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Family Safety Training

The Safest Town In America!

Front Sight, Nevada, America's Premier Resort for Self Defense and Personal Safety Training, Welcome's You to "The Safest Town In America"! Front Sight Nevada
Located just 40 minutes outside of Las Vegas, and occupying a spectacular 550 acres in the Nevada desert, Front Sight Resort is the absolute first choice for those interested in the highest quality self defense and personal safety training. Men and women, teens, families, firefighters, police officers, paramedics, teachers, military personnel, persons from all walks of life, and all ages, and from every corner of America, come to Front Sight Resort with one purpose in mind: To learn the life-saving skills that will protect themselves, their families, and others from life-threatening situations. And to learn these skills from the world's best instructors, at the most comprehensive training resort of its kind in the world. It doesn't matter what your experience level in self defense and personal safety training may be, whether an absolute beginner or an experienced professional. Front Sight Resort will train you to a higher level of competence than you ever thought possible, and you will gain the certainty that you can keep yourself, your family and others safe.

Front Sight Resort Continues to Offer New Courses, to Meet the Exploding Demand for Self Defense and Personal Safety Training.
The fact is, people across America are demanding to get trained on the skills of self defense and personal safety. Americans just want to feel more in control, and safer in their lives. From our beginnings 10 years ago, Front Sight Resort has grown to become the world's preeminent training facility in self defense and personal safety. We continue to make more and more courses available to our students, including firearms training, martial arts, rope, rappel and climb training, edged weapons training, youth and teen achievement courses, corporate team building, and celebrity training. To meet the ever-increasing demand for new courses, Front Sight Resort is developing extensive delivery facilities. Included in the development are several classrooms, a gunsmith facility and armory, a pro shop, the world's tallest rappelling facility, 400 yards of underground training tunnels, a martial arts gymnasium.

Front Sight Resort is Even Building a New Master-Planned Community for Its Students.
Yes, Front Sight Resort is building a master-planned community encompassing the resort for the exclusive use of its students. Appropriately named the township of Front Sight, and dubbed "The Safest Town In America", this gated community, when completed, will provide villas and condominiums, a commercial center, a community center, RV parking, and all municipal services. Front Sight Resort definitely takes care of our student's needs for present and future training.

Get Your Self Defense and Personal Safety Training Started Now at Front Sight Resort.
Simply call out Front Sight Resort Las Vegas corporate office at 800-987-7719 to discuss your needs and scheduling. We look forward to seeing you get the training in self defense and personal safety that you are looking for!