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Front Sight Firearms Training in the News 6/30/2005

Eight, national television news feature stories including Dianne Sawyer of ABC's Good Morning America reporting on the Front Sight development and Laurie Dhue reporting on our submachine gun courses.

Bloomberg and Buffett's 'Everytown for Gun Safety' Proves Why People Need Guns 8/1/2014

Michael Bloomberg's and Warren Buffett's "Everytown for Gun Safety" posted a series of YouTube videos in which an estranged husband smashes his way into a woman's house, seizes her child, and then points a gun at her head. The organization then tells its stakeholders that domestic abusers can buy guns over the Internet. When last I heard, it's illegal to buy a gun across state lines unless the transaction goes through a licensed gun dealer, who must perform a background check. Even if the transaction does not cross state lines, it is illegal to sell a firearm to somebody who is prohibited from owning one.

Utah gun owners seek firearms training 4/14/2014

SALT LAKE CITY - Utah is a gun-friendly state, and Utah County might be the gun-friendliest county in the Beehive State. Consider that in the fourth quarter of 2013, the Utah Department of Public Safety (UDPS) received 7,020 requests to purchase or redeem firearms in Utah County. That compared with 7,955 requests in Salt Lake County, which has roughly double the population.

Millionaire Patriot Calls Bloomberg An 4/16/2013

Back at the beginning of April, Freedom Outpost reported on New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ads that he was airing across several states, including the South to the tune of $12 million! Well now a millionaire patriot has put out his own video in response to Bloomberg's which promotes gun safety and the skills needed to handle a firearm properly and effectively.

Psych Drugs, Not Guns, Doing the Killing says Dr. Piazza 12/17/2012

Dr. Ignatius Piazza released a letter on Monday, December 17, entitled "Psych Drugs, Not Guns, Doing the Killing" asking it's recipients to forward the contents to local newspapers, radio stations, television news stations, family and friends. In other words, everyone should consider the fact that psychiatric drugs/medications have played an integral roll in numerous murders and suicides - deaths often attributed to other factors. (God, guns, media, etc.)

Local Men Complete Hand Gun Course 5/17/2012

Front Sight is known for its rigorous training and stringent requirements to complete a course. The handgun course stressed safety and vigilance in carrying and if necessary utilizing firearms.

Training Review: Defensive Handgun 11/12/2011

Perhaps you are a seasoned professional, well trained and cut from the finest of warrior cloth. That's a simple deduction since you are reading The Counter Terrorist. Your experience may have prepared you well to defend yourself, when the need arises. However, when you are overseas fighting for this country, or across town serving a warrant, who is watching over your loved ones?

Who is protecting your daughter as she eats breakfast at an IHOP in Reno? Who is watching out for your son when he is in class at Virginia Tech? Who has your wife's back as she makes a withdrawal from the ATM?

Illinois Shooter - Part II 8/13/2010

The second day started out at the range, and again the weather was brisk the entire morning. We did a lot more shooting using birdshot from different distances, and from different stances. We also sighted in the slugs from 50 yards. We started shooting at targets being timed on how long it took to bring the gun up and get the shot off accurately. ...

Illinois Shooter - Part I 8/13/2010

Thursday, I got up much earlier than my usual 5:00 am for work. I had a lot to do, and had to get it done quickly, as I had a plane to catch for my second trip to Front Sight this year (an hour southwest of Las Vegas). We had planned this trip a couple months before, and the day to leave had finally arrived. ...

Front Sight much more than typical gun school 6/24/2010

The first few times I heard of the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, I didn't think too much about it. So what if there's another training school out there? How much different could it be from all the other schools that offer to train you to shoot? Still, I kept running into folks who had attended the school, and they had great things to say about it. I decided to check it out.

Armed defense at Front Sight: Who takes defensive handgun training? 2/25/2010

The first three series covering the Four Day Defensive Handgun Course at Front Sight Training Institute, this segment will give you an idea of who takes such courses as provided at Front Sight, and whether the course is for you.

Armed defense at Front Sight: Intermediate tactics and skills 2/18/2010

The frist two segments of the "Armed defense at Front Sight" series covered the philosophy of Front Sight Training Institute, its support for the right to keep and bear arms, and the basic handgun skills taught in days one and two of its Four Day Defensive Handgun Course. As one of the world's foremost firearm training facilities, Front Sight offers courses in handgun, carbine, shotgun, submachine gun, empty hand defense and even rappelling and climbing.

Armed defense at Front Sight: Mastering basic handgun skills 2/15/2010

As the second in a series on Front Sight Training Institute's Four-Day Defensive Handgun course, this segment will cover the school's approach to teaching the manual of arms and basics of shooting, especially for typical modern semi-automatic handguns.

