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Frequently Asked Questions at Front Sight Nevada

Front Sight FAQ > Front Sight, Nevada > Firearms Training > 2 and 4 Day Practical Rifle

What kind of rifle is best for the Practical Rifle course?
The Practical Rifle course is designed to make you as good as you want to be with the rifle of your choice. Any weapon system that will hold a hand-sized group out to 200 yards is adequate. Keep in mind that the Practical Rifle course is a physically demanding course, so a lightweight, ergonomic rifle goes a long way towards reducing fatigue. Students have brought many different types of rifles though the course from lever actions and bolt guns to semi-autos. At Front Sight we believe it is the operator, not the rifle, which determines how well you will perform either in this course or in the field.

What ammunition should I bring?
DO NOT bring any steel jacketed (Sellier & Bellot brand) or steel core penetrator type (M855/SS109) ammunition. You must bring new, factory ammunition. Standard full metal jacket or soft point bullet designs are readily available and work just fine.

Do I need an optical sight (scope)?
No. Iron sights will work perfectly well. If you choose an optical sight, realize there is additional maintenance associated with a scope.

Do I need a sling?
Yes, all long guns must be equipped with a sling. The style of sling is your choice. Contact the Front Sight Pro Shop for suggestions.

Do I need magazine pouches, cartridge holders, or shell carriers?
They are very handy to have, but not a necessity. If you prefer, you may carry your spare magazines or loose rounds in your pants pockets.

How many magazines do I need?
Bring at least two magazines with you. You may want to bring a 'beater' magazine as well for dropping on the ground during malfunction clearances.

Do I need elbow and knee pads?
Knee pads and elbow pads are mandatory. Gloves are not required but are recommended to prevent bumps and bruises when shooting from braced positions such as prone.

Should I bring a cleaning kit with me?
Yes. You will need to keep your weapon clean and properly lubricated through out the course.

May I wear my handgun during the rifle course?
We do not perform transition drills in these courses so a handgun is not required. If you have attended a Front Sight handgun course previously, you may wear an unloaded handgun during the course.

Should I bring a back-up rifle with me?
Yes, if you own one. If you don't own a second rifle and your primary weapon breaks during the course, we have a variety of weapons available for rent in the Pro Shop.

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