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Frequently Asked Questions at Front Sight Nevada

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Should I call ahead to reserve rentals, ammo, or equipment?
Yes, reserve your equipment at least two weeks in advance of your course. The Pro Shop always tries to maintain an abundant supply of equipment and ammunition to be available for student purchase. However, we can guarantee your items only if you call ahead. Also, making a reservation allows the Pro Shop staff to have your order ready when you arrive.

What do I need to rent equipment/firearms from the Pro Shop?
All you need is some form of identification (such as a driver's license) and a credit card. You will complete a brief rental form the first morning of your course. Your ID or credit card will be maintained as collateral for rental equipment. If you have rented a firearm, your ID will be exchanged on the range for the firearm each evening. YOU MAY NOT LEAVE THE PROPERTY WITH OUR FIREARM.

May I send my own ammunition to Front Sight?
No, Front Sight is not able to store your ammunition. Therefore, Front Sight cannot accept delivery of your ammunition or store your unused ammunition. Please make the appropriate travel and shipping arrangements.

May I ship my firearm to Front Sight?
No. Federal regulations prevent this.

I do not have a backup gun, what should I do?
The Pro Shop has available many types of the most popular makes and models of firearms for rent. If your firearm fails and you need a replacement, the Pro Shop will rent you one for $25 per day.

I do not have a flashlight. What should I do?
The Pro Shop includes a flashlight (Surefire 6P) in every rental kit at no charge. If you are not renting a weapon from us, rental lights are available for $10 from the Pro Shop.

How do I know if my flashlight is adequate?
The flashlight techniques taught at Front Sight will work with any flashlight. However, we do not recommend the small Mini-Mag type lights or the LED utility lights. Shooting with a flashlight is easiest using a light such as a Surefire 6P.

I need a holster for my handgun? Does Front Sight have holsters available?
Front Sight carries a large selection of Kydex holsters. While we try to stock most of the popular models, the vast variety of handguns available today means we may not have the holster you need. Please call the Pro Shop at least two weeks in advance of your course to verify availability and reserve your holster. If we do not stock the holster you need, we can special order it.

I am a First Family Member and am attending with a group of friends. May I apply my First Family discount to purchases for my friends?
No. Your discount is applicable to your purchases and purchases for your immediate family.

I am afraid of purchasing to much ammunition and having to ship or carry it back after the course. What should I do?
The course descriptions are very accurate in their estimation of the amount of ammunition required. The Pro Shop is available each morning, noon and evening to purchase ammunition by the box, allowing you to "pay as you go". However, the Pro Shop cannot accept returned ammunition for a refund. We will only accept unopened boxes of ammunition (which you purchased from us) for store credit. We are not able to store your unused ammunition at Front Sight nor can we ship it to you. Please make the appropriate travel and shipping arrangements.

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