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Important Information

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Do (before you leave home):

  • If you are bringing your own weapon, ensure you are familiar with the material contained in your weapon’s Owner’s Manual.  (Nomenclature, disassembly and reassembly procedures, etc.)
  • Reserve your rental equipment at least 14 days before your course using this link: Pro Shop
    • If you reserved gun rental kits or gear for your course, print and bring your confirmation e-mail with you as you go through the Sign-In process and get to the Rental Office on Range 6.
  • Contact the Ammo Bunker to pre-order your ammunition. 
  • The Pro Shop carries a limited selection and supply of products.  Contact us via e-mail in advance to verify availability at
  • You can bring your own food to your course, or you can contact the Concierge Department for other options that may be available to you.
  • If you are a First Family member, bring your membership card.
  • Schedule your courses appropriately.
  • Bring wrap-around, impact-resistant safety glasses.  Standard prescription glasses are usually not sufficient.
  • Bring electronic hearing protection or plan to purchase from Axil or rent from the Pro Shop Rentals connex on Range 6.  Electronic hearing protection is mandatory.



  • Don’t try to enroll in a course that is less than 14 days away.
    • If it is less than 14 days out, you must call (702) 837-7433 to see if there are any openings available.  An additional fee will apply if you are enrolled less than 14 days out from the course start date.
  • Don’t try to enroll in an advanced-level course if you have not met the prerequisite(s).
  • Don’t just assume you are enrolled.  If you have not received a confirmation e-mail, contact our administrative office.  Don’t just “show up” at PrairieFire NV because you will get turned away.
  • Don’t ask to switch courses once you arrive at PrairieFire NV.
  • Don’t attempt to get into a CCW if you haven’t just finished a 2-Day Handgun course.  A handgun course taken more than a week earlier doesn’t qualify.  Other courses and other weapons don’t qualify.
  • Don’t ask to start a course after it has begun.  You must start your course no later than 8:00 on the very first morning.  If you have a conflict, we will gladly reschedule you for a later course.
  • Don’t miss your course without letting us know.  We have reserved a spot for you.  We appreciate knowing if your schedule has changed.
  • Don’t arrive the day before your course and ask for a tour.  If you want to drive out to PrairieFire NV to determine travel time, no problem.  However, please turn around at the front gate and don’t come onto the property.  You will see everything the next morning when your course starts. Staff is tied up working with the students who are already onsite and training. The Pro Shop will be open as soon as the gate opens in the morning, as well as the Ammo Bunker.
  • Don’t bring inappropriate ammunition.  This is a common mistake.  No steel jacketed or steel core ammo of any kind is allowed.  No reloaded or remanufactured ammunition of any kind are allowed.
  • Don’t assume the Ammo Bunker will have the ammunition you need in stock; check to see if you can reserve (purchase) it 14 days in advance.
  • Don’t bring a Blackhawk Serpa holster or one of similar design with a trigger guard retention device.
  • Don’t bring a ‘thigh-rig’ type holster.  They are not allowed in ANY course we offer.
  • Don’t bring a single-action revolver.  Double-action revolvers only please.
  • Don't bring an over/under or side-by-side shotgun to the TACTICAL Shotgun course.
  • Don't bring a "rifle" chambered for a handgun round. That is not a rifle!
  • Don’t bring your dog or other pets.  Unless you have a service dog which is actually working, please leave your pets at home.  We will ask you to take the dog home or to a kennel.
  • Don’t ask to camp on PrairieFire NV property, use electricity, use water, etc.  You may camp outside our property if you are completely self-sufficient.
  • Don’t drive away from your hotel with less than 1/3 tank of gas.
  • Don’t bring alcohol, drugs, or illegal weapons.
    • We should not have to say this, but NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED ON PRAIRIEFIRE NV PROPERTY. If you are caught with alcohol, or you smell of alcohol, you will be asked to leave. You will certainly not be training on one of our ranges.
  • Don’t arrive at PrairieFire NV intoxicated, hung over, or sick.  We will immediately ask you to leave.
  • Don’t bring an ATV or ‘four-wheeler’ for recreational use during your class.
  • Don’t bring a “Pocket Pistol” which is defined by PrairieFire NV as any handgun smaller than a Glock 26 (roughly 6.4" slide length and 4.2" frame height). Calibers such as .25, .32, or .380 generally signify that weapon as a pocket pistol.
  • Unattended minors are NOT allowed on the property.  They must be escorted by a parent or guardian at all times or be enrolled in an appropriate course.


Student Code of Conduct:

The PrairieFire NV instructional staff operates by a code of conduct which we use as a benchmark to gauge our efforts.  Similarly, we ask our student to adhere to the PrairieFire NV Student Code of Conduct.  It is very straightforward, contains only two elements, and is relatively easy to achieve.

  • Obey the Four Universal Firearms Safety Rules.
  • Be respectful of your fellow students, the staff, and the facility.

Being respectful of your fellow students, the staff, and the facility is self-explanatory.  Regardless, here are some examples:

    • Please drive slowly for everyone’s safety – speed limit on the property is 10 mph (even if you’re running late)
    • If you are a smoker, please use the butt receptacles
    • Please put your cell phone on vibrate during classroom lectures
    • For everyone’s safety, drugs and alcohol are a disqualifier
    • To keep the facility clean, please throw away your trash, whether on the range or in the classroom


On-Site Phone Service:

  • PrairieFire NV does not have land line phone service but most cell phones work well.  If you would like to leave an emergency contact number with friends and family back home, please use (702) 837-7433.


On-Site Wi-Fi Service:

  • PrairieFire NV has ‘pay-as-you-go’ Wi-Fi service available for students at this time.  See the Pro Shop for more information.



