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Front Sight Continues to Succeed Year, After Year, After Year...


(Yes, This Graph Is Our REAL Growth Curve!)


In the Last Twelve Months


And Because of OUR SUCCESS, We Are Going to Thank You and REWARD YOU, Like Never Before for Your Support!


We are going to Give you a LIFETIME of Training for Less than the Cost of a Single Course!



No Matter What Happens,
We Thrive.

When businesses large and small across the country were laying off employees, Front Sight DOUBLED and expanded our instructional staff to better serve your needs!

When well known and heavily funded Fortune 500 corporations were filing for bankruptcy, Front Sight DOUBLED and expanded our development plans to build a hotel, more shooting ranges and improved facilities to better serve your needs!

When you could NOT buy a gun at any price, Front Sight DOUBLED and delivered thousands of Springfield Armory XD Pistols to students across the country!

When you could NOT find ammunition ANYWHERE AT ANY PRICE, Front Sight DOUBLED and had factory new ammunition in our Pro Shop EVERY WEEK for the tens of thousands of students who attended our courses throughout the year!

And When Those Who Hate Our Success at Positively Changing the Image of Gun Ownership Were Doing Everything They Possibly Could to Distort Positive Fact into Negative Slander, We Had Our Best Year Ever!

We are Totally in Control of Our Success, Growth and Destiny.


The Secret to Our Success is Simple…

I Refuse To Accept Anything Less Than Success and I Surround Myself With Dedicated and Disciplined Men and Women— Front Sight’s Stellar Instructional and Support Staff— Who Believe JUST AS STRONGLY AS I DO in Front Sight’s Purpose to Serve Your Needs and Positively Change the Image of Gun Ownership in Our Lifetimes!

(And whenever I am forced to fight a conflict, I do so with aggressive, “outside-the-box” tactics not often understood by those sitting on the sidelines, but always resulting in a win for Front Sight.)

Over the Last 13 Years, Through Every Obstacle and Challenge Imaginable, the Front Sight Organization Has Always Delivered and Always Expanded to Positively Change the Image of Gun Ownership in Our Lifetimes Even Faster!

What Started Out With 10 Students in a Two Day Defensive Handgun Course in April of 1996 on Leased Facilities in Bakersfield, CA Has Now Grown Into a Patriotic Organization That is Positively Changing the Image of Gun Ownership by Training THOUSANDS of Responsible American Citizens EVERY MONTH to Levels of Skill That Exceed Law Enforcement and Military Standards!

YOU are Receiving This Special Letter Because We Want You to Spread The Truth and Good News About All That Front Sight is Doing to Positively Change the Image of Gun Ownership in Our Lifetime by Training THOUSANDS of Responsible, Law-Abiding Private Citizens to Levels of Skill at Arms That Far Exceeds Law Enforcement and Military Standards WITHOUT Any Boot Camp Mentality or Drill Instructor Attitudes.

If You Help Us Spread the Good Word By Sending This to Your Family and Friends and Posting This On your Favorite Forums and Chat Rooms, We will Reward Everyone Involved and You Will Help Us Train Even More Citizens and Restore the 2nd Amendment Even Faster...



Before I Share With You Some Rewards of Front Sight’s Success Let Me Give You the Up-to-Date TRUTH About What Front Sight is Doing…


  • We have secured the Zoning, Planning, and Tentative Map Approvals with Nye County, NV to complete a 400 Room Hotel, Conference Center, 2000 Interval Ownership Condominiums, 400 RV Spaces, 40 One-acre Home Sites, Community Center and Commercial Center.

  • After nearly a year of negotiations we have secured a very valuable Development Agreement with Nye County, NV to lock in all development fees and procedures at today’s cost so there will be no interruption in the development or increases in development fees over the duration of the project.

  • We are currently applying for permits to develop 11 additional shooting ranges, (so we have a total of 25 shooting ranges) several simulator ranges, additional classroom and bathroom facilities.

  • We are continuing to work with consultants for completion of all architectural, engineering, and construction drawings needed to secure construction permits to begin construction and phased completion of the entire resort and training facility.

  • We are currently adding over 20,000 New Subscribers to my Internet Gun Training Reports EVERY MONTH. As you know, these subscribers become new students, and new students become new members, who bring more new students… which continues to educate the public and positively change the image of gun ownership with each student trained.

  • We are currently adding extremely qualified new instructors each month to our Instructor Corps through our very successful Instructor Development Program. Many of our new instructors are retired military or law enforcement officers who live in Las Vegas, which makes them available to teach any time we need them. As you know, our Instructional Staff is the best in the industry.

  • We are currently negotiating financing for the next stage of Front Sight’s development. Appraisal of Front Sight’s land, water, and improvements is over $49 Million Dollars!

  • Valuation of Front Sight’s ongoing business, subscriber lists, student lists, members list, personnel, market share, Internet presence, growth, and future earnings greatly exceeds the value of our hard assets.

  • Personally, I’ve been searching for a business partner to delegate the construction, resort and hotel management to, so I can focus my attention on administration, marketing, and management of Front Sight’s continued growth. With over $3 billion dollars in Front Sight’s projected resort revenue over the next 15 years, we can afford to share some of the profit with the RIGHT joint venture partner...

  • Until we find the right partner, I’ll keep moving the project forward and keep doubling Front Sight like I have since 1996.

