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2 Day Martial Arts Level II

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There are many places where you cannot legally carry a weapon of any kind (such as an airplane) but you always have your body. You may even improvise by using everyday items as weapons. However, you need quality training to effectively use any weapon.

Cost: $100/day for members

Prerequisite Class(s): Martial Arts Level I

Front Sight’s martial arts courses are perfect for the novice and experienced fighter alike because our reality-based techniques quickly build and polish your skills. Front Sight’s staff consists of world-class martial artists and defensive tactics instructors who have successfully integrated numerous styles of martial arts into one cohesive system. This system has proven very successful in stopping fights, is easy to learn, and is enjoyable to practice. You will learn how to defend yourself against single and multiple attackers, both armed and unarmed. Front Sight’s martial arts program is the leader in the industry because we teach only realistic techniques which will save your life should the need ever arise.

Six-Level Program:

Front Sight’s martial arts program is divided into six levels:

  •   Family Safe Forever 2-Day Empty Hand Defense (two days)
  •   Level I (two days)
  •   Level II (two days)
  •   Level III (two days)
  •   Level IV (two days)
  •   Level V (four days)
The introductory level is the Family Safe Forever 2-Day Empty Hand Defense Course. Each level builds on the one before. Therefore, regardless of your experience, you must start with the Family Safe Forever 2-Day Empty Hand Defense Course and advance quickly from there. Since every student has a different training background and athletic ability, each student progresses through the various levels at a different pace. As an example, some students may require several courses at Level II before progressing on to Level III. Although there is no formal “rank testing”, the martial arts staff will decide when each student is ready to move up to the next level. This process best ensures that you get the most of your training time and dollar at Front Sight.

Levels I through IV are each two-day courses. Level V is a four-day course. Those students who have successfully completed Front Sight’s Family Safe Forever 2-Day Empty Hand Defense Course are welcome to enroll in Level I.


Level II :

Skills taught:

  • Additional strikes (empty hand, edged, and blunt weapons)
  • Tactical footwork
  • Creating openings
  • Medium range knife vs. knife, stick vs. stick, and knife vs. stick techniques
  • Incorporating empty hand techniques with a knife and stick
  • Throwing techniques
  • Takedowns against edged weapons
  • Groundfighting strikes
  • Scenario-based training

Equipment Required:

Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and athletic shoes. Depending on the season, you may need rain gear and layered clothing for warmth because some scenarios are conducted outdoors. Front Sight provides all other equipment needed for this course including training (dummy) knives and other teaching aids.

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