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Youth Achievement

Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today.

Front Sight Resort's Children and Youth Safety Courses Will Teach Your Children the Skills They Need to Keep Themselves Safe.

Front Sight Resort has mastered the art of presenting a series of courses for children and teens, that are extremely successful in teaching how to spot, deter and deal with criminal and personal safety issues that they would potentially have to confront. We call this program Youth Achievement, and the program is not only interesting and engaging for children and teens, it is also incredibly effective in getting them trained in dealing with criminal, and potential criminal situations where their lives could be threatened. Children and teens are at risk, and the situation isn't getting any better. The last reports published by the U.S. Justice Department show that 80% of all sexual offenders committed their crimes against children or teenagers, and many crimes committed against children are by someone they know. Despite this, nobody seems to be doing anything to really educate and train our children and teens on how to spot, deter and deal with these potentially ominous threats to their personal safety. That is except for Front Sight Resort with our acclaimed Youth Achievement program.

Your Kids Will Learn How to Spot, Evade and Deal with Criminal Advances.

These courses are filled with interesting, and thought provoking discussions, group activities, demonstrations, and role playing, all age-appropriate, to help your kids understand how to spot, evade and deal with potential and real criminal advances to their well being. Your kids will learn how to identify child predators and avoid putting themselves in dangerous situations. They will learn to overcome their natural hesitation to yell for help when needed. They will also practice how and when to run for safety. Teens will learn how to spot, evade and defend themselves in dangerous situations. Teens will also learn how to resist peer pressure as it relates to drugs, alcohol, unethical activities, and other dangers facing teens today. They will also be equipped against the rising number of deviants lurking on the internet and prowling in our communities. For fun and adventurous breaks during the course, your kids will spend time exploring Front Sight Resort's world class ropes courses, designed to provide them with a safe level of thrill and adventure. The training successfully empowers children without any fear tactics. Children and teens leave the course with new found ability and confidence, not fear or paranoia.

Our Experienced Instructors Put Your Child's Safety First.

Our instruction staff is top notch, professional, courteous and knowledgeable. We use only positive support instruction, no macho boot camp mentality or foul language. All of our Youth Achievement instructors have a tremendous amount of experience working with children and youths on personal safety and self defense training. And always at Front Sight Resort, we put your child's safety as our first priority.

Here's How to Get Your Children Started on Their Front Sight Resort Youth Achievement Courses.

See all the Front Sight Course Descriptions for our detailed course offerings for all members of your family, and enroll via our website Course Application Form. Here are the child and youth specific courses available at Front Sight:

Classes Front Sight Courses
 Family Safe Forever™ Course Selection Family Safe Forever™ Course Selection
  2 Day Children's Safety 2 Day Children's and Youth Safety
  4 Day Children's and Youth Achievement Camp 4 Day Children's and Youth Achievement Camp