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Testimonials > Handgun Training for Professionals > Peter M. Juknelis, Vice President of Maryland Law Enforcement Officers, Inc.

Peter M. Juknelis, Vice President of Maryland Law Enforcement Officers, Inc.
Dear Front Sight Resort,

Back in April, my entire family came to Front Sight for our
vacation. My parents, my two brothers, my sister-in-law, my
wife, my three children, and I had the greatest vacation we've
EVER had! My brother and his wife, who are First Family
members, gave us certificates as gifts.

I've had over seven years of law enforcement firearms training
through my job with the Maryland Division of Correction. I came
to Front Sight with the hopes of honing the shooting skills that
I already had. What an awakening! I found that "I didn't know
what I didn't know". In just two days, I watched years of bad
habits be replaced with sharp, deliberate actions which had
indisputable results. Front Sight should set the standard for
ALL law enforcement training.

My wife and seventeen-year-old stepson, who have had very
limited exposure to firearms, came to Front Sight as "clean
slates". Unlike myself, they had no bad habits to undo. They
came completely open-minded. The results left me speechless
(and a little bit envious). In two days, they were placing
precision shots on the targets. AMAZING!

My fourteen-year-old stepdaughter and my six-year-old son opted
for the 2-day youth safety and 2-day children's safety courses.
Once again, Front Sight left me astounded. Your incredible
youth training staff gave my children the knowledge, skills, and
confidence to do things that I never would have dreamed they'd
do. When I watched my reserved six-year-old son be hoisted to
the top of the rope swing, before he released himself into a
swinging free-fall, I was the proudest dad alive! I couldn't
have talked him into that for a million bucks! I've never seen
a bigger smile on his face, or a deeper sense of pride in him,

About a week after we returned home, he was at his swimming
lesson, and was asked to jump from the diving board for the
first time. He did it with ease. When he got home that night,
he called my mom, who also attended Front Sight, to tell her the
news. My mom asked him, "Weren't you afraid?" He laughed and
said, "C'mon, Gram, I'm Front Sight trained!"

As for my step daughter, she had an absolute blast. The courses
challenged her to push herself both mentally and physically, all
while having a fantastic time. I asked her to tell me whether
or not the course was worth the cost. Without hesitation, she
said, "Without a doubt!" You should have heard her raving about
Front Sight to her friends. She wants to come back and take the
advanced ropes course next.

I have only two regrets about my trip to Front Sight. First, I
wish that I had taken the 4-day defensive handgun course instead
of the 2-day. Second, I wish that I had gotten to meet Front Sight's
Founder and Director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza. Maybe next time.

I can't say enough about Front Sight's programs, training staff,
members, or facilities. I haven't shut up about the place since
I've been home. Front Sight must be experienced to be believed!
It is the ULTIMATE family vacation destination. My family and I
can't wait to go again. We shall return! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Peter M. Juknelis
Vice President
Maryland Law Enforcement Officers, Inc.

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