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Someone to Watch Over You.
Superlative Protection Training for Safeguarding Executives, Celebrities, Dignitaries, and YOU and YOUR Family.

Given the increasing terrorist and life-threatening situations in the current world scenario, personal protection skills for executives, celebrities, politicians, and others in the public eye are a necessity more than ever before. No longer can such at-risk individuals function safely with "nominal" protection, or worse, with no protection, as yet many do. To maintain any degree of security now days, only superlative executive protection will suffice. And to get that, you need superlative protection training, comprised of a multi-discipline of the very best, and most effective protection techniques, capable of dealing with today's complex risks. Front Sight Resort Executive Protection training courses provide the highest level of executive protection training available. Not only do we integrate a broad spectrum of proven protection disciplines, but the thoroughness of our training far exceeds industry expectations. What this means to you is a higher probability that you will survive a potentially lethal encounter.

Front Sight Executive Protection training is not just for Executives, Celebrities and Dignitaries.

Average families are targeted every day by sex offenders and violent criminals. Violent crime has risen 500% since 1960. For the first time in the history of the US, one in every 32 adults in this country is either in prison, jail, on parole or probation. It is not a question of IF you or your family will come in contact with a violent criminal, but rather WHEN. 98% of all crime is premeditated. Prepare your family to recognize the threat before it happens so you avoid becoming the next victimized family on the front page of the newspaper.

When It's Your Life at Stake, Don't You Think You Should Get the Best Training Possible?

Our executive protection courses cover a wide array of both high-profile protection, and low-profile covert security. Included are in-depth courses in both armed and unarmed defensive tactics, weapon response and take-over procedures. Residence, vehicle, travel and office threat assessments and scenarios, with relevance to hostage situations, kidnapping, assassinations, sabotage, bomb threats, potential terrorist targets, and corporate aviation situations. Use of chemical and biological agents are addressed, including germs, pathogens, toxins and viruses. Secure communications strategies, advanced concepts, surveillance detection, counter surveillance actions, and recognition of behavioral traits of potential adversaries are covered. Your ability to evaluate risks and threats, and develop counter measures and preventative strategies, including appropriate judgment in the use of force, verbal skills and tactical techniques, is a point of particular focus in our courses. Students will experience realistic threat scenarios to deal with and improvise solutions.

...And From the Best Instructors, Only at Front Sight Resort.

There is a reason why Front Sight Resort's tens of thousands of students keep coming back year after year for all that Front Sight offers. Our instructors are the world's best. Aside from knowing our executive protection strategies inside out, we only use positive, supportive instruction in a friendly, professional manner. And definitely, no macho, boot camp mentality at Front Sight. See Course Descriptions for our detailed course offerings, and enroll via our website Course Application Form or contact Front Sight Resort Las Vegas corporate office at 800-987-7719 to discuss your needs, scheduling and pricing.


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