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Private Training for Public Figures.
Specialized Training in Self Defense and Personal Safety Available for Celebrities and VIPs at Front Sight Resort.

Front Sight Resort Las Vegas is pleased to offer a special program for celebrities to assist you in easily receiving training in self defense and personal safety techniques. Due to the high profile circumstances of celebrities in the entertainment industry, politicians, Fortune 500 executives and other persons holding prominent positions, privacy can frequently become difficult in a standard training atmosphere. Consequently, many celebrities who desperately need personal safety training avoid getting what they desire, due to their frequently targeted high profile stature. At Front Sight Resort we recognize this and have made special provisions for your training in a private and secure area of our 550 acre world class training facility.

One-On-One Personalized Training.

Front Sight Resort has long provided the industry's most comprehensive and thorough training in self defense and personal safety. With celebrities we are now providing a program that takes this one step further. One-on-one personalized training at Front Sight Resort. As always, our celebrity instruction is taught in a positive, supportive environment with only constructive instruction. No macho, boot camp mentality, or Drill Sergeant attitude. Only professional, courteous and knowledgeable direction taught by some of the world's most experienced real-world instructors. This instruction is provided in a totally private atmosphere and completely confidential.

From the World's Best Firearms Training, to the World's Tallest Rope, Rappel and Climb facility, Only Front Sight Resort Has It All.

As a celebrity you have personalized access to the world's greatest self defense and personal safety resort. No one else comes close to providing the full range of courses that can be found at Front Sight Resort. Our courses include firearms training, comprising handgun, shotgun, rifle and submachine gun; Team building; Rope, rappel and climb courses; Youth and children's safety courses; Edged weapons and chemical agent courses; Empty hands defense and martial arts courses; Defensive driving and executive protection courses. Please review our course line-up for full details.

How to Get Started.

If you are an opinion leader or celebrity and feel you qualify for celebrity training, please contact our Front Sight Resort Las Vegas corporate office at 800-987-7719 and ask to speak confidentially with Front Sight's Founder and Director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza. He will discuss your needs and scheduling. Dr. Piazza has been known to provide training courses to opinion leaders, celebrities, and their families FREE OF CHARGE. Dr. Piazza looks forward to your call.


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