  • PrairieFire NV has no designated camping area and no utility hook-ups (no water, electricity or dumping).  RV’s and tents must be off property and be self-contained.  The nearest place to dump or take on water would be Pahrump.


ATVs, 4-Wheelers, etc.

  • ATVs, 4-wheelers or other similar types of off-road vehicle used to get from your camping spot to your range are fine.  There is NO off-roading allowed on PrairieFire NV property or the adjacent BLM land.


Hours of Operation:

  • PrairieFire NV's regular courses generally run from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Additionally, some of our specialty courses may run a little longer because they have a night shoot which lasts about two hours after it gets dark.  The exact start time of the night shoot obviously depends on the time of year.


    • Courses WITH a Night Shoot

Handgun                                                       Shotgun

            2-Day Advanced Tactical Handgun         2-Day Advanced Tactical Shotgun

            2-Day Advanced Integrated Handgun

            2-Day Combined Tactical Scenarios                                Rifle

                                                                                    2-Day Advanced Practical Rifle


            4-Day Four Weapon Tactical


Shipping and Storage of Weapons and Ammunition:

  • PrairieFire NV is not able to store your weapon or ammunition at this time.  Therefore, PrairieFire NV cannot accept delivery of your weapon or ammunition or store your unused ammunition.  Please make the appropriate travel and shipping arrangements.


How do I transport my firearms on a commercial airliner?

  • It is very simple.  Bring your firearms to the airline ticket counter unloaded with actions open INSIDE your locked luggage.  Handguns must be in a locked hard case.  The “hard case” may either be the luggage itself (such as a Samsonite suitcase) or a handgun case inside of your soft luggage (such as a duffle bag).  Either way, the case containing the handgun must be locked.  Long guns (rifle and shotguns) are transported in a hard rifle case with lock.  Pelican makes an excellent product that allows a standard padlock to be applied.  When you arrive at the ticket counter, tell the agent you want to declare an unloaded firearm.  All airlines are a bit different in the form they have you fill out, but most will ask you to open the case and show them that the weapon is unloaded.  They will then place a copy of the declaration in your case with the firearm and staple another copy to your ticket jacket.  You then lock the case and they will place it on the baggage carrier to be transported to the aircraft.  No tag is placed on the outside of the luggage.  This was done in the past and encouraged theft.  Airlines have since abandoned this practice.  When you arrive at your destination, proceed to the Baggage Claim area.  Your luggage will arrive with all other passenger luggage on the luggage carousel.  If you are transporting a rifle or shotgun in a long gun case, the case may be hand carried, due to size or shape, to your airline’s Baggage Claim Office located in the Baggage Claim area.


  • Again, check with your airline to find out their rules.  General TSA guidelines to travelling with firearms and ammunition can be found here:


TSA – Travelling with Special Items


What about transporting ammunition?

  • Transportation of ammunition is allowed by the airlines.  However, they have weight and quantity limitations.  Each airline sets different limits.  Contact your airline to confirm any limitations.  We suggest that you contact them at least twice to confirm you are told the same information.  When transporting a handgun and ammunition, consider packing as follows:  Place the ammunition in the individual boxes of 50 across the bottom of your case, then place your clothes on top of the ammunition, and then place your handgun on top of the clothes.  This process visibly and physically separates the ammunition from the handgun.  When transporting a long gun, the long gun ammunition can be placed in the same fashion in your luggage case and the long gun is transported in a separate long gun case.


Where do I store my firearms?

  • PrairieFire NV recommends that you keep your firearms in your possession at all times.  When transporting weapons in your vehicle, keep firearms unloaded in an inconspicuous case, and locked in your trunk.  Similarly, keep firearms unloaded and in an inconspicuous case when transporting from your vehicle to your room.  DO NOT DISPLAY YOUR FIREARMS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  DO NOT CARRY FIREARMS THROUGH CASINOS.  USE PROPER DISCRETION AND COMMON SENSE AT ALL TIMES WHEN TRANSPORTING FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION.  DO NOT LEAVE FIREARMS IN YOUR HOTEL ROOM UNATTENDED.


Can I ship my firearms to PrairieFire NV?

  • PrairieFire NV cannot accept shipment of your firearms.  We recommend that you transport them to PrairieFire NV as described above.


Is there transportation from the hotels to PrairieFire NV?

  • Not at this time.  We recommend you rent a car.  The drive from Las Vegas Hotel Casinos is approximately 45-60 minutes.  The drive time from Pahrump Hotel Casinos is approximately 25 minutes.  Drive with caution as Highway 160 is heavily enforced with mobile and stationary radar.


Open Carrying a Handgun:

  • Nevada is an Open Carry state (over 21 years old; can legally purchase and possess firearms).  Do NOT carry past ‘No Weapons’ signs (casinos, law enforcement buildings, courthouses, etc.).  Understand that if you are in a high tourist traffic area, (i.e., the Las Vegas strip), the tourists may not be used to seeing people open carrying guns and will call 911.  Use good judgment and common sense on where and when you carry openly.   PrairieFire NV requires that you show up and leave the property UNLOADED each day (no round in the chamber, no magazine inserted).  You may load and unload OFF of PrairieFire NV property (e.g., where Front Sight Road meets Tecopa Road).  It is a Class 3 Felony to be caught carrying a concealed weapon on your person (loaded or unloaded) without a concealed carry permit recognized by the state of Nevada.  If you do NOT have a concealed carry permit that is valid in Nevada, do NOT let any garment conceal the weapon if you are wearing it and ensure your handgun is UNLOADED before placing it in your gun case or range bag.