Armed defense at Front Sight: How competent are you? 2/11/2010

Few firearm training facilities have as much to offer the many thousands of new gun owners created by the Obama administration as Front Sight Training Institute. Having just completed the school's Four Day Defensive Handgun course, this four part series will detail the school's philosophy, what you can expect to learn, and most of all, why you need to go.

What a BLAST - Literally 9/30/2009

Not long ago I was visiting with my physician Dr. Leroy Taylor. He was telling me about a shooting school near Las Vegas. It's called Front Sight. Dr. Leroy has a membership there and he invited my wife and me to join his group for a 4-day defensive handgun class. I was all excited but I thought no way my wife would be up for it.

Weapons training trip in jeopardy 6/30/2009

The two certificates are to attend the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, one of the top firearms training institutes in the world, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The training facility offers some specialized courses in firearms tactics not taught at the local Smith&Wesson Academy, Delaney said. Courses range from 2 to 4 days.

Ammunition hard to find as gun owners fear government restrictions 6/2/2009

If they could "ship, right now, all the ammunition that's on order, it would probably be three or four times more than they've ever sold before," he said. At the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, a tactical shooting school in Las Vegas, an employee works full time to find and buy ammunition so students -- who typically send 800 bullets flying downrange during a four-day handgun course -- have enough.

Gun Art of Front Sight and Ignatius Piazza 10/1/2008

In the hands of Johnny Law, a .22 caliber rifle is an instrument of creation. Law, 37, works in the unique medium of gun art. He creates portraits, logos, and other images by meticulously piercing sheet metal with hundreds of bullet holes. (He made the Front Sight Logo and a portrait of Ignatius Piazza)

Front Sight Experience in Ohio 9/30/2008

After four days, over 700 rounds fired and at least 2000 presentations from the holster, the folks at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute outside Las Vegas asked me what I thought of their four-day Defensive Handgun course. I told them that I was impressed. I have been shooting for over 40 years. I've shot and trained with some of the most prominent firearms experts in the world, and I've been carrying and competing with the same Colt Combat Commander for over 24 years, but even with all of that experience, I learned a lot in 4 days at Front Sight.

Armed Surge Needed in Chicago 9/9/2008

With CBS News reporting almost twice the number of Americans shot and killed in Chicago this summer compared to Americans killed in Iraq during the same time period, America's Millionaire Patriot believes that Chicago Mayor Daley's gun control policies have proven to be completely ineffective in stopping Chicago's out of control violent crime wave.

Teachers to tote guns in Texas 8/19/2008

A Nevada-based firearms training centre has offered every teacher in Harrold a free, four-day handgun course.

"Finally, a public school gets it right," said Ignatius Piazza, founder of the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. "To prevent a school shooting massacre you must be prepared to stop the attack immediately. Placing a gun in the hand of a trained teacher is the answer."

Patriot Offers to Train Every Teacher in Texas School District at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute 8/18/2008

LAS VEGAS, NV, Aug 18, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- Dr. Ignatius Piazza -- founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas, NV is referred to as the Millionaire Patriot by the hundreds of thousands of students who have attended Front Sight Firearms Training courses because he has given away tens of millions of dollars in training so law abiding Americans can enjoy what he refers to as the "Comfort of Skill at Arms."

Millionaire Patriot Sets Aside 5,000 Guns As Gift For You 3/26/2008

I have never sent you a letter like this before I doubt I will ever get an opportunity to send you a letter like this again. In my entire career of defending your gun rights, I have seen some amazing things, but never anything like I am about to share with you. You probably are not aware of it, but there is a man walking among us, who over the last 11 years has quietly built a true legacy for future generations of gun owners.

Colleges to allow guns on campus? 3/3/2008

In Arizona, legislation that would allow people to carry their guns onto community college or university campuses has been advancing, and Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, said he was committing to provide every Arizona school teacher with a $2,000 handgun course, free of charge, at the time the plan is approved.

Facebook Rejects Millionaire Patriot's Ads to Arm and Train Law-Abiding Americans As 'Offensive, Profane, Vulgar, and Obscene...' 1/22/2008

Last week Ignatius Piazza submitted pay-per-click ads on Facebook, one of the nation's largest online communities, offering a Front Sight 4 Day Handgun Training course, plus 1 Day 30 State Concealed Weapon Permit Course for pennies-on-the-dollar and capped off the offer with a free Springfield Armory XD Handgun in 9mm, .40SW, or .45 ACP for the first 5,000 who respond -- thus making a commitment of over $3 million dollars in free handguns.

Millionaire Patriot Wants Americans Armed and Trained 1/17/2008

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Founder and Director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is known as the "Millionaire Patriot" by the hundreds of thousands of students he has trained because during the last 11 years, Dr. Piazza has provided tens of millions of dollars in free training and benefits to assist Americans in securing what he refers to as the "Comfort of Skill at Arms."

