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Front Sight "Carry A Gun" 2 for 1 Lifetime Membership

For Less Than the Cost of ONE of Our Four Day Courses You Can Attend Our Flagship Handgun Courses for the Rest of Your Life, Secure a Concealed Weapon Permit Good in 30 States and Master a Level of Skill at Arms with Your Handgun That Surpasses Military and Law Enforcement Standards— Making YOU the Citizen Your Fellow Community Members
and Even Your Local Police Department Would Be Glad to Know is Armed!

(And if You Act Fast, You Can Secure a Second, BONUS
Lifetime Membership for a friend or family member Free of Charge.)

FROM: Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight's Founder and Director
Four Weapons Combat Master

Front Sight "Carry a Gun" 2 for 1 Lifetime Membership!

Because Every Week I See Pharmacists, Jewelers, Shop Owners, Security Guards, Doctors, Business Owners and Other Professionals Getting Robbed, Assaulted and Shot, It is Time to Arm and Train the Good Guys!

Simply Arming You is Not Enough...

As We Have Seen, Just Having a Gun, and Even Using It, Is Not Enough in Many Cases...

I Want You Trained BETTER Than Law Enforcement Standards so You Know When to Shoot — and More Importantly, When Not to Shoot...

And If You Need to Shoot, I Want You Trained to Hit and Incapacitate the Threat Immediately Without Injuring Innocent Bystanders or Getting Yourself Thrown in Jail.

Front Sight Can Make YOU That Armed and Trained Citizen and If You Act Fast, I Will Make You AND a Friend of Your Choice Better With a Handgun Than 99% of the People Who Carry a Gun for a Living...

And I Will Do It For Your Lifetime at Less Than the Cost of a Single Four Day Course!


Here is How it Works:

"Carry a Gun" Lifetime Membership allows you to attend the following courses Free of Charge, As Many Times As You Wish, For The Rest Of Your Life:


  • Two Day Defensive Handgun:
    Our entry level course that gives you the rock solid foundation to build upon in the other courses that follow. This course is normally $1,000, but is free to you as many times as you wish for the rest of your life!
  • Four Day Defensive Handgun:
    Our flagship course which students attend repeatedly, often bringing a different handgun each time to gain a proficiency with all their weapons that far exceeds the levels found in law enforcement and the military. This course is normally $2,000, but is free to you as many times as you wish for the rest of your life!
  • Two Day Handgun Skill Builder:
    Students attend the Skill Builder as frequently as possible to continue improving the balance of speed and accuracy as they strive to secure the coveted Front Sight Distinguished Graduate Certificate - a Certificate that clearly defines them as having a skill with handguns that exceeds 99% of all gun owners. This course is normally $1,000, but is free to you as many times as you wish!
  • One Day 30 State Concealed Weapon Permit
    After completing Front Sight's Concealed Weapon Permit course you will be prepared to apply for and receive Non-Resident Concealed Weapon Permits for Florida, Nevada, and Utah. Reciprocity agreements in place with Florida, Nevada and Utah allow you to legally carry a concealed handgun in 30 states--even if you do not reside in the states. Here are the states...

    Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming

    Securing Permits to Carry Concealed in 30 states and having the level of training that Front Sight provides will help you in obtaining a concealed weapon permit in other states than those listed above.



  • Guaranteed Placement in Your Courses with Two Weeks Advance Enrollment.
  • Invitation to Annual July 4th Lifetime Members' Reunion Celebration.
  • Name etched in future First Family Monument.
  • Password to access exclusive and restricted First Family areas of web site and e-mail forum.
  • First Family Card and First Family Hat.


What is the Value of the "Carry a Gun" Lifetime Membership?

The more you use your "Carry a Gun" Lifetime Membership, the more value it has. If you just attended each course ONCE the value would be $4,500, but I know you won't just take each course once.

Why do I know this? Because after your first course, I know you will be absolutely blown away by how much you learned, how much fun you had, and how much you realize there is to master in the proper and professional use of the defensive handgun, that you will want to attend the Four Day Defensive Handgun and Two Day Handgun Skill Builder EVERY YEAR for the Rest of Your Life.

The Lifetime Value of Your "Carry a Gun" Lifetime Membership exceeds $20,000 or More!

Think I'm exaggerating? Watch the videos on this page which represent just a handful of our tens of thousands of satisfied students talking about their first course experience at Front Sight.


Based on your requests, I have made your "Carry a Gun" Lifetime Membership so affordable that ANYONE can participate and gain a level of Skill at Arms with a handgun that surpasses 99% of all gun owners!

With a "Carry a Gun" Lifetime Membership there is no longer any excuse for you not to carry a gun and if needed shoot faster and more accurately than a SWAT cop or Navy SEAL!


