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Frequently Asked Questions at Front Sight Nevada

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What type of weapon should I bring?
Our moto is "Any gun will do if you will do". However some weapons are much easier to use than others. A weapon you are going to rely on to save your life must first and foremost be reliable. Make sure your weapon is designed as a defensive weapon, not a competition, hunting, or plinking weapon. Good examples of suitable defensive handguns are Glocks and 1911's. Double action handguns and revolvers will work well also. If you are undecided about which weapon is correct for you, simply rent a weapon from the Pro Shop.

What sor of holster is appropriate?
A belt holster worn on the firing side is required. It must safely retain the weapon and completely cover the trigger guard. Holsters which are not allowed include ankle, shoulder, crossdraw, thigh, fanny packs, or purses. Although these holsters may be useful in some settings, they are not conducive to safe range use. Please click the following link for more information on Holsters.

Why doesn't Front Sight allow reloaded or remanufactured ammunition?
We don't allow reloaded ammunition because reloads pose an increased risk of ammunition-related failures. Poor quality ammunition leads to consistent malfunctions, open-breech detonations, bullets stuck in the bore, bulged barrels, and even serious injuries to the shooter. For your safety, we allow only new, factory ammunition.

How many magazines or speed loaders do I need?
Bring at least three magazines or speed loaders and the appropriate carriers or pouches to hold them on your belt.

I am an experienced shooter. Why should I start my training with a 2-Day or 4-Day Defensive Handgun Course?
Our courses are designed to make you as good as possible during the time you spend with us. This applies to novice and experienced shooters alike. We appreciate that you come to us with prior experience, however our philosophy, teaching style, and gunhandling techniques are significantly ahead of the industry standard. You will be challenged, regardless of your current experience. For experienced shooters, law enforcement, and military we recommend that you start with the 4-Day Defensive Handgun Course. If you do not have four days available, start with the 2-Day Defensive Handgun Course and plan on following up with the 2-Day Handgun Skill Builder and 2-Day Advanced Tactical Handgun courses.

My schedule is very busy and I cannot attend the entire course. Can I attend only part of the course?
We obviously encourage you to arrange your schedule so that you may take full advantage of the training you have paid for and may well save your life someday. However, if you must leave the course early, we certainly won't stop you. You will not receive a certificate certifying your attendance in the course because you will have missed critical information. Under no circumstance do we allow students to join a course late which is already underway. You must be present in the course from the very first morning at 7:30 a.m. sharp.

If the weather gets bad do you still train?
We consider bad weather to be "combat conditions at no extra charge". We train rain or shine. If the forecast calls for inclement weather, bring the appropriate clothing. We have never cancelled a course for any reason.

I have a physical limitation. Is the 2-Day or 4-Day Defensive Handgun course appropriate for me?
We routinely train students who have physical limitations. Such limitations may include arthritis, missing limbs or digits, difficulty walking, etc. However, common sense must be applied when deciding to train with weapons. If a student's physical limitation will pose a clear danger to himself or other students, we will not accept that student for training.

I plan to get a CCW and carry my handgun concealed. What is the best course for me?
You will learn street-proven, fight-stopping gunhandling and marksmanship skills in the 2-Day and 4-Day Defensive Handgun Courses as well as the 5-Day Armed Citizen Corps Course. Given the greater training time in the 4-Day Defensive Handgun, that course focuses on concealed carry of your handgun. Therefore, the best course for you would be the 4-Day Defensive Handgun. Additionally, sign up for the 30-state CCW course which immediately follows the defensive handgun course.

I have never shot a weapon before. Which is the best course for me?
The 2-Day and 4-Day Defensive Handgun courses will both serve you well. Obviously the additional two days of training in the 4-Day Defensive Handgun Course will impart an even greater skill level. Both of these courses are designed to build your skills at a brisk but comfortable pace so you will not get overwhelmed.

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