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Frequently Asked Questions at Front Sight Nevada

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What courses do you have for Children and Youth?
We have the following course available for your children to attend while your training at Front Sight: 1-Day Children's Safety , 1-Day Youth Safety , 2-Day Children's Safety , 2-Day Youth Safety , 4-Day Children's Achievement Camp , 4-Day Youth Achievement Camp as well programs within the 6-Day Family Safe Forever Vacation. Please see the Course Descriptions for details.

How does Front Sight differentiate between a "Child" and a "Youth?"
The Children's Program is designed for ages 5-10 while the Youth Program is designed for ages 11-15. Anyone 16 and above automatically qualifies for adult courses.

How old must my child be to attend a Family Safe Forever course?
A child must have completed their 5th birthday before enrolling in the children's courses.

May I as a parent "Audit" a Children's or Youth course?
Yes. Any adult in charge of a child may observe that child's class while it's in progress. All we ask is that the parent maintain the role of "observer" during the class.

What if my Front Sight course has a night time activity?
The Children and Youth Programs are designed to allow you to participate fully in everything Front Sight has to offer. We have activities scheduled for your children and youth the entire time you are in your course, even during a late-evening or night shoot. We strongly recommend you provide extra food for your children during these times.

Is there any special equipment I need to bring with my child?
No. Simply bring adequate food and proper clothing. (Click this link to order "Front Sight Boxed Lunches".) Active outdoor wear will be needed and depending on the season, your child may need rain gear or layered clothing for warmth.  All other materials are provided by Front Sight including drinks and snacks.

How can I help my children retain the skills they learned from their time at Front Sight?
Your children will receive take-home materials so you can talk about and periodically review the lessons covered during their courses at Front Sight.

Where do your Children and Youth curricula come from?
Front Sight features national award-winning curricula, designed by professionals in the fields of education. These unique courses are guaranteed to be engaging, educational, and fun. All material is delivered in an age-appropriate context.

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