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Driving You Can Bet Your Life On.

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Front Sight Resort's Defensive Driving Courses Have Just One Goal in Mind — To Keep You and Your Family Safe from Crisis Situations on the Road.

Like all of our courses at Front Sight Resort, our defensive driving program is second to none when it comes to really getting you fully equipped to dealing with dangerous situations on the road. Let's face it, in our highly mobile lifestyle, emergency and crisis situations do happen while we are driving, and unfortunately many of us just do not have the essential training to make the correct split-second decisions that can make the difference between life and death for ourselves and our family. You may never be the victim of a criminal carjacking, or someone trying to run you off of the road. You may never be the target of a staged roadblock, with subsequent ambush, or become sandwiched from the front and rear by terrorist aggressors with deadly intent. But, it is certain that you will have to deal with unexpected emergencies requiring highly precise maneuvering of your vehicle. Such as swerving to avoid obstacles, children or pets; emergency braking; avoiding stray oncoming cars; and dealing with road hazards that arise from poor visibility. The truth is, most Americans are just not equipped fully enough to deal with the crisis situations that eventually happen to each and every one of us on the road.

Whether it's Improving Your Skill to Become a Safer, More Competent Driver, or Learning Sophisticated Evasive Maneuvers, Our Defensive Driving Courses Cover it All.

No matter what your interest, or skill level, Front Sight Resort has defensive driving courses that are just right for you, allowing you to progress at your own pace to higher levels of precision driving. You will learn to deal with any vehicle-handling obstacle or challenge encountered, in a learning environment that's fun and fast paced. Our courses will teach you how to handle emergency braking, avoiding obstacles while braking, and skids without spins or losing control of your vehicle. You will learn steering techniques to compensate for over- and under-steering when cornering at high speeds or swerving to avoid obstacles. You will learn accident avoidance maneuvers, and how to competently drive in low-visibility environments, such as night driving. You will learn evasive maneuvers and counter-measures for carjacking, vehicle pursuits, ramming, roadblocks and ambushes, including both forward and reverse 180-degree turns. You will learn when, and how, to initiate aggressive and pro-active offensive driving techniques, that effectively remove you from the danger of a pursuing aggressor, or safely remove the threatening aggressor. Correct risk analysis, and the forward-thinking avoidance of potential deadly threats is a fundamental part of our training activities.

The Best Instruction, From the Best Defensive Driving Professionals Awaits You at Front Sight Resort.

Your training will deal extensively with real-world defensive driving scenarios, taught by the best defensive driving instructors in the world. Our instructors use only positive, supportive instruction in a professional, courteous and friendly manner. And as always at Front Sight Resort, we take your safety seriously. See Course Descriptions for our detailed course offerings, and enroll via our website Course Application Form or contact Front Sight Resort Las Vegas corporate office at 800-987-7719 to discuss your needs, scheduling and pricing.


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