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Frequently Asked Questions at Front Sight Nevada

Front Sight FAQ > Front Sight, Nevada > Firearms Training > M-16

What type of M-16's do you use in your courses?
We use the M4 configuration M-16.

Do you have M-16's available for rent?
If you are attending the M-16 course, the weapon is provided in the cost of the course.

If I own my own weapon, may I bring it to the class?
Yes. Be sure to have the proper paperwork when traveling with your weapon.

What kind of paperwork will I need to bring my Class 3 weapon with me to the course?
Please consult ATF on the procedure for bringing your weapon from out-of-state. There will be paperwork to complete before traveling with your weapon.

Is the ammunition supplied?
You will need to supply your own ammunition and it must be purchased from our Pro Shop. Please call the Pro Shop ahead of time to make ammunition arrangements.

How many magazines should I bring with me for my own weapon?
Bring at least three magazines in good working condition.

Are kneepads, elbow pads, and gloves necessary?
Yes. We require you to bring knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves for this course.

Do I need to wear a handgun or can I wear a handgun during my class?
We do not perform transition drills in these courses so a handgun is not required. If you have attended a Front Sight handgun course previously, you may wear an unloaded handgun during the course.

Do I need to have a weapon-mounted light to attend the class?
The supplied weapons will have provisions for attaching a light to the weapon for night drills. If you bring your own weapon, it does not have to have a dedicated light but you will need to have a handheld light for courses that have a night-shooting component. If you bring your own weapon and are attending one of our night-only classes held during the summer, a dedicated light is required for these classes.

I am cross-eye dominant, should I learn to shoot with my dominant eye side?
The short answer here is to close your dominant eye and use your firing side. This will allow you to use the same body position when learning to shoot the M-16 that you are most comfortable with when shooting a handgun.

Can I use a suppressor if I bring my own weapon?
If you own your own weapon and suppressor you are welcome to bring and use the suppressor if you would like to. Just be sure you have the proper paperwork for both the weapon and the suppressor.

Do I need to have a sling if I bring my own weapon?
Yes. You will need to have a sling to safely carry the weapon on the range.

Can I use optics?
This is a personal choice. Use of both systems will be discussed if there are optics in the class. The school-provided guns do not have optics.

Front Sight FAQ > Front Sight, Nevada > Firearms Training > M-16

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