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Front Sight Courses > 2 Day Rifle Tactical Scenarios

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2 Day Rifle Tactical Scenarios
For those students who have received at least a Graduate certificate in the 4-Day Practical Rifle course, Rifle Tactical Scenarios is the next step to develop mastery in the art of combat tactics.

Cost: $800.00

Prerequisite Class(s): Prior to attending this course you must receive at least a Graduate certificate in the 4-Day Practical Rifle course.

In addition to challenging live-fire exercises, much of the course is force-on-force training in our tactical simulators. You will engage the instructors and other students using Simunitions (real guns that shoot paint bullets) weapons and safety equipment. This is as close to real gunfighting as anyone can make it without getting physically hurt. Following each scenario, a tactical debrief will address the positive actions of the students and constructively critique those areas needing improvement. Tactical simulators will also address multiple adversaries in low-light and night environments.

For each of the Tactical Scenarios courses, Front Sight provides you with a Simunitions weapon. However, you must provide the necessary ammunition and protective equipment.

Ammunition Requirement

300 rounds. In addition, 100 rounds of Simunitions ammunition is required. For your safety, all Simunitions ammunition must be purchased from the Front Sight Pro Shop. This is to ensure correct function of the weapon and, more importantly, your safety.

Protective Equipment Requirement

For your comfort and hygeine, you must provide the appropriate protective equipment. This protective equipment is available for purchase at many retail locations as well as in Front Sight`s Pro Shop. The minimum protective equipment required is:

o Helmet which protects the head, face, and throat
o Gloves
o Groin protection
o Pants and long-sleeved shirt which prevent any skin from being exposed

Optional equipment:

o Chest protector

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