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Required Equipment

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For ALL courses:

A notepad and pen are recommended for the classroom lectures.


All factory installed safety devices on your weapons must be functional

All handguns with external Safeties: Safety must be operable by the firing side thumb. No exceptions.


PraireFire NV strongly recommends complying with all Federal, State, County, and City Laws regarding transportation of weapons and ammunition.


Each student is required to bring a legally-owned weapon in safe operating condition.  A spare weapon is highly recommended in the event that your primary weapon breaks during the course.  It is not uncommon during the course of four days of training to have 15% of the weapons fail to function for a variety of reasons.  These failures often require replacement parts and a competent gunsmith to correct the problems; therefore it is best to be prepared with a back-up weapon.


  • Hearing Protection:

PrairieFire NV mandates that all students and staff wear electronic hearing protection.  Standard ear muffs or foam ear plugs are NOT sufficient.  Electronic hearing protection amplifies voices and ambient sounds so they are easily heard.  When shots are fired, the electronic circuitry shuts out the gunfire.  The ability to clearly hear the range commands helps ensure safety and promotes maximum learning.  Electronic hearing protection can be purchased at all sporting goods stores and gun shops.  Similarly, the PraireFire NV Pro Shop offers for sale or rent electronic muffs.  Electronic hearing protection is mandatory!

hearing protection


  • Eye Protection:

Each student must wear wrap-around eye protection while on or near the firing range and tactical training simulators.  Most prescription glasses are not sufficient.  Your safety glasses must be wrap around and impact resistant.


eye protection


  • You will need a hat with a brim. (We have generic hats available on the range.)
  • Knee and elbow pads are recommended for all long gun (shotgun, rifle) courses and advanced courses.
  • Correctly fitted holsters (see Recommended Handgun for more information) and magazine pouches are required for all courses using a handgun.
  • Slings are mandatory for long guns
  • A flashlight (a simple model with a pressure on/off button on the endcap) is required for all courses which have a night shoot