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Family Protection

Protecting Yourself, Your Family, Your Home.

Now, Every Member of Your Family Can Get the Skills You Need to Protect Yourselves with Front Sight Resort’s Family Safe Forever Program.

Front Sight Americans are concerned with their personal safety, and that of their family, more than ever before. And for good reason, violent crime has been on the rise for the past 40 years, and continues to threaten the very fabric of our homes and families. Very little, if anything, has been available to teach the practical skills to reduce the possibility of becoming a victim of crime for all members of the American family. That is until now, with Front Sight Resort’s release of our Family Safe Forever program, every member of your family can learn the skills needed to spot and deter criminal advances, and safely protect themselves. This comprehensive program is designed for children five years and older, teens and adults. Considering the fact that children have been generally defenseless when it comes to criminal advances, whatever your children can learn to help them effectively deter these advances is critical to their survival. Front Sight Resort Las Vegas is the only facility in the world that provides reality-based training for children, teens and adults to protect their personal safety.

Are You Setting Yourself Up to Be a Target?

Learn How to Spot Criminal Advances and Effectively Defuse Them. 98% of all violent crimes committed are premeditated, and most crimes can be prevented if you know what to look for. But to avoid becoming a victim you must first be aware of the signs that something is brewing. Our Family Safe Forever program provides training for all members of your family on how to spot and effectively diffuse criminal advances in the making. Children will learn how to identify child predators and avoid putting themselves into dangerous situations. The training successfully empowers children without any fear tactics. They will learn to overcome their natural hesitation to yell for help when needed. They will also practice how, and when to run for safety. Teens and adults will learn how to spot, evade and defend themselves in dangerous situations. Children leave the course with new found ability and confidence, not fear or paranoia. Teens will also learn empty-hands defense tactics, and firearms skills. For adults, a wide array of course including: empty-hands defensive tactics, firearms skills, pepper spray, folding knives, and mental awareness training are available. And for even more fun, your family can spend time exploring Front Sight Resort’s world class ropes courses, designed to provide just the right level of thrill and adventure for all members of your family.

Our World-Class Instructors Will Help You Build Your Skill, Knowledge and Confidence with Absolute Safety.

Front Sight Resort has built our reputation on the quality of our instruction. As tens of thousands of students each year can attest, all of our courses are taught in a positive, supportive environment using only constructive instruction. No macho boot camp mentality. No Drill Sergeant attitudes. No off-color language. Our instructors are the most effective trainers in the industry, but also the most professional, courteous and friendly. As always at Front Sight Resort, safety is our first priority.

Here’s How to Get Your Family Started on the Family Safe Forever Program

See Course Descriptions for our detailed course offerings, and enroll via our website Course Application Form or contact Front Sight Resort Las Vegas corporate office at 800-987-7719 to discuss your needs, scheduling and pricing.