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What Kind of Handgun are You?

What Kind of Handgun Are You?

Carefully answer the personality questions below to find out what kind of handgun you are most like:

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1. What would you rather do?
Go to the races
Go to the Opera

2. What would you rather wear?
Jeans and a polo shirt
Suit and tie

3. Where do you prefer to eat?
At home
In a restaurant

4. Which vehicle would you want to drive daily?
Four Door Sedan
Pick-up Truck

5. Which sports car would you want to own?

6. Which action adventure hero do you prefer?
Indiana Jones
James Bond

7. Which actress do you prefer?
Hillary Swank
Angelina Jolie

8. What job best suits you?
School teacher
Stock broker

9. If given the choice what would you do tomorrow?
Go to work
Go to church

10. What sport do you enjoy most?

11. Who would you like to have as a best friend?
A cop
A Senator

12. Which dinner meal would you prefer?
Ribeye Steak
Fried chicken

13. Which lunch would you prefer?

14. Which breakfast would you prefer?
Ham and eggs
Cereal and milk

15. Who would you rather be stranded on an island with?
Martha Stewart
Paris Hilton

16. If you had a choice of vacations which would you choose?
Taking a cruise
Visiting family

17. Who would you most like to spend the day with?
The President of the United States
The Playboy Playmate of the Year

18. When a movie is over what do you do?
Leave the theatre
Watch the credits

19. What best describes you?

20. If someone asked you for $20 for food what would you do?
Give them the 20 dollars
Tell them to get a job

21. Who would you rather see your son marry?
An attorney
A nurse

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22. Who would you rather see your daughter marry?
A firefighter
A businessman

23. Who would you rather marry?
An entertainer
A civil servant

24. What social function do you prefer?
Barbecue with small group of friends
Party with large group of acquaintances

25. How would a friend best characterize you?
Powerful and intimidating
Strong but not overbearing