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America’s Firearm Training Institute

Any Gun Will Do - If You Will Do.

Welcome to Front Sight, Your National Leader in Firearm Training for all Responsible Citizens across the United States of America. 

Firearms Training Front Sight is the undisputed leader of firearm training in America. Founded by Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight has grown to become the largest and most respected national firearms training institute not just in America, but in the world. Front Sight teaches the most proven, real-world techniques, delivered in the most efficient manner, by the industry's most select group of firearm trainers to tens of thousands of citizens who travel form every city and town across America to attend our courses. Whether you just purchased your first firearm and need basic handgun training, or have handled guns for years and want to train up to the master level, Front Sight has the curriculum, facilities and instructors to bring out the most, and best, in you. As tens of thousands of students each year, coming from every city, town and state in the country to train here can attest, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute delivers the absolute best gun training available anywhere in the United States and the world.

Learn the Street Proven Firearms Skills You Need to Safely Protect Yourself, your family and your local community.

For about the same price as the last gun you purchased, you can have Front Sight, the world's top firearm training institute, teach you the secrets that will dramatically improve your safe gun handling, accuracy, speed and defensive tactics. What should this mean to you? It means the difference between winning or losing, being the victor or the victim, living or dying. It means everything to you and your loved ones. When it comes to your life, and the lives of your loved ones, only the best will do. You owe it to yourself and your family to get the best firearms training available anywhere in America and the world.

World-Class Firearm Training, Serving the Needs of the First-Time Buyer to the Combat Master.

Gun handling, marksmanship and tactical training courses, taught by personable, real-world instructors will dramatically elevate your skills and bring out the best in you. This is the essence of Front Sight! Forged from lessons learned on the streets and in the battlefields, everything taught at Front Sight is proven, state-of-the-art technique used in the real world by those whose lives depend on their firearm training skills. The specific training requirements of law enforcement officers, military personnel, and private citizens alike are each recognized and represented in Front Sight's curriculum. No matter what your reason for attending Front Sight, your individual training needs are addressed and satisfied to your fullest expectations.

Train with the World's Top Instructors to Build Your Skill, Knowledge and Confidence.

Front Sight offers a comprehensive selection of two-day and four-day training courses in defensive handgun, tactical shotgun, practical rifle and submachine gun. Taught by the world's best instructors in the gun training industry, they provide only positive reinforcement coupled with friendly, constructive correction to quickly build your skill, knowledge and confidence. No macho, boot camp mentality or Drill Sergeant attitudes. From the lectures to the shooting drills, to the live-fire tactical training simulators, Front Sight is structured to give you more than your money's worth in training.

See Course Descriptions for our detailed firearms training course offerings.