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Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director,
Four Weapons
Combat Master

America’s Gun Training Destination: Largest and Most Prestigious Gun Range in the United States

I'm Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Founder and Director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

My hundreds of thousands of students, who travel from all across America to train at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute call me the "Millionaire Patriot" because for the last two decades I have continually provided millions of dollars in amazing benefits to encourage every law abiding citizen, from every town and city in America, to secure the Comfort of Skill at Arms for the protection of themselves, their families, and their local communities.

You see, I believe that we can positively change the image of gun ownership in America during our lifetimes and protect our great United States from all enemies—foreign and domestic—by instilling safe, ethical and responsible gun handling skills in law abiding citizens from every town and city across America (even new gun owners!) to levels that far exceed law enforcement and military standards and we can do it without any boot camp mentality or drill instructor attitudes from our certified instructors.

I believe this so much that I created Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, and built a world class gun training facility capable of training thousands of citizens each day, for this sole purpose. It's why I have trained our own range safety officers and firearm instructors to levels that far exceed SWAT, Military, or NRA training courses. I want YOU armed and trained, and I back up my words with my wallet.

Our basic firearms training covers NRA gun safety rules and the Three Secrets (sight alignment, site picture, and trigger control), to help create a positive environment that oushines any NRA training department of your local gun range. Our Instructor Training department develops range safety officers and certified firearm instructors that surpass the National Rifle Association qualifications, and enable Front Sight to teach advanced tactical firearms training courses to SWAT, Military, and everyday citizens too.

Want proof from pro gun leaders across the United States? See what Alan Gottlieb, the founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, has to say about Front Sight:

   Second Amendment Foundation endorses Front Sight

Want more proof? Here's what Tim Schmidt, the Founder of the United States Concealed Carry Association, has to say about Front Sight:

 Second Amendment Foundation endorses Front Sight

Want more proof? Here's what Joseph Farah, the Editor and CEO of World Net Daily, has to say about Front Sight:

 Joseph Farah endorses Front Sight

Want more proof?

Well, here are three icons of the pro-gun movement that will tell you I speak the truth:

Click Here to Play Video of 3 Pro-Gun Icons Talk About Front Sight

Aaron Zelman
Founder & Director:
Jews for the Preservation of
Firearms Ownership
Larry Pratt
Executive Director
Gun Owners of America
Tanya Metaksa
Former Executive Director
NRA Institute for Legislative Action


Want more proof?

Here's just a sample of the tens of thousands of ethical, responsible shooters, the students that Front Sight trains each year... watch and read what they have to say at Front Sight Student Testimonials.

Click Here to View Front Sight Testimonials

Dr. Alan & Linda West Myers
Physician & Museum Director
Lt. Bob Redmond, Ret.
S.W.A.T. Commander
Beatrice & John Harrold
Nurse & Police Inspector


Want even tougher proof?

There is nothing tougher than the news media and Front Sight has received the most positive news media coverage in the history of firearms ownership. See Front Sight In The News

Front Sight Firearms Training in the News


So Here is My First Gift to You!
30 Free Gun Training Reports


These gun training reports share the same gun training tips, secrets, and life-saving lecture material that students travel across the country and pay $2,000 or more to receive. My website advertisement below says 15 Gun Training Reports, but I wrote an additional 15 reports to continue giving more and more so you are going to get 30 reports.


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Here is My Second Gift to You!
My Telly Award Winning, Hollywood-Produced DVD
Front Sight Story, Chapter One: Your Legacy


I spent over $300,000 on this award-winning 90-minute DVD to share with you Front Sight's proven strategy and our ongoing, successful tactics to positively change the image of gun ownership and restore the Second Amendment in our lifetimes.

Believe me-- IT IS WORKING!

At this rate of growth, we will soon surpass the NRA which means you and I really can positively change the image of gun ownership in our lifetimes so order my FREE Front Sight DVD and 2009 Brochure by simply entering your name and address below.


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See You at Front Sight!

You will find that once you show me you are aligned with Front Sight's mission to positively change the image of gun ownership by taking advantage of my offers I provide you, I will provide you with even bigger and greater gifts to show my thanks for your support.


Ignatius Piazza

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director

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