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Pro Shop


Contact Info

  • Website: Pro Shop
  • Email:
  • Phone: (702) 837-7433 (Pro Shop and Gun Repair)
  • Hours: The Pro Shop is open for students currently attending a course from when the gate opens in the morning until 5:30. For visitors, from 8:00 to 4:45. The Pro Shop staff is at lunch from 11:15 to 12:30, except on Mondays and Thursdays, when they are at lunch from 10:15 to 11:30. If a class is not in session, the Pro Shop is CLOSED.


  • Reserving Your Rental Equipment

Reserve your rental gun and/or equipment at least 14 days before your course by clicking on the Pro Shop link below

    • If you reserved gun rental kits or gear for your course, print and bring your confirmation e-mail with you as you go through the Sign-In process.


  • Equipment Purchases

The Pro Shop stocks items commonly needed by our students such as holsters, magazine pouches, etc.


  • Clothing and Range Accessories

The Pro Shop has a selection of hats, pants, t-shirts and other items for sale.


  • Lost, Missing or Incorrect Course Certificates

If you need a replacement or corrected Course Completion certificate, or for some reason you didn’t receive one at the end of your course, please contact the Pro Shop staff in person while you’re here or via their email address below. They will verify your course completion date and certificate level and re-print a replacement certificate for you. If you contacted them by email, they will email a PDF copy to you and then send the hard copy in the mail.


Armorer’s Connex (on Range 2)


  • Weapons Accessories

The armorer’s connex on Range 2 contains accessories for your weapon such as slings, magazines, sights, etc. The armorers can also assist you with adjusting triggers, installing parts and trouble-shooting problems while you are here taking a course.



COLT_1911 silh.jpg


Trigger Tune-Up $55.00

Grip Safety Installed Labor Only $45.00

Extractor Fit and Installed Labor Only $30.00

Hammer and Sear Installed Labor Only $45.00

Thumb Safety or Ambidextrous Safety Installed Labor Only $45.00


Glock 17 Silh.png

Trigger Tune-Up $40.99

New Sights Installed Labor Only $30.00

Extended Slide Stop Installed $34.99

Extended Magazine Release Gen 1-3 Installed $29.99

Extended Magazine Release Gen 4 Installed $39.99



m&p silh.jpg

New Sights Installed Labor Only $35.00

M&P Trigger Tune-Up APEX .45 DCAEK $159.99

M&P Trigger Tune-Up APEX 9/40 DCAEK $169.99

M&P Trigger Tune-Up APEX Forward Set $239.99

M&P Shield Trigger Tune-Up APEX $139.99



XD Silh.jpg

XD Powder River Trigger Kit 9/40/45 Installed $174.99

XDM Powder River Trigger Kit 9/40/45 Installed $174.99

New Sights Installed XD/XDM Under 4” Labor Only $35.00

New Sights Installed XD/XDM Over 4” Labor Only $45.00

Extended Slide Stop for XD Installed $69.99

Extended Magazine Release 9/40/45 Installed $69.99



Shotgun silh.jpg

Shotgun Shell Carrier Installed Labor Only $25.00

Shotgun Single Point Attachment (Pump) Labor Only $20.00

Shotgun Single Point Attachment (Semi-Auto) Labor Only $25.00

Shotgun Stock or Forend Installed Labor Only $20.00



AR15 silh.jpg

AR-15 Ambidextrous Safety Switch Installed $99.99

AR-15 New Grip Installed Labor Only $5.00

AR-15 B.A.D. Lever Installed $49.99

AR-15 Gas Tube Replacement Labor Only $30.00

AR-15 Trigger Pin Anti-Walk Kit Installed Labor Only $20.00

AR-15 Optic Leveling Labor Only $15.00

AR-15 Single Point Attachment Labor Only $20.00

AR-15 Stock Installed Labor Only $20.00

AR-15 Tactical Latch Installed Labor Only $15.00

AR-15 Trigger Installed Labor Only $20.00

AR-15 Reduced-Power Trigger Job $69.99

In addition to the services listed, the Gun Repair and Sales department also offers a wide variety of parts, magazines, slings, attachments, and other accessories for purchase, including the following brands and items:

Burris optics

Magpul stocks, slings, forends, sights, etc.

Midwest Industries iron sights, quick-release sling mounts, quad rails, etc.

Troy sights, floating forends, etc.

Wilson Combat 1911 parts and magazines

Kellan wireless weapon-mounted light systems

Magazines Springfield, Glock



  • Under no circumstances will we create a trigger less than 4 lbs.
  • Prices for “Labor Only” services do not include parts. Customer must provide or purchase parts when choosing “Labor Only” services.
  • Services are provided on a First-Come-First-Served basis.
  • Front Sight credits and membership discounts do not apply to Gun Repair parts or services.
  • Nevada sales tax (7.6%) will apply to all parts purchases.
  • Additional parts and services available. Please inquire in Gun Repair and Sales department.


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