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4-Day Instructor Development Course
This course is your first step in joining Front Sight`s industry-leading instructional staff. This course is free of charge.

Cost: Free of Charge

Prerequisite Class(s): Completion of a 4-day Defensive Handgun Course

Front Sight’s Instructor Development course is a 4-day course to determine if you have what it takes to become Front Sight Instructor. Front Sight continues to grow and we are hiring men and women from all walks of life to join the Front Sight Instructional Staff. Become part of the most prestigious organization in the industry. Part-time and full-time employment opportunities will be extended to those who can demonstrate their skills and professionalism and, more importantly, their alignment with Front Sight’s purpose. This is a tough course and also serves as your employment interview. If you are not extended an offer of employment, you are welcome to participate in Instructor Development again, even as soon as the very next course (which is held every month). If you perform well and are hired, you will join the organization as a Line Coach which is the entry-level position. You will be promoted up to Instructor and eventually Range Master as rapidly as your skills and interest warrant.

Please understand, Front Sight’s Instructor Development course exists for hiring new staff to work at Front Sight. If you’re just looking to get yet another firearms training certificate to hang on the wall, but you are not interested in working at Front Sight, then our Instructor Development course is NOT for you.

Qualifications of Instructor Candidates:

As a staff member at Front Sight, you will be interacting with professional-level people from all over the world who have paid significant sums of money to receive training at Front Sight. Communication and teaching skills are paramount. Teaching others must be your passion, not merely your job. Front Sight can train you in the technical aspects of our curriculum, but you must provide the desire and attitude. There is no minimum education or experience level required. Front Sight conducts a criminal background check on all employee candidates.

Philosophy of a Front Sight Instructor:

  1. The ability to perform on demand, exactly, what you are teaching to the students
  2. A strong desire and ability to impart your knowledge and expertise to the students
  3. Voice, posture, vocabulary, and appearance that secures the student`s respect
  4. High moral and ethical character which leaves you behaving appropriately on and off the range.
  5. A memory that allows you to always remember what it is like to be a student
  6. The integrity to teach your course exactly as it is outlined in Front Sight`s curriculum

As a full-time or part-time Front Sight Instructor, your primary responsibility will be the safety and training of thousands of Front Sight students every year. You will be mentored and you will receive additional on-the-job training to improve your teaching abilities and to reach advanced skill levels.

Instructional staff is paid between $10-$26.00/hour based upon their position in the organization. Most of our instructors aspire to higher level teaching positions, and how quickly each person moves up in the ranks is entirely up to them.

Essential Requirements:

Front Sight trains professional people from all walks of life. Accordingly, Front Sight staff must project a professional demeanor and appearance. Tattoos which are visible while in uniform or a radical hairstyle will exclude you from consideration. Similarly, we conduct background checks on all potential employees. If you have a criminal conviction, you will not be considered for employment. Since verbal communication is so critical in our training, you must speak English fluently. As obvious as it seems, you need to be able to legally own your own handgun. You must also bring proof of your legal authority to work in the United States (a social security card or resident alien work authorization ("green card") is acceptable proof).

Instructor Development ("ID") Course:

The Instructor Development Course (or "ID" for short) is four days long. ID is essentially a four-day interview with specific performance expectations. We will dismiss participants who do not meet these expectations as the course progresses. If we have to dismiss you from the ID course, we will then attempt to enroll you into an ongoing 4-Day Defensive Handgun course. The Instructor Development Course is structured to make you the best instructor possible in four days. During these four days, you will be lecturing blocks of instruction, demonstrating your technical and coaching skills and leading several class activities. We will evaluate your abilities in each of those categories as well as your command presence and attitude.

We provide our Instructor Development Course to build Front Sight`s instructional staff. We are not interested in building your skills so that you can use them elsewhere. We will ask you to sign a non-competition agreement stating that you will teach for Front Sight exclusively and for no other private firearms school. Full-time law enforcement and military instructors are welcome to apply. Similarly, part-time NRA, Boy Scouts of America, or CCW Instructors are welcome to apply.

Ongoing Training:

We will cross-train you into other disciplines such as shotgun, rifle, M-16, Uzi, ropes, Martial Arts, etc. based on our needs and your desires. However, EVERYONE starts out as a Handgun Instructor.

Arrive Prepared!!:

Candidates who perform the best in ID have previously taken at least one course at Front Sight, hence the prerequisite. This allows the candidate to fully understand our techniques, philosophy, range commands, etc. To give you the very best chance of being successful, you must complete at least one 4-Day Defensive Handgun Course before you take your Instructor Development course. If you have questions or concerns about attending a course, please contact for more information.

Unattended minors are NOT allowed on the property. They must be escorted by a parent or guardian at all times or be enrolled in an appropriate course.

What to Bring:

You must supply approximately 350 rounds of your own factory new ammunition. In addition, you will need all the usual range gear such as eye and ear protection, hat, sunscreen, etc.

  • “Pocket Pistols” which Front Sight defines as any handgun smaller than a Glock 26 (roughly 6.4" slide length and 4.2" frame height) are not allowed due to being difficult to manipulate, painful to shoot, and often less safe because the user is more likely to cover their support hand or other body parts with the muzzle. Muzzle attachments such as compensators and extended magazines do not change the overall dimensions of that weapon. We are basing our size parameters off of the factory condition of your weapon. In other words, if you added one of these items to your handgun and the size of the weapon has technically changed, does not mean that this weapon is now excluded from our pocket pistol policy. An instructor needs a full sized or compact gun in order to properly demonstrate techniques to the entire class.
  • How to Apply:

    Please contact Front Sight at with any questions. To register call Class Administration at (702) 837-7433 or you can login to your account at and register online. (If you do not have an account, you can create one and register online if you wish to do so.)

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