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Frequently Asked Questions at Front Sight Nevada

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What is Front Sight's mission?
See Founder's Message.

What makes Front Sight different from other training organizations?
There are lots of places you can go for training. However, there is only one leader when it comes to professional-level personal safety and defensive training. Front Sight is unmatched in its curriculum, professionalism, facilities, diversity of student body, and most importantly, client satisfaction.

I live pretty far away from Front Sight. Would a trip to Front Sight be worth the time and money?
The training you and your family will receive at Front Sight cannot be found anywhere else. This is the reason our students travel from across the United States and around the world to receive what they fondly refer to as the "Front Sight Experience". A trip to Front Sight is definitely worth the time and money because the safety and happiness of you and your family is priceless. Traveling to Front Sight may be less expensive than you think and will definately be more valuable than you can imagine. Inexpensive Las Vegas travel packages are available through most travel agencies.

Where is Front Sight located?
Front Sight is located on 550-acres approximately 45 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.

How many students has Front Sight trained?
Since Front Sight opened in 1996, we have trained tens of thousands of students each year in the various disciplines we offer.

I understand Front Sight offers a membership program. What is that all about?
Front Sight offers a membership program so you can reach your training goals faster and cheaper. Please see our Membership link.

Is Front Sight open to the public? Can anyone attend courses at Front Sight?
Front Sight is open to anyone who is of proven good character and has passed a criminal background check. However, we are not a public shooting range. We offer training courses in numerous disciplines.

Does Front Sight offer courses every day of the year?
Front Sight offers regularly scheduled courses as described in the Course Schedule. In addition, we offer half-day, one-day, and private courses every day of the year.

Do you train women and children?
Front Sight trains a rapidly growing number of women and children. Women make up approximately 30% of our student body. Front Sight trains hundreds of children and youth every year.

Does Front Sight have payphones available onsite?
No we do not have payphones onsite. Cellular service is available although it is sometimes intermittent. Cell phones from AT&T, Cingular, Sprint, and T-Mobile currently work at Front Sight. There may be others that work but you should consult your carrier to see if they have coverage in the Pahrump Valley/Hwy 160 area.

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