Utah University Students Add CWP to Their Degrees 5/2/2007

Las Vegas, Nevada: Students of Utah universities now have the opportunity to add the initials CWP (Concealed Weapon Permit) to their names and receive a level of training with a handgun that exceeds law enforcement and military standards all at the expense of Dr. Ignatius Piazza and his Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

Expert Offers Teachers Free Weapons Training 4/28/2007

The mad homicidal rampages in American schools will halt when attackers find out that faculty and students sometimes are armed and trained to use those weapons effectively, so an expert in the defensive use of guns is offering free training to educators. "In our country, every time a misguided individual on psychiatric drugs goes on a killing spree, anti-self defense legislators watch the polls and exploit the dead victims in order to fool the public into accepting more gun control," said Ignatius Piazza, founder of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

Gun School for Teachers 4/23/2007

Las Vegas, Nevada: In the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, which arguably is the world leader in providing intensified courses in the defensive use of firearms for private citizens, feels they have the answer to stopping further attacks on school children. Front Sight is offering free firearms training to any school administrator, teacher, or full time staff member designated as school Safety Monitors. Front Sight will accept for training up to three staff members from each school, college or university. Applicants must submit a letter requesting training on school letterhead signed by the top school district official and designating the applicant as the school's Safety Monitor.

Aptos Reality Show Creator Isn't Gun-Shy 2/25/2007

Aptos resident Ignatius Piazza gives the phrase "armed and dangerous" a whole new meaning in his new reality show, "Front Sight Challenge." The program, which airs Fridays and Sundays on Versus, formerly Outdoor Life Network, pits 40 law enforcement officers against 40 gun-toting private citizens, ages 15 to 65, in competitions that test handgun, shotgun, rifle and submachine gun skills. Santa Cruz County sheriff's deputy Greg Amundson is one of the contestants.

Shooting at the Stars 2/6/2007

In the entire history of reality TV smackdowns, it's likely few have been as decisive as the one administered by Santa Cruz County Sheriff's deputy Greg Amundson last summer in the middle of the Nevada desert: He shot an opponent in the chest with a Glock 19 handgun.
"They give you a weapon that fires paintballs and send you into a house to search for each other," Amundson said Monday of the final round on "Front Sight Challenge."

Reality Show Pits Cops Against Civilians 2/1/2007

Viewers will soon get a chance to see retired middle school art teacher Dave Clark display his talents on a TV reality show. But he won't be painting or drawing. He'll be shooting. Clark, 64, has been interested in firearms since he was a child growing up with a father who was an Army colonel. This interest led Clark to take several firearms courses in the last six years, and to be a contestant on a new reality TV show that tests marksmanship and strategy.

The Makings of a Hit Reality TV Show: 40 Cops in Shootout with Civilians 1/4/2007

40 of the nation's finest law enforcement officers go head-to-head against 40 highly trained private citizens in a battle of nerves and skill with handguns, shotguns, rifles, and submachine guns to become the "Last Man Standing" on FRONT SIGHT CHALLENGE, a new 26 episode Reality TV Series airing January 7 on VERSUS Network.

Jim's Nevada Adventure at Front Sight 10/24/2005

Five yards away, I could see it clearly. My arms raised, the sight came into focus, and one trigger press quickly followed by another. Bam. Bam. - Armed to Defend 9/1/2005

The decision to arm was easy for me. While I haven't grown up with guns or spent Saturday afternoons shooting skeet like my grandpa, gun ownership just makes sense to me. If I have the option, of course I'm going to choose to defend myself, not stand by and become a victim of a crime. I hope I will never need to shoot someone. But, as I learned in June at Front Sight, a firearms training institute outside of Las Vegas, I would much rather have a gun and not need it than need a gun and not have it.

Forbes - Kiddies With Carbines 7/25/2005

Samantha Tibbetts, 5, wears a pink T shirt with a lady on it carrying a sparkly purse. She squirms in her chair. Tibbetts, with big blue eyes and long blonde hair, is sitting in a classroom. But it's a classroom whose walls are cinder block, and her teacher, Paul, has a rifle cradled in his lap. Paul asks the nine kids, ages 5 to 16, to name the parts of the gun. "Can you say 'trigger'?"

Sports 'N Spokes: Gunfighter On Wheels 5/1/2005

As I turned off Tecopa Road onto Front Sight Drive, the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute loomed large in the clear desert air. I pulled into the parking area where new students report for classes and noticed a line already forming at the sign-in table. It was 6:30 a.m., and more people were moving in behind me. I scanned the crowd but did not see anyone else in a wheelchair. Would I be the only one? How would the staff react to a student on wheels instead of two legs? Would the others think I had taken a wrong turn on my way to a rehab hospital? Oh well, I thought, as I lowered the ramp on my van, too late to turn back now.

