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Required Ammunition

Approved Ammunition:


Due to the potential liability and hazards of using reloaded or remanufactured ammunition, all ammunition used at Front Sight must be new, factory-made ammunition.

If you are renting a gun from Front Sight, (handgun, shotgun, rifle, Uzi, or M16), you will be required to use ammunition purchased onsite at the Ammo Bunker.

If you are going to be bringing your own ammunition for your own gun:

  • We require the use of jacketed bullets. 
  • The bullet design may be full metal jacket (FMJ), total metal jacket (TMJ), jacketed soft point (JSP), or jacketed hollow point (JHP). 
  • Shotgun ammunition must be lead; no steel shot
    • Birdshot should be lead #8 or #7½ shot 
    • 20 gauge shotguns should bring #2 or #3 buckshot, as 00 buckshot is almost impossible to find
  • Rifle ammunition CANNOT have a steel jacket or steel core.

Prohibited Ammunition:

Do not bring the following types of ammunition or bullets:

  • Steel jacketed bullets (TEST YOUR AMMUNITION (the bullet) WITH A MAGNET BEFORE ARRIVING!)
  • Steel core bullets (TEST YOUR AMMUNITION (the bullet) WITH A MAGNET BEFORE ARRIVING!)
  • Lead bullets with no jacket (except for use in revolvers)
  • Lead bullets with a thin copper “wash”, such as American Ammunition (not to be confused with American Eagle Ammunition made by Federal Cartridge Company)
  • Armor piercing, tracers or other incendiary ammunition
  • Steel shot, magnum loads or 3” shells for shotguns
  • NOTE: There have been three weapons damaged by catastrophic failure that were using Chesapeake Ammunition's NiPac 9mm ammunition. Because of this, we will no longer allow ANY Chesapeake NiPac ammunition to be used in any of our courses.

Ammunition Quantity:

Bring the following quantities of new, factory-made ammunition for your specific course:

  • Handgun Courses (9mm, .357 SIG, .40 S&W, 10mm, .45, .38 Special, and .357 mag)
    • 2-Day Defensive Handgun: 200 rounds
    • 2-Night Defensive Handgun: 250 rounds (approximate)
    • 4-Day Defensive Handgun: 650 ~ 700 rounds
    • 4-Night Defensive Handgun: 500 rounds (approximate)
    • 2-Day Handgun Skill Builder: 450 rounds
    • 2-Night Handgun Skill Builder: 250 rounds (approximate)
    • 2-Day Tactical Handgun: 500 rounds
    • 2-Night Tactical Handgun: 250 rounds (approximate)
    • 2-Day Advanced Tactical Handgun: 600 ~ 700 rounds
    • 2-Day Tactical Scenarios: 100 live (handgun rounds)
    • 2-Day Handgun Combat Master Prep: 700 rounds
    • 4-Day Handgun Combat Master Prep: 1,000 rounds
    • 4-Day Advanced Integrated Handgun: 300 Handgun/100 Rifle rounds
    • 1-Day CCW: 30 rounds (same handgun as used during Defensive Handgun course)
    • 5-Day Handgun Instructor Development: 600 rounds

  • Shotgun* (2 ¾” 12 gauge Tactical Loads or Reduced Recoil recommended)
    • 2-Day Tactical Shotgun: 175 Birdshot; 25 OO Buckshot; 20 Slugs
    • 2-Night Tactical Shotgun: 130 Birdshot; 10 OO Buckshot; 25 Slugs (approximate)
    • 4-Day Tactical Shotgun: 275 Birdshot; 165 OO Buckshot; 65 Slugs
    • 4-Night Tactical Shotgun: 250 Birdshot; 95 OO Buckshot; 70 Slugs (approximate)
    • 2-Day Shotgun Skill Builder: 300 Birdshot; 55 OO Buckshot; 55 Slugs

*Birdshot should be LEAD #8 or #7½ shot.  NO STEEL SHOT, magnum loads or 3” shells!

  • Long Gun Tactical (12 gauge and 5.56mm minimum*)
    • 2-Day Long Gun Tactical (Shotgun and Rifle): 325 00 Buck, 60 Slugs, 360 Rifle rounds

*NO STEEL SHOT, magnum loads or 3” shells and NO Steel jacketed or steel cored rounds!

  • Rifle (Minimum caliber 5.56mm*)
    • 2-Day Practical Rifle: 200 rounds
    • 2-Night Practical Rifle: 160 rounds (approximate)
    • 4-Day Practical Rifle: 500 rounds
    • 4-Night Practical Rifle: 420 rounds (approximate)
    • 2-Day Rifle Marksmanship: 100 rounds
    • 4-Day Rifle Marksmanship: 260 rounds
    • 2-Day Rifle Skill Builder: 320 rounds
    • 2-Day Rifle Marksmanship Skill Builder: 160 rounds
    • 4-Day Precision Rifle: 250~300 rounds of Match grade ammunition
    • 1-Day Precision Rifle Skill Builder: 80 rounds of Match grade ammunition

*NO Steel jacketed or steel cored rounds!

  • Submachine Gun*
    • 2-Day Uzi Submachine Gun (9mm): ~700 rounds for new students
    • 2-Night Uzi Submachine Gun (9mm): 350 rounds (approximate)
    • 4-Day Uzi Submachine Gun (9mm): ~1,600 rounds for new students
    • 4-Night Uzi Submachine Gun (9mm): 950 rounds (approximate)

*Ammunition must be purchased from the Ammo Bunker at Front Sight.

  • M-16*
    • 2-Day M-16 Select Fire (5.56mm/.223): ~700 rounds for new students
    • 2-Night M-16 Select Fire (5.56mm/.223): 300 rounds (approximate)
    • 4-Day M-16 Select Fire (5.56mm/.223): ~1,600 rounds for new student
    • 4-Night M-16 Select Fire (5.56mm/.223): 850 rounds (approximate)

*Ammunition must be purchased from the Ammo Bunker at Front Sight.

  • Four Weapons
    • 4-Day Four Weapons Tactical:
      • Handgun: 775 rounds
      • Shotgun: 430 OO Buckshot; 45 Slugs
      • Rifle: 580 rounds
      • Submachine Gun (9mm*):775 rounds
    • 4-Day Four Weapon Combat Master Prep:
      • Handgun: 500 rounds
      • Shotgun: 200 OO Buckshot
      • Rifle: 200 rounds
      • Submachine Gun (9mm*): 500 rounds

*Subgun ammunition purchased from the Ammo Bunker at Front Sight.


Shipping and Storage of Ammunition:

Front Sight is not able to store your ammunition.  Therefore, Front Sight cannot accept delivery of your ammunition or store your unused ammunition.  Please make the appropriate travel and shipping arrangements.


Full-Auto Weapons (M16 and Uzi courses):

Front Sight rents the weapons (including magazines, slings, and attached flashlights) to you for all M-16 and Uzi submachine gun courses.  However, ammunition is not provided.  You must purchase ammunition from the Ammo Bunker at Front Sight for these weapons.  This policy ensures your safety and proper function of the weapon.  Please contact the Ammo Bunker by phone or by email for current pricing.  Knee and elbow pads are recommended.


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