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PrairieFire Nevada FAQs

PrairieFire Nevada FAQs

After going through US Bankruptcy Court, PrairieFire has completed its acquisition of Front Sight. The facility is now under completely new management and ownership. Here are some frequently asked questions:

Is Ignatius Piazza in any way involved with the Front Sight or PrairieFire Nevada business?
No. Front Sight is under completely new management and ownership.

Is my membership the exact same as it was before under Front Sight ownership?
As part of the bankruptcy process, the US Bankruptcy court terminated all former Front Sight memberships. Legacy Front Sight members are very important to PrairieFire. As a result, legacy Front Sight members will be offered special access and benefits.

As stated in the Plan of Reorganization approved by the bankruptcy court, every current Front Sight Member will become a PrairieFire Frontier Member for two years at no cost. This membership will allow members to continue many of the activities they enjoy today at Front Sight. It includes access to unlimited shooting on two dedicated ranges with basic instruction. We want to give every legacy Front Sight member a chance to evaluate PrairieFire and decide whether they want to be a part of our exciting future without incurring any costs.

Long-term, the PrairieFire Frontier Membership will only cost a one-time initiation fee of $200 and a $200 annual membership fee. Legacy Front Sight members will have their initiation fee waived if they convert to becoming paying members prior to the expiration of the free two-year membership.

Are Front Sight Bucks, Coins, Gifted Memberships, and other similar Front Sight benefits still valid?
No. As a part of the US Bankruptcy Court proceedings all those and similar features were voided.

Does my legacy account information still work at
Yes. Your login credentials are still active at Members can sign up for courses through that site as usual. The voided features (e.g., bucks, coins etc.) have been removed from member accounts per the direction of the US Bankruptcy Court. They can no longer be used to purchase products or services at Front Sight.

When can new members join?
In early 2023 we will launch our PrairieFire Nevada membership program. At that time information will be provided for how new members can join. All legacy Front Sight members will be offered a PrairieFire Frontier Membership for two years at no cost.

Why will PrairieFire Nevada be formally launched in early 2023?
PrairieFire has taken over operations of the former Front Sight facility in Pahrump, Nevada. Now granted its initial access to the business, PrairieFire will implement a four-month transition plan. This interim period will be necessary for conducting critical tasks before formally launching PrairieFire Nevada. Until then, we are pleased to continue offering Legacy Front Sight members many of the preexisting training courses and benefits.

What are some of the long-term plans for PrairieFire Nevada?
The development of PrairieFire Nevada is a long-term activity. Future phases will include further range development; introduction of additional guns ranges; a member's club house; gun storage and gunsmithing services; dining options, and eventually, lodging via its sister company, Stagecoach Outpost.

Stagecoach Outpost plans to invest heavily in the location's real estate, lodging, and hospitality assets. Our vision is to establish Stagecoach Outpost as the American destination for those who want a bold, adventure-seeking lifestyle. Stagecoach residents and guests will be able to live the outdoor experience while enjoying modern amenities and an assortment of housing options that cater to all types of adventure seekers.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Our Support Team is standing by to answer any questions. They can be reached at or 702.837.7433.