There are 3 Easy Payment Plans to choose from:

_____ 60 monthly credit card payments of $49.00 for a total cost of just $2,940. That's right! For less than the cost of a Four Day Defensive Handgun and Two Day Handgun Skill Builder Course you can attend these same courses as many times as you like, whenever you like, for the rest of your life!


_____ 36 monthly credit card payments of $69.00 for a total cost of just $2484. That's right! Save two years of payments ($456) by simply paying an additional $20 per month!


_____ A Single Payment of $1940. Save a whopping $1,000 and get a LIFETIME of Front Sight's world class Defensive Handgun Training for less than the cost of a single, Four Day Defensive Handgun Course!

AND AS AN AMAZING BONUS... When You Enroll Immediately With a Single Payment, I Will Give You a Second "Carry a Gun" Lifetime Membership That You Can Assign to Anyone You Wish!

THAT'S RIGHT! But, you must be decisive and act quickly to secure an unbelievable 2 for 1 Front Sight "Carry a Gun" Lifetime Membership.

WHY? Because I only have 500 of these special "Carry a Gun" Lifetime Memberships available.

First Come-- First Served...

If 500 memberships seems like a large number and you think you can wait around and still get one for yourself, then consider this: On our 550 acre world-class firearms training facility near Las Vegas, NV, Front Sight's stellar cadre of professional instructors often train 500 students in a single weekend-- with every student getting all the personal attention and premiere instruction they want to improve their skills beyond their expectations!

Also understand that over 250,000 of my subscribers are reading this email as you are and already emailing, faxing or calling us to enroll right now!

So what are you waiting for?

Call my executive assistants: Jon, Kendra or Ian at 1.800.987.7719 to enroll over the phone right now if you want to get in before the First 500 beat you to it.

Secure YOUR "Carry a Gun" Lifetime Membership plus Second BONUS "Carry a Gun" Lifetime Membership for a friend or family member!

I know, you are asking yourself, "How in the world can Dr. Piazza offer this amazingly valuable membership at such an unbelievable price and then give a second membership away, too?"

One word explains it: REFERRALS

We know from our past experience with thousands of students that when you are a Front Sight Graduate or Distinguished Graduate and you go to the range to shoot, people will take notice. They will notice your crisp, safe, gun handling. They will notice your smooth, quick, and safe presentation from the holster. And they will notice your extreme speed and accuracy.

There will be something very special and very different about you-- a Front Sight graduate-- as compared to everyone else on the range.

When you are asked where you learned to shoot so well, the name FRONT SIGHT will be heard by all and talked about in high esteem.

This creates a constant source of word-of-mouth referrals for us, and saves us a TON in advertising costs, so we are essentially passing on the money we save in advertising to YOU in the form of an amazing "Carry a Gun" Lifetime Membership opportunity.

So it is in our best interest to give you the opportunity to become as masterful with a handgun as possible so your skill will represent us wherever you may go. The "Carry a Gun" Lifetime Membership gives you that opportunity and is a win-win situation for us all.

We also know that as our facility develops, our on-site hotel, food services, and pro shop product line will earn your patronage in those areas each time you return for a course on your lifetime membership. So again a win-win situation for all.


So what are you waiting for?

Secure this 2 for 1 "Carry a Gun" Lifetime Membership and then tell your Pharmacist, Jeweler, Doctor and any other professionals you know in your community that you have a Front Sight "Carry a Gun" Lifetime Membership for THEM if they want it... I think you'll be surprised at how much they appreciate you for giving them the opportunity!

C'mon, get in before all 500 memberships are gone!

Call my assistants: Jon, Kendra or Ian today at 1.800.987.7719 to enroll over the phone to Secure YOUR "Carry a Gun" Lifetime Membership.

If your are reading this after our normal office hours of 8:00am to 6:00pm PST seven days per week then complete the Rapid Enrollment Form below and e-mail, or fax it to us at 707.837.0131 to secure YOUR 2 for 1 "Carry a Gun" Lifetime Membership!



Click Here to view the printable Rapid Enrollment Form.

Click Here to enroll via the Secure Online Enrollment Form.

Remember, this is limited to the first 500 memberships or Midnight Wednesday, September 20, 2009 whichever comes first -- and over 250,000 subscribers are reading this e-mail right now!

To enroll immediately over the phone call my assistants at 1.800.987.7719

Secure your "Carry a Gun" Lifetime Membership TODAY.

I look forward to seeing you at Front Sight for a lifetime!


Ignatius Piazza

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
Four Weapons Combat Master

PS: If you are reading this after hours, complete the Rapid Response Enrollment Form above and fax it to 707.837.0131 for immediate acceptance in order received.

PPS: To see video testimonials of your fellow students sharing why a Front Sight Lifetime Membership has made such a positive impact on their lives, click on testimonials.



All lifetime memberships offered in the past, the present, and future, including any special memberships not listed here, are NON REFUNDABLE.


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