In The Middle Of Nowhere - Visier Magazine (German Text) 5/1/2004

twa 45 Autominuten westlich der Spielerund Freizeitmetropole Las Vegas liegt an der Nevada-Staatsstraße 160 nach Pahrump linker Hand mitten in der Wüste das Schießausbildungszentrum "Front Sight Resort". Wer die Route nicht kennt, fährt schnell an der Abzweigung vorbei. Denn (noch) gibt es an der Hauptstraße kein Hinweisschild auf den als Freizeitpark mit Wohnanlage und Schießzentrum geplanten Lebenstraum des 44jährigen Dr. Ignatius Piazza. Der Hang des kalifernischen Physiotherapeuten zum Combatschießen und Selbstverteidigungstraining läßt sich auf ein traumatisches Ereignis in seinem Villenvorert bei Santa Cruz zurückführen:

120,000 Pilots Still Not Armed in the Cockpit 3/30/2004

On July 2002, the U.S. House passed the Arming Pilots Against Terrorism Act by a vote of 310 to 113. It became law on Nov. 22, 2002, as part of the Homeland Security Act of 2002. The Transportation Security Administration is responsible to train, deputize and arm pilots who volunteer for the program as federal law enforcement officers in their Federal Flight Deck Officers program.

The Courier - June 13,2003 6/13/2003

A chance meeting at a firearms competition has two Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies headed for a prestigious firearms training facility in Nevada free of charge.

Handvapen Guiden 2003 - Article 1 6/9/2003

November last year I was invited by Front Sight to participate in Four-Day Defense Pistol Course. Some of our readers may wonder what skills can Swedish target shooter gain through a training of this kind. After all one doesn't go armed in the streets of Stockholm — it is thankfully not yet needed and besides illegal.

Handvapen Guiden 2003 - Article 2 6/9/2003

Two hundred shooters visit every weekend a sun dried patch of Nevada desert. They come here from all over USA to participate in courses at one of leading firearms training centers in this country.

The Nation's Best Shooting for Women 6/1/2003

"In a recent visit to Front Sight Firearms Training Institute I was surprised to find such a large number of women students. I had come to Front Sight to polish up on my handgun skills, which after five years since I last attended a professional firearms training course were in need of significant sprucing up. I was literally shocked to find that 30% or more students in my class were women. During one of my reload breaks I took a head count to find that 12 of the 38 students on our range alone were female. This is in stark contrast to what I had experienced in prior training, where approximately five percent of students were women. I wanted to know what it was that was bringing women, apparently in droves, to Front Sight for firearms training. Which I soon found out was the lack of macho, boot camp mentality by the instructors, and in its place a personable, friendly form of constructive instruction, the likes of which are rare, if non-existent in this industry."

The Nation's Best Shooting For Women 3/1/2003

We continually hear news reports that crime is decreasing. That violent crime statistics are trending better. Whether the crime rate is up or down is apparently incidental to Americans, however, who are becoming more and more concerned about their personal safety. Nowhere is this more evident than with women, who are still the most susceptible group to become a victim of violent crime. More and more women, however, are taking action to defend themselves from the growing sense that they, and their homes, are not really as safe as we once believed, and a growing number are opting for guns as their "protection" of choice.

Way of the Gun - Blackbelt Magazine 3/1/2003

Intentionally incompetent. That's how Ignatius Piazza describes people who have the potential to defend themselves but don't learn how to do it the right way because they're lazy or afraid of being criticized. Graveyards are filled with their kind, he says.

KLAS-TV, Las Vegas 2/13/2003

(Feb. 13) -- Everyone wants to be safe in his or her own home, but imagine an entire neighborhood where every homeowner is armed. It's a place where homeowners will not only be armed but know how to use their weapon to stop the enemy. Journey with us to a master planned community that some are calling "The Safest Neighborhood in America," and it's right here in Nevada.

Pahrump Valley View 11/15/2002

By 3 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, students got the chance most of them had been waiting for all day -- the opportunity to fire an entire magazine from an Uzi submachine gun on fully automatic mode. Throughout the day, students shot two and three round bursts with each press of the trigger, but now they are ready to hold the trigger back for one full magazine.

Washington Post 11/15/2002

With passage of the homeland security bill looking more likely, some pilots -- whom the bill would authorize to carry guns -- have begun pushing to get firearms training from the FBI or private schools.

Las Vegas Life - Best of 2001 12/31/2001

You're standing in we middle of nowhere, cradling a loaded Uzi. Joining you on a makeshift firing line are 12 strangers. They're just as armed as you are, and eager to open fire. The mind races. What If the guy next to me lost his job yesterday, the day after his wife left him for his best friend? And what about the gal down the line? She looks mighty tense; what If she's enraged over the violent state of the world and ready for payback? You can only speculate, because you don't know a thing about the mental state of this army. All you know is one careless move by one of 'em - or one crackpot who slipped past the background check - and you're a goner.

