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Martial Arts Training

Your Mind and Body are Your Best Weapon.

Learn the Reality-Based Martial Arts Techniques That Will Save Your Life. Martial Arts

Like everything we do at Front Sight Resort, our training is based on real-world techniques of self defense and personal safety. Training that you can use in your everyday life. While some martial arts programs teach techniques that would rarely be encountered or used in real life situations, our martial arts programs at Front Sight Resort are street-wise and completely reality based. Our programs are based on successfully integrating numerous styles of martial arts into one cohesive system. This system has proven very successful in defending oneself against single and multiple attackers, both armed and unarmed.

Front Sight Resort's Six-Level Martial Arts Program is Perfect for Both the Novice and Experienced Fighter.

The Front Sight Resort martial arts program consists of six training levels, offered over intensified weekends with each weekend progressing to a higher level of skill and ability. Since every student has a different training background and athletic ability, each student progresses through the various levels at a different pace. This system is perfect for both the novice and experienced fighter, because our reality-based techniques quickly build and polish your skills. In our program you'll learn evasive movements, falling techniques, striking, defenses against armed threats, ground fighting positions and escapes, dealing with multiple attackers, empty hands attacks, edged and blunt weapons attacks, standing arm locks, standing choke holds, leg sweeps, knife vs. knife and stick vs. stick techniques, tactical footwork, throwing techniques, double weapons techniques, joint manipulation techniques, scenario-based training and much more.

Front Sight Resort Martial Arts Instructors Can Only Be Described as Awesome!

There is no other way to describe the World Class martial arts and defensive tactics instructors at Front Sight Resort. Totally hands-on instructors with real-world defensive tactics and martial arts experience. They will teach you the real life skills to keep yourself alive. Although Front Sight's instructors are experienced in training law enforcement, the military, and even successfully participate in cage fighting competitions, you will not find any macho, boot camp mentality. You will learn through positive, supportive instruction gaining individual self confidence and skill in your ability to apply the techniques.

So, what are you waiting for, You Can Be Training With the World's Top Instructors Today!

See all the Front Sight Course Descriptions for our detailed course offerings for all members of your family. Here are the Martial Art specific courses available at Front Sight:

Classes Front Sight Courses
 Martial Arts Course Selection Martial Arts Course Selection
  2 Day Empty Hand Defense 2 Day Empty Hand Defense
  2 Day Edged Weapons 2 Day Edged Weapons
  4 Day Advanced Martial Arts 4 Day Advanced Martial Arts