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Getting Started

What course is best for me?

All of our basic courses are designed with the beginning shooter in mind as well as to challenge more advanced shooters.

Most of our students start with a 4-day Defensive Handgun course; usually because handguns are more familiar to the majority of our students. You are certainly not limited to Defensive Handgun. Tactical Shotgun and Practical Rifle also await you!

Use the links below to get started. Right-Click in order to open the link in a new tab.


Course Schedule Select the course you wish to take and the course date. Note that we usually only give the CCW course on Tuesdays following a two or a four day defensive handgun course. Also ensure you meet any prerequisites for your selected course, or you will be placed in another course you do qualify for, if available.


Course Descriptions A brief course description, along with any prerequisites, can be found using this link.


Sign up for a course Once you’ve picked a course and a course date, use this link to go to and sign up for your selected courses and dates. Each course page will contain any prerequisites your course may have, as well as recommended equipment and the amount of ammunition needed. You can also manage your First Family memberships here.


If you or a friend cannot enroll online, you can download a course application which can be filled out and be FAXed or mailed to our Corporate Office.


Private Training This link will provide information on how to sign up for private, specialized training with a Front Sight Range Master.


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