CNN 10/13/2001

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (AP) -- Slid into a holster and nestled between manuals and maps, the .38 special was packed into pilot Don Worley's flight bag before every trip. Once inside the cockpit, Worley strapped the gun to his belt. He never had to use it, but he was ready.

Las Vegas Sun 10/12/2001

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Slid into a holster and nestled between manuals and maps, the .38 special was packed into pilot Don Worley's flight bag before every trip. Once inside the cockpit, Worley strapped the gun to his belt. He never had to use it, but he was ready.

Neal Boortz 10/5/2001

In the days following September 11, the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute stepped up to the plate. For those of you who don't know, Front Sight teaches private citizens and public servants how to use guns defensively at their facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Frontpage Magazine 10/3/2001

AS the federal government encourages people to fly and return to normal, they keep expanding restrictions that didn't work on September 11. Since terrorists used box cutters and knives, the flying public is now being prohibited from carrying anything sharp, even nail files. Thanks to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) everyone on the airplane is effectively disarmed against suicidal terrorists.

Las Vegas Mercury 9/28/2001

The mood is faintly festive. We're even a little proud of ourselves. After a mere day of training in how to fire a 9mm Uzi submachine gun--from three different positions and in two different firing modes, no less--we've done pretty well at the final challenge: firing a full clip on fully automatic, pouring 20 to 25 rounds into the gray paper target--ideally, into its thoracic cavity.

NewsMax 9/27/2001 -- A 20 year old Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) allowing flight crews to be armed for self-defense may offer little protection because some pilots aren't aware of their rights, and most, if not all, airlines prohibit the practice.

Frontpage Magazine 9/26/2001

In past decades, as the concept of an endless prosperity appeared to become a reality, Americans became complacent and believed they were free from any threats, whether foreign or domestic. The Attack on America of September 11, 2001 brought home the vulnerability of our society to terrorists who willingly die for their cause.

World Net Daily 9/26/2001

WASHINGTON -- Members of the Allied Pilots Association have asked the Federal Aviation Administration to let them create a reserve air marshal program using volunteer airline pilots.

Aero-News.Net 9/20/2001

Pressed to reveal just what kind of firearms program was indeed approved by the Administrator ("Feds: Airline Employees May Pack Heat," 09-18-01, ANN), a source close to the regulators has said that the FAA plans to make it clear that there is no "course of training in the use of firearms acceptable to the Administrator," as required by 14 USC 108.11.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 9/19/2001

"I am firmly convinced that if at least one of the crew members on each of those airlines had been armed, we would not have four crashes, thousands of people dead and the economy taking a dive," Keith Shankland said.

World Net Daily 9/19/2001

"Commercial airliners must be willing to take an uncompromising stand that will not allow anyone, under any circumstances, to access the controls" of a plane, said Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, in Las Vegas. "The pilot and co-pilot are responsible for the security of the cockpit. Without a gun to defend it, the cockpit crew is easily defeated."

National Review 9/14/2001

We will not allow the enemy to win this war by restricting our freedom of mobility," claimed Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, as he announced a series of restrictions that will sharply reduce mobility.

US News and World Report 8/13/2001

Call it the new American dream. Or nightmare. A luxury gated community is planned for 550 dusty acres in the Nevada desert some 38 miles from Las Vegas. Front Sight, named for a gun barrel aiming sight, will resemble a golf community. But instead of being built around golf courses, homes will look out on 22 shooting ranges, a five-story SWAT tower, and a defensive-driving track.

What's On Magazine 7/9/2001

Firearm aficionados anxious to hone their shooting skills while visiting Las Vegas should check out the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Front Sight, the vision of founder and director Ignatius Piazza, is a 550-acre planned resort community located 40 miles west of Las Vegas and 10 miles east of Pahrump, surrounded by Bureau of Land Management territory

San Francisco Chronicle #1 6/24/2001

Front Sight, Nev. -- On a hard-baked patch of Nevada desert, a Valhalla is taking shape for people who believe gun control is being able to hit your target.

San Francisco Chronicle #2 6/24/2001

He's been called "a showman with a circus he's parading around," but that is not how Ignatius Piazza sees his mission. He has loftier aims, he said,

Frontpage Magazine 6/6/2001

WITH EVERY PASSING DAY the consequences of eight years of Clinton-Gore become clearer. The legacy that Bill Clinton tried to leave is unraveling across the globe. The Mid-East peace that he tried to shove down the throats of the Israelis has led to more death and destruction. The once revered federal crime-fighting federal agency, the FBI, is accused of failing to provide crucial documents during the Oklahoma City bombing trial. If all that is not enough, we are now learning the true story of our unprepared military.

Las Vegas Review Journal 4/29/2001

On April 20, Cabral stood in the desert near the Clark and Nye county borders and held in his hands a forbidden fruit for many Californians -- a fully automatic Uzi 9 mm submachine gun capable of firing 600 rounds per minute.

