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Frequently Asked Questions at Front Sight Nevada

Front Sight FAQ > Front Sight, Nevada > Firearms Training > 5 Day Armed Citizen Corps

What does the 5 Day Armed Citizen Corps Course consist of?
The course consists of both range work and classroom activities combining our 4-Day Defensive Handgun and 1-Day CCW Courses. On the range you will become proficient at presenting your weapon from a concealed holster and guaranteeing fight-stopping hits. In the classroom we will guide you through the applications necessary to secure your CCW permits.

Does the price of the course include the permit application fees?
No. You will need to purchase money orders to cover the State fees before mailing the applications off. Utah will also accept Visa or MasterCard. The Nye County Sheriff's Office will accept a money order or EXACT change if you choose to appear in person to turn in your application.

How long will it take to get my permits?
Securing a CCW permit is a lengthy, bureaucratic process. Florida and Utah can take up to 60 days while Nevada can take up to 120 days.

How do I receive my Florida and Utah permits?
The permits are mailed directly to you.

How do I receive my Nevada permit?
If you are a Nevada non-resident, and are able to appear in person to turn in your application to the Nye County Sheriff's Office, NCSO will have all the necessary items to print your permit when your application is approved and mail it to you.

The Nye County Sheriff's Office is only open from 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to process CCW applications.

If you choose to mail in your NV application, when approved you will receive a letter telling you to appear at the NCSO to pick your permit up in person. They will need to take your picture and get a digital copy of your signature in order to print your permit.

Which states will I apply for CCW permits in?
You may apply for permits from Nevada, Utah, and Florida or any combination of these that you like.

What states will I be able to legally carry a concealed handgun in?
With all three permits you will be able to legally carry a concealed handgun in at least 30 States. See the course description for the 1-Day CCW course for a partial listing of the States.

You may also check for up-to-date information.

What if I live in Clark County, Nevada?
We will be able to sign the Nevada CCW application certifying your training but you will still have to complete the process with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Metro). This means you must make an appointment with Metro to get your fingerprints and photographs taken.

What if I am a Nevada resident but live somewhere besides Nye or Clark Counties?
We can sign your Nevada application certifying your training, but you will have to complete your application process with your County Sheriff's Office.

How many handguns may I qualify with?
We will qualify you with up to two weapons (a semi-automatic and/or a revolver). If you choose to qualify with two weapons, you will obviously need to bring 30 rounds of ammunition for both weapons to Front Sight.

How much ammunition do I need?
You will need approximately 600 rounds for the four day defensive handgun course plus 30 rounds per weapon (one semi-automatic and/or one revolver) for the Nevada CCW qualification.

Do I need a holster for each weapon?
No. You must have a holster for your primary weapon (the one you will be shooting in the course). You don't need a holster for the second weapon.

What types of handguns are acceptable for this course and for concealed carry?
Although the states of Utah and Florida don't restrict what type of handguns you may carry, Front Sight requests that you bring a quality, defensive-style handgun.

What if I don't own a weapon yet?
You may rent a handgun from Front Sight and we will be able to qualify you for your CCW applications.

May I qualify with a Front Sight rental weapon?

May a husband and wife team qualify with only one weapon?

How difficult are the written and shooting tests to get my CCW?
They are very simple. Very few people have difficulty passing the tests.

Do I need to qualify with the ammunition I intend to carry?
No. You may qualify with any factory-made, full-metal jacket or jacketed hollow point ammunition.

Front Sight FAQ > Front Sight, Nevada > Firearms Training > 5 Day Armed Citizen Corps

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