as it is to shooters of all skill levels. Don't be intimidated. Try it!
William Haller, Project Manager
Front Sight is the best firearms training available. Front Sight has made me feel more comfortable with a weapon than the last three previous instructions I have had.
Bryan Hyde, Radio Personality
Your institute is a shining example of professionalism, leadership, and common sense. I have never attended a class that I did not come away from better in every sense as a firearms owner and shooter. Your staff is personable, credible, and knowledgeable.
Cameron Hansen, School Teacher
If it were possible to improve upon perfection, you have done it! I attended in October and was awestruck, and this time it was even better. I like how the facility continues to improve as well as the improved teaching techniques. Having each instructor specialize in a portion of the instruction is an outstanding teaching technique. It gives the student a variety of personalities and teaching styles. I tell everyone about this incredible place!
Keith Owen, Martial Arts Instructor
This was very, very, very professional training. I'm a martial arts instructor and I learned a lot about teaching and being professional from the staff at Front Sight.
John Lowenbruck, Tile and Marble Contractor
The instructors at Front Sight are larger than life. Anything I can tell you about the course really won't do it justice until you come and see for yourself.
James R. Morris, Human Resource Coordinator
Front Sight is the most progressive step I have ever seen toward bringing responsible gun ownership into a light that even Sarah Brady could not say anything bad about. The instructors are professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and fun.
Daryl Okayama, Firearms Instructor
The instruction is top notch, concise, and clear. To offer this type of instruction to civilians is brilliant and it is such a good deal because it is absolutely 100% no-strings-attached FREE! Where can you get that type of value? You can't even buy this kind of training at most of the other shooting schools. Front Sight is the most positive, professional training experience that I have ever attended.
Kamie Blake, Homemaker
A lot of women are afraid of guns. Coming to a course at Front Sight will teach you how to be more confident with weapons and yourself. You will know how to defend yourself and those you love.
Dewey Winstead, USAF Medical Technician
Very professional, yet fun loving instructional staff. I was especially pleased to meet Dr. piazza and see him taking the time to help instruct in the class.
Robert Tonachio, Insurance Marketing
The course was excellent, well planned, exceptional. The instructors were all very professional. This is an outstanding opportunity to participate in an outstanding program.
Donna DeHaan, Professional Keyboard Artist
I was glad I came! As a 61 year old grandmother, I was truly impressed by the professionalism, patience, and hospitality of the whole staff. Everyone was exceptionally friendly. Go see for yourself. It is an incredible opportunity. Give yourself an educational, enlightening experience.
Laura Cheney, Homemaker
As a beginner, I found my learning curve to be straight up. The course pace was fast enough to push the student yet allowed time to digest all the material. I found the instructors to be very professional, knowledgeable, extremely competent, alert, and helpful at all times. I appreciate that they were not patronizing or condescending to me because I am a woman. The course was challenging and fun!
Harold Todd, Fireman
The most pleasurable shooting experience I have ever had since shooting my first shots with Dad over forty years ago. Front Sight will be the Mecca of the shooting sport training profession. All of the instructors were of the highest caliber. Professional, courteous, and knowledgeable--the best I have ever seen. The Front Sight course in submachine gun is the best one day event any shooter can experience!
Melissa B., Registered Nurse
I had an absolute blast and learned a great deal about how to control a submachine gun properly. The instructors were outstanding and very patient even with novices like myself.
Jami Armstrong, Controller
It was a great experience for me. Since I never had shot any gun before I was a little nervous about taking this course, but the staff made me feel very comfortable and it turned out to be a lot of fun.
Robert Tippit, Police Firearms Instructor
Fantastic! Stupendous! Every time I step foot on Front Sight property I learn something new. As a firearms instructor, I have found that the most knowledgeable and dedicated instructor cadre in the business can be found at Front Sight. When I am asked about other training schools, the first words out of my mouth are Front Sight!
Charles Haase, Economics Professor
This is the most fun and most instructive day I have spent in a very long time. All of Front Sight's instructors are professional and well spoken, delivering their lessons with crispness and precision. The submachine gun course was interesting, educational, and most importantly, a lot of fun!
Carol Hill, Artist
Impressive!!! I was a little nervous at first, but the course was so well choreographed that I soon became at ease. I really enjoyed myself and came away feeling competent that I could handle myself with an Uzi submachine gun! I can't say enough about the instructors. I would rather travel to Las Vegas than attend courses locally.
Irlene Mandrell, Entertainer
If you get a chance to take this class at any price, it would be great. All the instructors were very professional and fun to be around. Don't miss the chance to take this class for free. You will not only learn more about shooting, but more about life and how to save yours.
David Streck, Attorney
Absolutely fantastic! I cannot think of any ways to improve upon such an amazing course.
Elliot Grossman, Attorney at Law
Although I've been a gun owner for many years, it shocks me to think about how little I knew about properly shooting a handgun before starting a Front Sight. Thank you Dr. Piazza and Front Sight instructors! I highly recommend your school for anyone from the first-time shooter to the long-time gun owner and experienced shooter. The instruction and teaching methodology is excellent. The instructors are personable and friendly and the atmosphere is supportive.
Dr. Scott J. Heun, Chiropractor
Front Sight is without a doubt, the finest school of any kind I have ever attended!
Gilbert Onaka M.D., Physician
Front Sight is the finest instructional firearms school in the U.S. bar none. The instructional staff made for a wonderful learning experience. Truly a class act.
Matt Stone, Police Sergeant
Front Sight's training has prepared me for a 1st Place finish in a gun fight.
David Kapler, Fire Chief
This is the best instruction available on all aspects of using a weapon for self defense legal as well as tactical. The classroom instruction was the best I have ever had.
Cameron Hansen, Teacher
The Front Sight organization will improve your shooting and weapons handling skill. It is incredibly awesome! It is a thrill to shoot, but better than that, you will walk away with a greater confidence in yourself that you likely will not find anywhere else.
Richard Besocke, Teacher
If you own a firearm, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones, and the general public to be trained and prepared to in the use of your weapon. Front Sight is THE organization to provide the training.
Doug Whittaker, Police Officer
The instructors at Front Sight were the best weapons instructors I've ever dealt with. Knowledgeable, fun, and always willing to help. Thanks!
Lt. Colonel Charles S. McDonald, USAF
The excellent instruction I received today exceeds all the weapons training I experienced in 24 years of active military service. I salute Dr. Piazza and the Front Sight staff.
Beatrice Harrold, Captain, US Naval Reserves
As an OIC (Officer in Charge) of a Naval Reserve Fleet Hospital Detachment, I am confident that should I be recalled to active duty and need to handle a weapon, I could do so with the confidence and solid foundation built by Front Sight. You guys are head and shoulders above the industry standard. Thank you for awakening me!
Mike Docherty, Police Detective
This is the third course I have taken at Front Sight and I will be back for more.
Lesa, Student
Excellent staff. Everyone is so helpful. Never once was I made to feel dumb when I made a mistake. The staff is very professional with corrections and suggestions on how to do it better.
Kristine Scott, Homemaker
I've been shooting for about 13 years and it's amazing how much my skills have improved in just two days.
Viktoria Hawkins, Associate at Home Depot
It will give you a better understanding of the whole shooting process and really help you to see the gun as a tool, not something to be afraid of!

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