Evansville Courier & Press 3/20/2001

After gun owners won the last great battle in Congress, lawmakers are scurrying for other ways of protecting kids from violence in schools.

Cybercast News Service 3/8/2001

The school shootings in California have prompted a Las Vegas-based firearms training institute to offer free gun training for school personnel. The Front Sight Firearms Training Institute said Wednesday they would offer free firearms training to any school administrator, teacher or full-time staff members. The school's director believes that training school personnel to use firearms will cut down school violence.

Sierra Times 3/8/2001

Pahrump, NV - March 7, 2001 -- In the wake of the Santana High School shootings, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, which claims to be the world leader in providing intensified courses in the defensive use of firearms for private citizens, feels they have the answer to stopping further attacks on school children. Front Sight is offering free firearms training to any school administrator, teacher, or full time staff member designated as school Safety Monitors. Front Sight will accept for training up to three staff members from each school. Applicants must submit a letter requesting training on school district letterhead signed by the top school district official and designating the applicant as the school's Safety Monitor.

KXTV News 10 - Sacramento 2/1/2001

It's called Front Sight, but foreign journalists have dubbed it Gun City, USA. The nickname is appropriate. Located in the Nevada desert west of Las Vegas, the Front Sight development will be the first community in America built specifically by gun enthusiasts for gun enthusiasts. 2/1/2001

Ever since Counter-Strike was released, everyone who has played it praises it for its "ultra-realism." No more running around like a mad man with quad damage and rocket launchers. We're talking one-shot-one-kill baby. Without question, this aspect of the game totally changed the typical gameplay dynamic of first-person shooters. All of a sudden it wasn't about run-and-gun but instead about holding back and rethinking strategies. But the question does still remain. Just how realistic is Counter-Strike?

The Nations's Best Shooting for Women 1/1/2001

All training is done in a positive and supportive manner. You will learn the "street-proven" firearms skills that you can count on to safely protect yourself, your family and others. Whether you have never shot a gun before or have been shooting for years, Front Sight's ratio of one instructor for every four to five students on the firing line will provide you with all the personal attention you need to greatly enhance your confidence and ability with the weapon of your choice. After attending a course at Front Sight, everyone will ask you, "Where did you learn how to handle a gun so well?" - Part 1 1/1/2001

Every aspect of our Front Sight experience was crafted by people who pay attention to levels of detail that some don't even realize exist. When we stepped back and thought about how we might improve things or why something was done a particular way, we came to the conclusion that the Front Sight staff had already had these discussions among themselves. Long before we got there, using the experience of teaching thousands of people, paying attention to what worked and what didn't, they found all of the right answers. - Part 2 1/1/2001

As we discussed in the general review of our Front Sight experience, they clearly think hard about how to improve what they do, even the things they do well. That showed through in some of the ways they described things and in some of the things we did on the range. This article is a recap of those items with no particular organization beyond that. - Part 3 1/1/2001

I just got back from their 2-day Tactical Shotgun course this past weekend. This was my first course there. There were people in the class who had previously attended Thunder Ranch and Gunsite courses. Because part of my reason for being there was to work on an article, we talked about their other experiences. They were all on at least their second Front Sight class and all of their future training plans involved additional Front Sight courses. Some of them have been training regularly at Front Sight for years.

Los Angeles Times 12/13/2000

Front Sight founder Ignatius Piazza hopes to build a private $25-million residential community anchored, not by a golf course or a lake, but by a dozen shooting ranges. The project also is to include a firearms pro shop with a gunsmith, a community armory and a five-story tower and a web of tunnels to sharpen self-defense skills in stairwells, hallways and dark quarters.

World Net Daily 11/16/2000

Although the eyes of the nation during the past week have been focused on Florida and the final outcome of the presidential race, criminals have focused on finding victims to rob, assault, or victimize. During the past week I found several news stories about ordinary people who saved their lives and the lives of their loved ones because they owned a firearm.

Handguns 11/1/2000

Summer is the time for family reunions and celebrating the birth of our nation. This year, Ignatius Piazza, the flamboyant founder and director of the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, threw one of the biggest family reunions in the firearms world for his "First Family" members. There are over 530 First Family memberships in Front Sight and a good two thirds of them came to the party held at the new 550-acre site being developed near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Financial Times (Europe) 10/9/2000

Ignatius Piazza, a 40-year-old former chiropractor, was welcoming us to his free one-day, submachine-gun seminar. He was telling us of a terrifying personal experience when his family home in California was strafed during a drive-by incident.

GunWeb 9/9/2000

We've known a little bit about Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and Dr. Ignatius Piazza for some time. But until we visited with Dr. Piazza, "Naish" for short, and toured the southern Nevada facility, we had no real idea what Front Sight was all about.

