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From: Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
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Before I reveal the Biggest Secret in the Firearms Training Industry I want to let you know that at the end of this e-mail I have arranged for several law enforcement officers—who put their lives on the line every day— to tell you straight up, why they train at Front Sight. So now that you know the Cops are Waiting for You at the end of this e-mail… please enjoy The Biggest Secret in the Firearms Training Industry!

From the first firearms training course I attended in 1989 to successfully completing my Four Weapons Combat Master certification in 1993 to opening Front Sight in 1996, I personally spent well over $50,000 on firearms training!

One of the greatest training techniques I mastered during this period is also the biggest secret in the firearms training industry and although Front Sight would make much more money by not telling you this, I want to share it with you so you don’t make the same mistakes I did in my early days of training.

The vast majority— again approaching 99%— of all gun owners think that you must shoot a lot to improve your skills. They believe that shooting thousands of rounds per week (in some cases per day) is the key to dramatically improving your speed and accuracy. You’ll even hear students and instructors (NOT from Front Sight) bragging about how many rounds they shot in a particular course. I know, because at one time, I was one of those students! I didn’t know any better at the time and unfortunately most instructors in the industry still don’t know any better.

It was only after I began the journey of seriously training with all four weapons— handgun, shotgun, rifle and submachine gun— in a quest to become the second man in the world to certify as a Four Weapons Combat Master that I had the opportunity to discover the value and importance of the firearms training industry’s biggest secret. It is called… Dry Practice.

Dry Practice is a training technique— using an unloaded weapon— that gives you three, very important results:

  1. Repetitive Dry Practice engrains the proper gross neuromuscular pathways so you become smoother and faster in your gun handling skills such as Presentation from the Holster, Malfunction Clearances, Reloading etc.
  2. Repetitive Dry Practice engrains the proper fine neuromuscular pathways needed for perfect Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, and Trigger Control.
  3. Repetitive Dry Practice replaces the natural reflex to anticipate muzzle blast and recoil when the weapon fires, with a perfect surprise trigger break, thus preventing Pre-ignition Push, Heeling, Trigger Mash, Flinch, etc. and helps you develop the consistency and precision of a well oiled, shooting machine!

In other words, every time you present your weapon and press the trigger with a live round in the chamber, there is a big bang and a push. Reflexively you will naturally begin to anticipate and prepare yourself for the bang and push, creating numerous bad habits that affect your marksmanship. The More You Shoot (as in hundreds of rounds in a single day) The More You Engrain These Bad Habits and the longer it takes to remove them.

Perfect and repeated Dry Practice makes for a perfectly smooth and fast presentation, perfect sight alignment, and perfect trigger control—and that creates the ability to deliver a live shot with the speed and precision you only see in action adventure movies—but with you it will be real!

Without a doubt, 99% of the people reading this report right now have problems with their trigger control due to shooting too much! I know it sounds hard to believe, but we will prove it to you with a very simple drill (another Front Sight Secret) on the morning of the first day, of your first Front Sight course and we will continue working with you to restore your trigger control to perfection.

We also prove the importance of Dry Practice several times in our courses by scoring the last in a series of live fire drills; then Dry Practicing the same drill briefly; then shooting the drill live for score again. Students see immediately that the brief Dry Practice improved their scores immensely!

You see, shooting does not make you better. Dry Practice Makes You Better and shooting simply validates the proper Dry Practice you have done.

I know it sounds too good to be true! A training drill that dramatically improves your skills; that you can practice in your garage; that requires no ammunition; and is free of charge for the rest of your life? Can’t be true!

Believe me it is true! When I trained for my Four Weapons Combat Master certification I Dry Practiced with all four weapons three hours per day (in the living room of my home) for five consecutive days and then validated the dry practice I had done with live fire drills at a shooting range on the sixth day. I then repeated the process each week until I felt I was ready to test for certification. Dry Practice was 95% of my training regime and the reason why I was able to become the second man in the world to pass this extremely difficult test of gun handling, speed and marksmanship.

HOWEVER, I MUST WARN YOU: Only perfect dry practice makes perfect. You can practice crap for 20 years and all you will ever become is a Crap Master! You need to know the proper training techniques in order to dry practice perfectly.

Fortunately, Front Sight has developed a 112 Page Dry Practice Manual, complete with photos and descriptions of all the techniques we teach in our Four Day Defensive Handgun Curriculum. Although this manual is no substitute for the world class training you will experience in a Front Sight course, it will show you the proper techniques to dry practice perfectly and get you started in the right direction, saving you time and money by preventing you from engraining any more bad habits.

I hope you have enjoyed learning the Biggest Secret in the Firearms Training Industry. We have so much more to share with you when you attend courses with us at Front Sight. But again, don’t take my word for it, to watch what the real professionals— who put their lives on the line every day— have to say about Front Sight and order your Dry Practice Manual today, simply click on: The Cops are Waiting for You. (If you order your Dry Practice Manual today, shipping is free!)

Front Sight will make an equally impressive impact on you too. I am sure of it. In fact, Front Sight will more than satisfy your expectations or I will pay for your training. You have my personal guarantee.

Watch for Message # 4 from me in a couple days where we have some fun watching a sizzle reel of our 26 episode Reality TV series, Front Sight Challenge that airs later this year and I tell you some of the inside scoop about it—plus how you can be on the show!

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I look forward to seeing you at Front Sight!

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight Founder and Director

P.S. I hope you are beginning to see what I mean when I say that before I would ever ask you to purchase a course or membership from us, Front Sight wants to develop a life long relationship with you by earning your trust and respect and proving to you that we place your interests above our own personal gain. So much so, I am going to give you information later in this series of special reports— that if you adopt as your own— will save your life even if you never attend a course with us. So please enjoy these special reports as much as I enjoy sending them to you!

P.P.S. Order your 112 Page Dry Practice Manual, complete with photos and descriptions of all the techniques we teach in our Four Day Defensive Handgun Curriculum.

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If you missed the link above to watch what law enforcement professionals— who put their lives on the line every day— have to say about Front Sight and order your Dry Practice Manual today click now on: The Cops are Waiting for You.

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