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Front Sight's Legal Plan
Solving Problems 2 & 3...and so much MORE!

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has teamed up Legal Shield, the nation's premier provider of legal coverage. With almost 7,000 attorneys nationwide, Legal Shield protects you and your family from a wide array of legal issues. Legal Shield handles all of the routine, daily legal issues we all face. Such things as legal advice, traffic citations, and even civil lawsuits are no longer a cause for worry. Furthermore, Legal Shield protects you from the big, scary, traumatic events in life. Legal Shield is ready to serve 24/7 if you ever face a major, traumatic event such as:

  • Gunfight
  • Arrested
  • Detained
  • Served with a warrant
  • The state is trying to take your child
  • Serious injury

With Legal Shield, when the chips are down, you don't call some attorney who might get back to you tomorrow, or the next day! You call the Emergency Access Line at Legal Shield and speak to a legitimate attorney RIGHT NOW. For $24.95 per month, you and your family can take comfort in knowing your potential legal issues are covered, 24/7, no matter where you are when you need your legal team.

Watch Brad Ackman describe the value and benefits of Legal Shield coverage in the video below. See for yourself the incredible coverage provided by the Family Legal Plan and the Gun Owners Supplement in the PDF descriptions below. Still have questions about which Legal Shield plan is right for you and your family? Call Mr. Bill Monroe, Front Sight's Legal Shield Liaison, who will personally answer your questions and assist you in getting enrolled today!

Protect yourself and your family with the combination of Front Sight Training and Legal Shield coverage. You'll be glad you did!

Legal Shield Family Legal Plan

ID Shield Identity Theft Protection

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Contact Mr. Bill Monroe, Front Sight's Legal Shield Liaison

Legal Plan Descriptions

Supplement Descriptions

Identity Shield Plans


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Front Sight's Legal Plan Solving Problems 2 & 3...and MORE!

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