World Net Daily 8/3/2000

The first night of the Republican convention focused on education. As both a former schoolteacher and the mother of a special education teacher, Colin Powell's speech made me think about the characteristics that make one educational experience better than another. No matter how many new-fangled ideas are proposed or how much money is spent, the one overriding factor is always the people within the institution: the teachers and administrators with vision of what their students can become and a love of teaching.

El Mercurio 6/25/2000

It is a semi lost area in the Nevada desert, USA. A group of men is getting ready to train with Uzi submachine guns. Right there, an hour away from Las Vegas, these people have developed something like a university of firearms where the philosophy is "in a gunfight, it is better to give than to receive" and where the subjects are "Defensive Handgun" or "Practical Rifle ", as an example. "Don't worry; you don't need to have previous experience at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

Small Arms Review 6/1/2000

An unprecedented opportunity is now available to SARreaders. If you are reading this magazine, you must have an interest in fully-automatic firearms, and the nation's newest and soon-to-be finest firearms training facility wants you to experience its training at the highest level first-hand. You are offered free tuition at an introductory submachinegun class. Formerly available only to graduates of its other training courses, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, located just outside Las Vegas, Nevada, is now extending the opportunity of attending its one day sub-gun class free!

Handguns 5/1/2000

Dr. Ignatius Piazza recently made this incredible offer to the readers of our sister publication, Guns & Ammo. As you can imagine, the response was outstanding. And when Dr. Piazza extended the offer to Handguns readers, I was concerned that he would be able to accommodate all of our readers that wanted to participate.

NEWSWEEK Magazine 5/1/2000

"Wouldn't it be nice to live in the safest town in America?" Ignatius Piazza, founder of Front Sight, Nev., billed as the nation's first gun-resort community, with plans for 177 home lots, a K-12 private school, 12 shooting ranges, an assault tower and 400 yards of training tunnels.

USA Today 4/18/2000

FRONT SIGHT, Nev. - Australian journalist Gerard Ryle looks nauseated as he retreats from the firing line cradling a 9 mm Uzi. In the background, there's a paper silhouette of a person obliterated by a single pull of a trigger and 20 successive blasts.

Times Democrat 4/14/2000

FRONT SIGHT, Nev. - Australian journalist Gerard Ryle looks nauseous as he retreats from the firing line cradling his 9mmUzi. In the background: a paper silhouette of a person obliterated by a single pull of a trigger and 20 successive blasts.

El Pais Semanal (Spain) 4/2/2000

Gun City. The city of arms. Does this seem to you like a paradise? You need to see it. We will wait for you with a gun in our hand and open arms. Highway 160 in route to Los Angeles. You can't miss it. Right behind it, Las Vegas. You can drive very fast. There is very little traffic at dawn. Bring your gun along. You don't have one? I am not surprised. Europe is way behind. That obsession to disarm the population. We will fix it. No problem. We have an arsenal. We will loan you what you need. Guns. Rifles. Did I talk to you about our very successful intensive submachine guns training?

Gun News 4/1/2000

stood there at the "ready." Feet splayed, knees unlocked, leaning slightly forward to better control the recoil, elbows tucked in, my trigger finger resting on a frame rivet as we had been taught. Waiting for the target to turn, my focus was intense. This was the last shoot of the day and was for the record.

Guns and Ammo 2/1/2000

We scribes get to do a lot of things free that are expensive or impossible for the general public. We get to test and shoot all manner of firearms and use cool gear on the cuff, so to speak. A recent week ending October was a good example of this. I got to take a free submachine class from the world-class instructors at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Nevada. Free use of a Front Sight-supplied fully auto Cobray M-1 1 9mmsubmachine gun with a two-stage suppressor—and all I had to provide were eye and ear protection and a hat. Spares of those items were on hand for those who left home without. Even the copious quantity of ammunition necessary to feed a gun with a 1,200 rpm cyclic rate was provided free as well, and, boy, did we shoot -- all under the watchful eyes of the dedicated Front Sight range staff. What makes this event unique—and interesting to you—is that the same deal I got is being offered to the Guns & Ammo reader.

Gun World 2/1/2000

Dr. Ignatius Piazza is a man with a dream. More than that, he's a man with a dream, a plan, and the resources to bring that dream to fruition. Piazza's dream is the town of Front Sight, Nevada, which is under construction at this moment. Situated on 550 acres about an hour's drive outside Las Vegas, Front Sight is a planned community like no other you have seen. Centered on the shooting sports and world-class facilities to enjoy them, Front Sight is modeled after today's exclusive golf resort communities.

Playboy Magazine (German edition) 2/1/2000

In the early morning, fifty miles southwest of Las Vegas, an illustrious group gathers in the middle of the desert. This is just a bunch of ordinary men wearing mirrored sunglasses. They are trying to learn more about a subject which - although potentially of critical importance - tends to be neglected in civilian life - how to shoot a sub-machine gun correctly. Included among those that have made the trip here are a wide variety of businessmen, a police trainer, a private detective and a Japanese student that is wearing a martial arts T-shirt depicting a masked anti-terrorist fighter at work. The Japanese student mentions that he is studying international relations.

