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Front Sight Testimonial

Beatrice and John Harrold
Nurse and Police Inspector
Copper First Family Members

Video Transctiption:

Beatrice and John Harrold

John: I came to Front Sight and brought my two older sons at the time, sixteen and fourteen, for a one day course. As a long time police officer I was stunned at the training that I got. Literally, my mouth was hanging open. I wound up calling my wife and talking to her about becoming First Family Members for us family members. And we discussed it over the phone.

Beatrice: I thought it was a wonderful decision because even though he had been a police officer for many years and had weapons around the house when our children were small, I was afraid to touch it and pick it up. After the training we received here at Front Sight I realized that weapons don't kill people. People kill people. Weapons don't do anything to people any more than cameras cause pornography or knives can hurt someone in the operating room. It's people that operate the tools. I learned a great deal here to help save my family if need be. So being a non combatant as a nurse, I have learned so much here at Front Sight. It's the best decision we've ever made.

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