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First Tactical

First Tactical®

First Tactical® is one of the world's leading innovators of tactical gear for Military, Law Enforcement Operators, and tactical consumers. They listen to the people in the field and design their gear accordingly. They are Front Sight's tactical apparel partner. Check their website for some great deals!




Front Sight has arranged special discounted pricing on all vehicles picked up at the Enterprise office located at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas during your stay at Front Sight. If you need to rent a car while you are training at Frontsight, go to the link below and reserve your vehicle with your Front Sight discount:


We highly recommend Blade-Tech holsters because of their quality of construction and ease of use.  Blade-Tech manufactures high quality kydex holsters of different carrying styles for the most common pistols out on the market.  They can also manufacture holsters for more specific weapons they do not have ready-made in stock.


AXIL, the maker of SportEAR

Both on the range and working through field problems, AXIL allows shooters to concentrate on excellence while enjoying complete hearing protection. AXIL SportEAR’s AutoBlocker™ technology protects ears from damaging noise like gunfire, or other intense impulse sounds. Reducing the impact on your eardrums protects your hearing when firing a shot, allowing for more accurate targeting and shooting. At the same time, overall hearing is greatly enhanced for safety, while on-range or shooting with companions. Whether you are training, competition shooting or just sighting in, SportEAR provides a real advantage for shooters.  SportEAR 100% digital devices are specifically designed with sound wave compression algorithms that protect ears from damaging noise and muzzle blast percussion.  The circuitry is designed to AMPLIFY sound waves generally under 80-110 decibels (dB’s), while COMPRESSING sound waves over 80-110 dB down to safer levels.

Fort Knox Vault

Fort Knox Vaults

Fort Knox Vaults has a complete line of customizable safes to fit your need.  You will be offered a discount on their products while you are attending a course at Front Sight!  After the lecture on the evening of Day 1, if you desire more information, a Fort Knox representative will be present to tell you about their Front Sight specific safes, answer any questions you have, and go over the different pricing options available to you.

Legal Shield

Legal Shield

Everyone deserves affordable legal and identity theft protection. Including you. No matter how traumatic or trivial your situation, we are here to help. Unexpected legal and identity theft issues arise every day. With LegalShield on your side, you have the power to access legal and identity theft advice and services when you need them, all for one low monthly fee.


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