Gun Games, Vol. 5, Number 3 1/1/2000

For most of us, getting the chance to shoot machine guns is something that we all would love to try, but will most likely never have the chance. For those of us who are fortunate enough to live in a state that allows the private ownership of machine guns, there is still the headache of all the bureaucratic red tape that we have to wade through in order to get one. So when I heard about the chance to take a submachine gun class from one of the nation's premier firearm training schools, I sat up and paid attention. When I heard the course was completely free, including guns and ammo, my first thought was, "Right, what's the catch?"

ICON Magazine 12/1/1999

Due west of Vegas, in the rolling scrubland where myths about the shoot-'em-up American West linger like high plains sunsets, Ignatius Piazza's utopia, where everyone packs heat in peace, is becoming a reality. Ten miles before Pahrump, on Highway 160, in the shadow of the Spring Mountains, this self-styled entrepreneur is building Front Sight, the world's first gated community dedicated exclusively to guns and the people who like to shoot them.

Splashnews 12/1/1999

Across the shimmering desert, deep inside what is still America's Wild West, the faint rat-a-tat-tat of machine gun fire can be heard. Down a dusty trail, pocketed with no trespass signs, three white Bedouin style tents poke above the barren rocks. Ten men in Navy fatigues, with handguns strapped to their waists, wave visitors in at the Nevada desert sight. Shooting ranges have been cut into the sandy ground, gunshells litter the landscape and building materials lie all about.

(London) The Mail on Sunday - Review 8/29/1999

Now I know how to stop a man in a gunfight before he kills me. I know how to stand, how to hold the gun to minimise the recoil, how to squeeze the trigger. I know to aim at 'centre mass', that is, the chest, two shots in quick succession. If my adversary doesn't go down, I aim at his head, at the bridge of his nose. Just one shot will do it. Bang!

American Survival Guide 8/1/1999

So the danger to be involved in a gunfight is rather small. But this fact by no means diminishes importance of that training for my personal development as a pistol shooter. To learn defense shooting with a pistol is a challenge. For any one deeply interested in handguns would such course be an intensive and exciting experience. Besides, the program included lot of elements of general shooting techniques. No one conducts formalized training in pistol shooting in Sweden and I was very interested in Front Sight approach to teach basic skills.

National Enquirer 6/29/1999

In the exclusive, gated community called Front Sight in the Nevada desert, residents will freely blast away with everything from handguns to fully automatic weapons.

(London) Daily Telegraph 6/10/1999

FRONT SIGHT is the world's first luxury residential resort catering for gun enthusiasts. Unofficially known as Gun City, the 550-acre gated community in the Nevada desert is being developed along the lines of a golf resort, with firing ranges instead of fairways.

(London) Times 6/8/1999

Front Sight, Nevada, aims to be heaven on earth for the committed gun enthusiast; it promises to be a variation on the theme of the golf resort but with sub-machinegun firing ranges and "360-degree live fire simulators" instead of fairways. The project has already been called "a shooter's Disneyland".

BBC 6/7/1999

As legislators in Washington approve new gun-control measures, investors in Nevada are backing the world's first resort for firearms enthusiasts.

World Net 5/18/1999

Dr. Ignatius Piazza believes there have been enough attacks against defenseless schools, and is now providing his own solution to the problem: arm the teachers. The founder and director of Front Sight is offering his facilities and instructors, free of charge, to train up to three staff members from any school in the country. The training institute is based near Santa Cruz, Calif., with locations also in Bakersfield and Las Vegas.

Los Angeles Times 5/16/1999

FRONT SIGHT, Nev. (AP) -- In the midst of simmering desert, in a town yet to be, Ignatius Piazza envisions a gated community that will offer residents not golf courses, not swimming pools, but an array of 13 shooting ranges.

Chicago Tribune 5/15/1999

Front Sight is the brainchild of Ignatius Piazza, who for several years has run a firearms training school near Bakersfield, Calif., also called Front Sight. When he began plans to expand his school to the Las Vegas area, he said his students gave him the idea to create a vacation resort for gun enthusiasts. "The next request we got from them was, 'This would be a great place to have a vacation home,' and one thing led to another," he said.

New York Times 5/15/1999

They came from as close as Pahrump, a half hour's drive west, on the California border, and as far as New England, lured to this vast sand pit for one day so that Mr. Piazza could pitch them his plans for the first resort community in the world for gun enthusiasts.

Las Vegas Sun 3/7/1999

Along with the 780,000 square feet of shooting ranges, the development will be equipped with a 7,200-square-foot gunsmith facility and armory, a monument to the Minutemen, 700 yards of underground storm drainage tunnels for subterranean rescue training, a SWAT tower, a rappeling wall, a gymnasium and an airport.


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