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Front Sight Testimonials

Front Sight
Students of the Week

Black TriangleFrank Mir - Two Time Heavyweight Champion
Black TriangleGirls of Front Sight
Black TriangleAnna Vadine - Mortgage Banker
Black TriangleBeverly Robinson - Aid for Special Needs Children
Black TriangleBrooke Slater - Stay-at-Home Mom
Black TriangleBruce Bagin - Small Business Owner
Black TriangleCathy Parker - College Professor
Black TriangleDebbie Cappello - House Wife
Black TriangleThe Hall Family
Black TriangleHeidi Rockey - Mom
Black TriangleHerb Smith - Police Chaplain
Black TriangleJenny Scott - Firefighter
Black TriangleJessica Agin - Bookkeeper
Black TriangleJordan Berchen - Office Manager
Black TriangleKeith Brown - Minister
Black TriangleKristen Salas - Flight Attendant
Black TriangleLisa Kotz - Instructor/Trainer for the Healthcare Profession
Black TriangleMarci Palmer - Financial Manager
Black TriangleMelissa Kendall - Stay-at-Home Mom
Black TriangleRenee Amour - Sales Representative
Black TriangleRoger Pence - College Professor
Black TriangleRon Soussa - Commercial Real Estate
Black TriangleSandra Fico - Chiropractic Physician
Black TriangleTalena Lorren - Student
Black TriangleTish Glenchur - Surgical Assistant
Black TriangleZoe Thompson - Pilot

Written Testimonials

Black TriangleHandgun Training for Professionals
Black TriangleExecutive Gun Training
Black TriangleLaw Enforcement Firearms Training
Black TriangleMilitary Firearms Training
Black TriangleGun Training for Women
Black TriangleGun Training for Teens
Black TriangleMisc. Self Defense Training

Video Testimonials

Black TriangleSheriff Richard Mack's Front Sight Experience
Black TriangleFamily of Police Officers Speaks About Front Sight
Black TriangleFrom Michigan to Front Sight
Black TriangleProtecting the Second Amendment
Black TriangleBecoming First Family Members
Black TriangleIncredible People with Solid Morals
Black TriangleRetired Couple Leave a Legacy
Black TriangleHoneymooners at Front Sight
Black TriangleProfessionalism of Front Sight
Black TriangleHollywood Celebrity on Front Sight
Black TriangleLas Vegas Security Chief on Front Sight
Black TriangleLaw Enforcement on Front Sight
Black TriangleUS Marine Officer Speaks about Front Sight
Black TriangleNew York Businessman on Front Sight
Black TriangleLife Changing Training for Students
Black TriangleLas Vegas Showgirl on Front Sight
Black TriangleSan Francisco Police Detective on Front Sight
Black TriangleStudents Travel Across the Country to Front Sight
Black TriangleA Senator Who Wants You Trained at Front Sight
Black TriangleMore Students on Front Sight
Black Triangle"You Owe It To Yourself To Get Trained"
Black Triangle"I Had No Idea What To Do With A Gun"
Black Triangle"This Is No Trip To The Shooting Range"
Black TriangleConquering the Fear of Guns at Front Sight
Black TriangleWholesome Program
Black Triangle"Front Sight Firearms Training is the Best"
Black TriangleHandgun-Trained Healer
Black Triangle"Front Sight Experience Opened My Eyes"
Black TriangleBuilding Confidence At Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
Black TriangleThe Precision of Front Sight Firearms Training
Black Triangle"Front Sight has the Greatest Firearms Training"
Black TriangleRefining Firearms Skills That Have Diminished
Black TriangleBecoming Proficient And Confident With A Handgun
Black TriangleA Navy SeaBee Gets Trained at Front Sight

More Video Testimonials
About Specific Courses

Black TriangleDefensive Handgun Training
Black TriangleTactical Shotgun Training
Black TrianglePractical Rifle Training
Black TriangleTactical Scenarios (Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle)
Black TriangleHandgun, Shotgun, and Rifle Skill Builder
Black TriangleEmpty Hand Self Defense Training
Black TriangleEdged Weapons Training
Black TriangleHandgun Combat Master Training


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