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2 Day Advanced Tactical Handgun - NEW!

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PrairieFire Nevada`s 4-Day Defensive Handgun gives you a solid foundation in basic gun handling and marksmanship skills. The 2-Day Tactical Handgun course supplements that with the tools and techniques needed in a tactical encounter. Now it’s time to learn the application of those techniques, practice the critical decision making processes, and ingrain the skills required to win a tactical encounter.

Note: This course is primarily composed of scenario-based training and the use of tactical simulator bays. This course is advanced-level training designed to prepare you for an actual tactical encounter. Completion of this course is required for higher-level courses such as Handgun Combat Master Prep, Advanced Tactical Scenarios, and Advanced Integrated Handgun.


Advanced Courses` Prerequisite Flow Chart: Click Here

Cost: $100/day for members

Prerequisite Class(s): Attend a 4-Day Defensive Handgun, achieve a Distinguished Graduate Certificate in 4-Day Defensive Handgun or Handgun Skill Builder or Defensive Handgun Skills Test course, and attend the 2-Day Tactical Handgun.

ALL students must show photo ID at Sign-In, regardless of age!

The 2-Day Advanced Tactical Handgun course goes well beyond the basic tactical tools and techniques introduced during the 2-Day Tactical Handgun course. Students will learn numerous advanced techniques and then focus on the application of those techniques in tactical situation.

Note: There is a Night Shoot (including a simulator bay) on the evening of Day 1.


Activities in the 2-Day Advanced Tactical Handgun include:

  • Presenting your handgun while on the move
  • Responding to threats from the rear
  • Responding to threats utilizing non-standard presentation techniques
  • Shooting from unconventional positions (lying on your back, lying on your side)
  • One handed malfunction clearances using either the firing or support hand
  • Situational decision making based on your opponent’s weapon, characteristics, and proximity
  • Advanced use of cover and concealment
  • Malfunction clearances on the move
  • Weapon presentation from within a vehicle (including egress from the vehicle)
  • Shooting around or under vehicles and other types of cover or concealment
  • Advanced low light and night techniques, such as utilizing cover while using a flashlight


  • Heavy duty semi-automatic or revolver
  • Go here for Handgun Requirements and Recommendations
  • “Pocket Pistols” which this facility defines as any handgun smaller than a Glock 26 (roughly 6.4" slide length and 4.2" frame height) are not allowed due to being difficult to manipulate, painful to shoot, and often less safe because the user is more likely to cover their support hand or other body parts with the muzzle. Muzzle attachments such as compensators and extended magazines do not change the overall dimensions of that weapon. We are basing our size parameters off of the factory condition of your weapon. In other words, if you added one of these items to your handgun and the size of the weapon has technically changed, does not mean that this weapon is now excluded from our pocket pistol policy.
  • Holsters must be on the belt, correctly fit the weapon, completely cover the trigger guard, remain open when the weapon is removed, not allow the weapon to cover the shooter’s body, and not have a trigger guard retention device (such as the Blackhawk Serpa model and others). NO thigh rigs, cross-draw, etc.
  • A minimum of three magazines and two single or one double magazine pouch is required. Magazine pouches worn on the belt on the side opposite the handgun. Speed loader holders worn in front of the holster.
  • Electronic hearing protection is mandatory and is available at the Pro Shop or numerous retailers.
  • You will need a handheld flashlight with a tail cap push-button on-off switch for the Night Shoot.
  • Elbow and knee pads are recommended, but not required.
  • A suitable backup weapon is strongly recommended, as many weapons fail at some point during the training.
  • Go here for Ammunition Requirements


Age Requirements:

  1. 16 to 17 years old, welcome to take regular firearms courses alone as long as a parent or guardian is onsite; parent or guardian can be enrolled in a different course or on a different range.
  2. Minimum age is 11 if taking the course with a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian MUST be the one working with the child during the entire course, and be responsible for only ONE child.
  3. Children age 10 and under are not allowed.
  4. Unattended minors are NOT allowed on the property. They must be escorted by a parent or guardian at all times or be enrolled in an appropriate course.

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All course purchases are transferable, but non refundable.