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4 Day Practical Rifle

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This challenging 4-day course will help you polish your fundamentals so that you can effectively defend your environment with your chosen rifle/carbine in hand!

The change to the Prerequisites will be EFFECTIVE 01 January 2019. A Distinguished Graduate certificate in Practical Rifle and taking Fundamentals of Precision Rifle will no longer qualify you for Precision Rifle. You must meet the new prerequisites, (Distinguished Graduate in the four day Rifle Marksmanship course and take Precision Rifle Fundamentals at least once), or previous attendance in Precision Rifle will also satisfy the new prerequisites.

Cost: $100/day for members

Prerequisite Class(s): None - entry level course

ALL students must show photo ID at Sign-In, regardless of age!

This Is a Nevada POST Certified Course - Click Here for More Info

Regardless of your skill level upon entry into the course, by its completion you`ll have the skills necessary to identify and engage threats appropriate to your weapon system from household distances up to 100 yards away in a timely fashion with first-round center hits! You`ll also be able to use your environment to your advantage with an understanding of supported shooting platforms and cover/concealment.

NOTE: To get the most out of this course, we highly recommend that you bring a magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle/carbine (such as an AR-style or AK-style). If you prefer to use a manually operated rifle (such as a bolt, lever-action, or pump gun), we recommend taking the 4-Day Rifle Marksmanship course instead.

Lecture Topics Include:

Color Code of Mental Awareness; Use of Deadly Force and the Law; Criminal and Civil Liability; Zeroing, Sight Adjustments; and more.

Range Drills Include:

Loading and Unloading; Carrying and Ready Positions; Shooting Stance and Assumption of Supported Positions; Sight Alignment, Sight Picture and Trigger Control; Target Identification and Engagement from 7 to 100 yards under Time Pressure; a Skills Evaluation; and more.

Firearm and Equipment Requirements:

  • Go here for Practical Rifle Requirements and Recommendations
  • The weapon`s caliber must be at least 5.56mm/.223 or larger rifle round and have an attached sling.
  • Electronic hearing protection is mandatory and is available at the Pro Shop or numerous retailers.
  • Elbow and Knee pads are strongly recommended.
  • Some type of magazine pouch or carrier on the belt is required.
  • Go here for Ammunition Requirements


Age Requirements:

  1. 16 to 17 years old, welcome to take regular firearms courses alone as long as a parent or guardian is onsite; parent or guardian can be enrolled in a different course or on a different range.
  2. Minimum age is 11 if taking the course with a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian MUST be the one working with the child during the entire course, and be responsible for only ONE child.
  3. Children age 10 and under are not allowed.
  4. Unattended minors are NOT allowed on the property. They must be escorted by a parent or guardian at all times or be enrolled in an appropriate course.

See Buddy System pricing and save 25%.

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All course purchases are transferable, but non refundable.