Our greatest asset has always been and will continue to be YOU, your family and the friends you refer, who by attending our courses, help us positively change the image of gun ownership through training law abiding citizens to levels that far exceed law enforcement and military standards.

Thank you for representing Front Sight wherever you go!

Yes, there are always challenges and obstacles. Yes, we have had our share of battles and wars. And yes, there will always be those jealous and fearful souls who hate our success and do everything they can to hurt us, but we have overcome them all to our satisfaction by keeping our focus on the purpose and long term vision for Front Sight.

Front Sight has doubled one or more aspects of its business each and every year for 13 years and 2009 is no different as we are currently on track to double subscribers, students, members, and instructors in 2009 as compared to 2008.

Now Let Me Share Our Success By Rewarding YOU…

Here It Is!

I Want to Give YOU a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to Attend Our 11 Most Popular Courses as Many Times as You Wish For the Rest of Your Life for LESS than the Cost of a Single Course.

Because we are doing so well, I can offer YOU the opportunity to steal a FORECLOSED Legacy Lifetime Membership for LESS than the cost of a single Front Sight course!

But You Have to Act Fast and Call Right Now!

Here's WHY...

Unfortunately, a small percentage of our 14,000 plus lifetime members who chose to make monthly payments instead of a single payment on their lifetime memberships have fallen on hard times and cannot continue to meet their monthly payment.

When this happens, I can either repackage the membership and sell it at full price or give YOU a short window of opportunity to purchase the balance owing on the membership and become a Legacy Lifetime Member!

So if YOU act fast, here is YOUR chance to pick up a Legacy Lifetime Membership (that normally sells on our website for $9,900) for LESS than the cost of a single Front Sight Course!

This is the same Lifetime Legacy Membership as advertised on our website-- MINUS the certificates for friends to attend and bonuses because we can't get those back after they are used.


The Foreclosed Lifetime Legacy Membership gives YOU the following benefits:


  • Attend the following courses Free of Charge
    and As Many Times As You Wish
    for the Rest of Your Life:

    Two Day Empty Hand Defense; Two Day Edged Weapons; Two Day Defensive Handgun; Two Day Tactical Shotgun; Two Day Practical Rifle; Four Day Defensive Handgun; Four Day Tactical Shotgun; Four Day Practical Rifle; Two Day Handgun Skill Builder; Two Day Advanced Tactical Handgun; Four Day Handgun Combat Master Prep.

    With a Front Sight Legacy Lifetime Membership you have the opportunity to achieve a level of self defense Comfort of Skill at Arms that most people could spend and entire career in the military or law enforcement and still not receive. This is not marketing hype. There is a good reason why Marine Corps officers, and law enforcement firearms instructors become members at Front Sight... It's because we can provide them with more consistent and expert firearms training than they get from their own agencies.

    And when you become a Front Sight Legacy Lifetime Member you will get to train right along side our nation's finest peacekeepers and warriors helping build a lifelong bond between the law abiding armed citizens who are the backbone of our country's defense and the brave men and women who place themselves in harms way on a daily basis to protect and serve our nation.

  • Guaranteed Placement in Your Courses with Two Weeks Advance Enrollment... No worries about whether your can "get into a course." As a member your spot is guaranteed. Just fax or e-mail your Application for Training within two weeks of the course date and you are in! Like everything else we offer, no other school can offer you such flexibility with your scheduling!

  • Invitation to Annual July 4th Lifetime Members’ Reunion Celebration... So you and your family can celebrate July 4th each year in a manner that makes our Founding Fathers proud!

  • Name etched in future First Family Monument... So generations from now, your grandkids will know you were part of the patriotic group who built Front Sight!

  • Password to access exclusive and restricted First Family areas of web site and e-mail forum... Now you can positively converse with all of our like minded First Family members!

  • First Family Card and First Family Hat... Identifying you to all students and staff as a loyal and supportive patriot assisting us in positively changing the image of gun ownership in our lifetime!


So What's the Cost?

Choose ONE Payment Plan:

____ 48 monthly credit card payments of $89 for a total cost of $4,272 (you save $5,628)


____ 36 monthly credit card payments of $99 for a total cost of $3,564 (You Save $6,336)


____ Single payment of $1,995 (You Save $7,905!)

That's Right! Attend all of our flagship courses as many times as you wish, for the rest of your life, for LESS than the cost of a single course!

But you must act fast... As you can imagine, I do not have many of these Foreclosed Legacy Lifetime Memberships with such low balances left on them!

Once They Are Gone, THAT's IT. I do not anticipate making this offer to you again...

First Come-First Served!

CALL MY ASSISTANTS JON, KENDRA or IAN IMMEDIATELY at 1.800.987.7719 To Secure YOUR Legacy Lifetime Membership!

My assistants are available 7 Days Per Week from 8:30am to 5:30pm PST so give them a call and tell them you want one of the Foreclosed Legacy Memberships I set aside for the people who immediately recognize an opportunity when they see one!

If you are reading this after hours, complete the Rapid Enrollment Online Form or print out the Rapid Enrollment Printable Form FAX it to Jon's desk at 707.837.0694 .

Jon will assign the memberships in the order they are received.

Enroll Online or Fax the Printable Form Immediately to 707.837.0694 or Call My assistant Jon 1.800.987.7719 to Enroll Over the Phone.

First Come-First Served!


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
7975 Cameron Drive, #900
Windsor, CA 95492

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All lifetime memberships offered in the past, the present, and future, including any special memberships not listed here, are NON REFUNDABLE.

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