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Frequently Asked Questions at Front Sight Nevada

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How did you decide on the techniques you teach, and why?
For eight months during 2002, Front Sight auditioned the best Martial Artists and fighters from around the world. Front Sight's Range Masters and Martial Arts consultants reviewed every imaginable fighting technique. Front Sight chose only the techniques which are effective, simple, and easy to use under stress.

What style of martial arts do you teach?
Front Sight uses a hybrid of many different martial arts styles. We took the best techniques from various styles and incorporated them into a simple, effective fighting system.

Am I too old to attend these classes?
Are you too old to be assaulted? You're never to old to learn how to defend yourself or your loved ones.

What if I'm out of shape?
The courses are designed for the students to train at their own pace and still learn and retain the fundamental skills of self defense.

What if I want to go beyond the basic skills of self-defense?
The Front Sight system is designed in a building block fashion. Each class builds upon the last with a more challenging curriculum including weapons, striking, and grappling.

Will I get a black belt if I complete all the levels?
No, this is not a traditional martial art, but a modern fighting system. The only reward given for completing these courses is the confidence, satisfaction, and peace of mind knowing you have the tools and mindset to defend yourself or loved ones in a violent encounter.

Do women have to attend a separate class?
No, the techniques taught here are not gender specific. Women and men train together in a structured environment.

What's the youngest age to attend the classes?
There are courses for all ages; children, youth, and adult.

Doesn't it take years of training to become proficient in martial arts?
In martial arts it takes years of training to master an art. However, what Front Sight teaches is not a traditional martial art but a modern fighting system. We teach only practical techniques found to be effective in reality-based fighting. The method of instruction constantly reinforces techniques so they will quickly be absorbed into muscle memory.

What if I am currently studying martial arts?
The Front Sight system is not intended to replace your current training but to add to and complement it.

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