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Course Administration

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  • Lost, Missing or Incorrect Course Certificates

If you need a replacement or corrected Course Completion certificate, or for some reason you didn’t receive one at the end of your course, please contact Class Administration staff in person while you’re here or via the email address above.  They will verify your course completion date and certificate level and re-print a replacement certificate for you.  If you contacted them by email, they will email a PDF copy to you and then send the hard copy in the mail.


  • Groups of four people or larger who want to be on the same range

If the size of your group is four (4) people or larger, please contact Course Administration prior to attending your course to ensure your group can be assigned to the same range. The larger your group, the earlier everyone should plan on arriving so everyone can meet at Sign-In at close to the same time. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT COURSE ADMINISTRATION PRIOR TO YOUR COURSE, THERE WILL BE NO GUARANTEE THAT YOUR GROUP CAN BE ON THE SAME RANGE, especially if your group does not arrive at Sign-In at the same time!


  • Registering for a course

If you need help registering for a course (applications, character witness statements, background checks, etc.), or further information, please contact Course Administration using the contact information below, or visit the onsite office (located in the building across from the Main Gate).


  • Late registration

If a situation comes up where you need to sign up for a course or change your course date inside the two week cut-off, contact Course Administration as soon as possible.  If they can accomodate you, understand that you will be charged a late registration fee.


  • Adding a course

If you wish to add a course while currently enrolled in a course, please visit the Course Administration office onsite.


  • Cancelling or rescheduling a course

Please notify Course Administration as soon as possible once you’ve determined you must cancel or re-schedule your course.


  • Membership questions or help with offers or sales

If you have questions or problems with your membership, you can visit the Course Administration office for assistance, or get guidance on handling problems that Course Administration may not be able to help with.


Course Administration can help you transfer memberships while onsite, and they can answer questions and offer guidance on you doing it yourself on the My Front Sight website.